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Terrorist organizations redirected their activity


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I observe that Iraqi and Turkish pro-Islamist terrorist organizations redirected their activity on “preparing” Olympic Games in Greece. According to reliable sources during Games they plan to organize series of (different on scale, aim and method) acts of terrorism. Terrorists (Arabs, Albanians, and Chechens) came into Greece last month and all what Athens is trying to do for toughening of boundary control is useless. Now I think terrorists, registered in Greece as volunteers of hotel employees, drivers and workers of everyday repair industry, are only waiting a coded signal of their bosses. But this is not main news. A real sensation is that Washington knew about the preparations of acts of terrorism from its agents in al-Qaeda and “Muslim Brothers”! But the White House didn’t undertake anything. Moreover, US ignored Greek request of granting it information about international terrorists. Now USA has given Greeks a part of this information in exchange for widening of American’ intelligence presence in Greece! Well? As we see USA created prerequisites for terrorists activity by its own “work” and use this situation for bringing heavy pressure upon Greek government.

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US bowling team is comprised of Corporate Fat Cats and have been seen passing off bowling balls with three foot smoking fuses to capured Arabs. Read it in Al Jazeer. Threatened their families with a job at a Cola Factory too.

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While I do not doubt the authenticity of the potential threat to the Olympics, I cannot think of any group that would benefit from attacking such a high-profile, MULTINATIONAL event. Yes, you can attack just the American section of the Athletes' Village, but the fact remains that it's an international event, and terrorist attacks are nothing if not political. So I actually doubt an attack will be made.

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