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Shafia murders to honor their cultural beliefs are barbaric and so now we read of another culture where offense or dissin is a motive for murder.

For me this cultural behavior is repugnant and unacceptable in a civilized society, yet, seldom will anyone testify against the perps. The family of the Shafia first wife was threatened, and in the case of crime especially Black on Black crime, no witnesses will come forward to support the police and our laws.

Hell, often times not even the victim will co operate!!

What about charging those that are known to have info. with a crime? What about charging them with something for lying if it can be proven?

What about some respect for our laws and culture?

Seems it's easier for the law to charge someone protecting their property than someone that obstructs our justice system.

Police have speculated that Mr. Spencer’s rap lyrics could have unwittingly led to his death. “Oftentimes rappers may direct or indirectly say or do something in their lyrics that may very well offend somebody, and disrespect is a motive for murder,” said Det. Sgt. Giroux.
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