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Liberals already giving up in Alberta

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Don't patronize, if you followed the discussion you'd realize that the local riding wasn't allowed to have an election to get rid of him. Rob Anders is the Mubarrak of Calgary West - it isn't difficult to hold your seat when no one is allowed to run against you... that is exactly what the National Office did to Calgary West's Conservative Riding Association.


Calgary West..


AND all the other ridings who tried to hold elections in their ridings but were disallowed by their national controllers

The problem isn't local to Alberta, but you also have people like Helena Geurgis who is being forced out of her seat, or rigged elections in places like Day's riding in BC, where no one who wasn't on the board was allowed to run, because enough notice wasn't given (and they had to submit applications to the national office, not the local riding office)

There are many other examples of National totally ignoring local ridings completely removing any "voting or democratic process" in the ridings. It is all top down in the CPC. NOT grassroots

And the people on top are criminals breaking elections laws, and parliamentary laws.


William do you even live on this planet? Do you know the conservative party constitution? I thought not, the local EDA cannot call nomination races it must be called by the National Party. The board was taken over by hostile individuals for one year who did not want to follow the party rules....funny that not one of those board members was left after the last AGM, they were all voted out. The last nomination race conducted in the riding was won by Rob. When the members of Calgary West were asked by mail out ballot just like in every other riding after the last election if a nomination race was needed the resounding result was no!

So again do your home work you look like a fool.

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Yes, the point is that the Albertans are so ideologically bound to the conservative right that, other than a few ridings, they wouldn't even consider voting for any other party, unless that party were even more to the right (like Wild Rose).

I don't see how this reflects badly on the Liberals. It more reflects badly on Albertans.

I find it frankly bizarre. I live in New Brunswick...and while we're not a famously bright folk here, there is no "always won" party. The NDP do poorly, but the Libs and Cons switch back and forth every second term or so.

We have a handful of ridings that vote traditionally (Liberal or Conservative), but that tends to be about local effects, not ideology. (Ocassionally, long-term locals like the Liberal Graham mini-dynasty always wins their ridings.) And even those are few and far between.

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