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Boys Are Failing Girls (in multiple ways)

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If not for the feminisation of men through the schools, civic organisations and single mothers, which do you then believe most accurately describes the plethora of 35 yr old uneducated males living in their parents homes today?:

A. He is a product of economics and technology;

B. It is only a perception of modern men and doesn't exist in reality;

C. There was the same number of men or even more in the past but it just wasn't talked about.

Plethora ? Compared to when ? If you can prove that this is the case, then maybe I would pick A, if not then B or C.

I'm not talking about physical strength. I'm talking about internal strength. I'm talking about discipline, honour and respect for community, country and family.

Well, you're right GFPB, these things certainly seem to be on the decline.

I believe that men are more competitive by genetics. Even the ones beaten down by a school system where no one fails and everybody gets a ribbon still feel the stirring within and want to rise to the challenge and the internet affords it for them. Hence the predominance of males on political forums.

So tell me why I am wrong.

That doesn't sound so wrong to me - it may be a reason that there are more men here.

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But I do live in a bubble as well. But answer me this: why is there such a disproportionate number of men in this forum?

Goddamit, if you want to talk about gayness, then modern country is definately gay.

And how do you know they are male? My profile says I am male. But how do you know that is true?

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It's not the system that matters most, it's the individual. If you are underachieving, you have no one to blame but yourself. A man can succeed in even the most adverse conditions, which our society is hardly an example of. Personal responsibility anyone?

It's a problem with playing the victim all the time. It's always someone elses fault why you don't succeed in life. Once I started changing my mentality from the victim mentality, life got exponentially better. I went back to school, struggled through a couple shit jobs and landed (with some help) the job I wanted.

Now I am debt free, no longer scrapping for coffee money between paychecks, saving money for a house, bought a car, able to afford my hobbies and toys. It took 10 years, but damn if you don't start somewhere, you never will change. There is only ever one person to blame for your position, yourself. I do understand that there are certain uncontrolable situations in your life, but again, don't think you are the victim, use it as an oppoutunity to make things better. Life throws you those curveballs all the time, what you do about them wil determine your outcome.

It does start with yourself. I am quite happy with my life, and now all I need is a woman. :D The hunt begins.

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So why do women outnumber men virtually 2:1 in university?

I think a significant factor is that far more men seek career paths outside of university (ie, trades, technical school, the military, labor.)

I don't think that Canadian men are, in general, underachievers.


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It doesn't matter if a man is raised by a woman, what matters is that he must struggle and suffer to develop toughness. The male nature will then come out. In our society we have removed too many barriers and made life too easy, that is the real problem. Compared to other societies where harshness and mean spiritedness is the norm, and people, men and women need to learn to fend for themselves. That's why we are become too soft. Not, because of efforts of promoting equality.

Not an apparent problem in small towns and rural communities. There you'll find men are still men, for what that's worth. It's really a problem in the big cities. The so-called metrosexuals...

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Not an apparent problem in small towns and rural communities. There you'll find men are still men, for what that's worth.

I disagree (albeit given a premise of what "makes a man" that I find somewhat problematic). Small towns and rural communities are often catastrophically rife with underemployment and directionless lives.

(Now, I suppose, the original poster will change his thesis 180 degrees and blame big-city elites for ruining "real men's" lives in rural communities....an argument I'm willing to entertain, actually, providing it's not promiscuously oversimplified...however, the notion has already been utterly scorned, so I guess the original argument has backed itself into a corner.)

It's really a problem in the big cities. The so-called metrosexuals...

Insofar as this is an "issue" (which it isn't), I don't think the suburbs and cities are literally teeming with "metrosexuals....."

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