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Is British Petroleum attempting to save the well?

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It might eventually get down to a moral question. Do what is right and good for the world or do what you percieve is good for you and damage the world. I have this sneaking feeling that BP - is taking it's time because they are desperately looking for a solution that will save their investment. It must be a hell of an oil find to produce such vast amounts with out the assistance of pumping. I do suspect that the last thing BP wants to do is fill up this hole of riches with cement. So if this is the case and BP are conspiring to have their cake and eat it also...it becomes the moral question of the century..Should a company that is so interested in the bottom line have it's greed curtailed or not? AND if it comes to pass that they make this well operational instead of taking the loss, Should this company and all of it's major controllers suffer the indignity of a crimmal trial similar to those just following orders ...those that stood in GERMANY and took the brunt of international punitism?

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