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Ottawa's accumulated deficit


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OUCH! The government is saying like the Ontario gov't, its all because of the recession and their deficit so far this year is 23.7. Ontario taxpayer will be hit hard with both governments in the red and one may think of moving elsewhere in the country if it gets too much. I wonder if there should be a rule in government that keeps that government in power to clean up its own mess and one that also make it that no politican can retire with a pension until that debt is make off. It usually their fault they in such a mess and I think its time for these politicans to be more careful with the taxpayers money. The way it is now, they just retire and go on their merry way with their pensions. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/091023/...federal_deficit

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Why is it? they complain the dollar is to high yet they cannot print a bunch of money to pay off our debt, all it does is devalue our dollar wich our goal is anyway.

or just print a bunch of paper money and give every Canadian $5000 wouldnt that work? devalue our dollar

But no Harper is hell bent on giving Canadians nothing! the only people he cares about is his friends and his elitism.

Things are going to get much worse people put your moeny in Gold and Silver its the only true form of curency and it is recognized world wide.

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Priceless that you mention MP pensions.

Perhaps what we need is a rule that says deficit years don't count toward their pensions....

I have to smile at the call for rules forcing governments to deal with deficits and their own pay/pensions.

Old news! Topaz, Molly, you should have been Reformers! Where were you?

Now everybody's grumbling that something should be done about the problems. You all had your chance!

Just another example proving that the present Tory party is run by the old PC folks and NOT by Reform! You judge by deeds, not words.

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I think we are barking up the wrong tree. There are dozens upon dozens of programs and services supplied to the people by the government. Before go off half cocked and start with the knives, doesn't anyone think that ALL programs and services needed to be examined. We need a freaking action plan to DEFINE and CONTROL spending before we cut a single penny or a single program.

I would like to see a government commit to dealing with the issue once and for all. Just once, donate an entire session of parliament to cleaning up our act. Day to day problems must also be addressed, but the focus should be on dealing with the problems already before us and solving them as a priority! There is ALWAYS something the government needs to do, but the most important function they have is to act as good stewards for the nation and that means solving the problems.

The debt and deficit are not the biggest gorilla at the table folks, SPENDING is.

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Didn't you hear, that how the Tories plan to cut the deficit, by cut services and programs and selling off some of the Crown property. They are so stupid, the economy will never be the same with manufacturing in Ontario especially, gave the income revenue, a chuck of their money. They still plan to cut corporate taxes but companies are still leaving for India and China! Every day, a baby boomers is retiring and you can't replace income tax of what these baby boomers were paying with working at Timmy's or Walmart! I believe this generation will be paying for the mistakes this government is making for years to come. The lucky will be the ones that have a $167,000 yearly pension!

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From link in OP:

The Finance department's monthly fiscal monitor shows Ottawa is now awash in red ink with a year-to-date deficit of $23.7 billion for the first five months of the fiscal year, which runs from April 1 to the end of next March.

How much is $23.7 billion? How much is a billion? A million? A trillion?

I paid $1.97 for a scrub mop at Canadian Tire today. I paid about $500 for an air ticket to St. John's a week ago. Such numbers, I can understand.

Topaz, when you present billions or trillions in a comprehensible manner, then I'll pay attention. Otherwise, I'll just interpret that you are using "scare" tactics/quotes to support weakly some prior belief of impendng doom because Stephen Harper is Prime Minister.

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