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Patrick Brown Wants To Raise Your Cable Bill


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It looks like Patrick Brown got his chance to question the chair of the CRTC at a meeting of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage. Here is a link to the Hansard record of Mr. Brown's question(s):


For a different account of Mr. Brown's questions at the heritage committee, see Mr. Brown's web site:


I watched the video of that committee meeting on the ParlVU web site, and found that Hansard's record was accurate, but the quotes posted on Mr. Brown's web site were not an accurate record of what he said:


The quotes on Mr. Brown's web site include statements that aren't in Hansard or in the video, and they refer to the CRTC chair as Mr. von Finkelstein, instead of Mr. von Finckenstein.

For more details, see: http://forums.simcoemediagroup.com/yabb/Ya...?num=1239292399

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Don't mean a thing to me.......the telly has been gathering dust now for over a year and the net connection is ADSL...Had both cable and satellite in the past, and don't miss them at all.

Perhaps they need to come up with a new high-tech name for TV. Perhaps more people would watch if they called it "Non-IP Wired/Wireless Multi-Channel Video Streaming"?

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..or how about the Intuitive Dynamic Immersion Optical Telephonic Behavioral Orientation Xperience device?

I thought computers were the new IDIOT BOXes? Isn't Youtube the new boob tube?

On a more serious note, I was wondering if these proposed "carriage fees" would be optional. If you didn't wish to receive a particular local over-the-air channel on your cable/satellite receiver, would you be able to opt out of paying the carriage fee?

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