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Found 10 results

  1. There are now job postings for racialized-only people. Apparently skin colour now counts as a qualification and reason for exclusion from a job opportunity. A school board in Hamilton just posted such an administrative position. I thought our constitution protected people against discrimination on the basis of race, colour, or ethnic background.
  2. These words are now accepted in every day lexicon. Here are their meanings. Anti racism: if you are not anti racist, then you are a racist. In order to not be racist, you must be anti racist. To be anti racist, you must accept that white people have white privilege. An anti racist must recognize all non white people face systemic racism. An anti racist must go against Martin Luther King 's dream and not judge people by the contract of their character but must " see someone's colour" because otherwise you discredit their struggle and barriers they face. To be an anti racist, you must see non whites as marginalized victims, if not, you are racist. White Privilege: Any success a white person has, or any achievement they completed, is illegitimate. The white person benefited from a system designed to ensure their success. This applies to each and every white person regardless of their individual circumstances. This phenomenon exists in every system, policy, rule, in all aspects of society. There is no meritocracy. ALL White people are oppressors and all non whites are oppressed by racist whites. Health care: abortion is health care. The termination of a fetus is health care. Unborn baby murdering is health care. Typically this applies to health care for the birthing person, not the dead baby. Violence: this applies to feelings and to a difference of opinion. If someone says something that I don't agree with, this is violence. Equity: take people, divide them into groups based on a single variable, race, then take (often government) action to ensure all of the groups have the same performance outcome. If the white group outperforms another group, this is evidence of systemic racism and white privilege. If the top performing group is non white (black ) at a rate of 99%, for example, basketball, track, etc. then there is equity. If the white group is in the middle, say income earnings, then there is systemic racism and white privilege because there is only equity when white people are at the bottom. It is critical to only applying a single variable to the equity outcomes and other considerations like effort, natural skills, personality, emotional intelligence, and values NEVER be applied to an equity lens. Systemic racism: evil, invisible forces that work to keep white people at the top in Al aspects of life and to keep all non white people down. This is commonly espoused by wealthy, successful white people. It does not account for statistical evidence that demonstrably proves white people are not at the top of income earners, athletics, and do not have the lowest incarceration rates. However, these invisible forces are Clever and exist everywhere despite the highest laws in the land and Diversity Officers everywhere. Mathematics: a tool used in the systemic racist institution to maintain white privilege. Although whites statistically are not the most proficient in math, it is a means of white oppression. Mother: a mother is an antiquated notion of a birthing person. A " female" is not the only gender who can give birth. Cultural Appropriation: this is when white people demonstrate respect and admiration for traits, activities, expression for another group. For example, rapping, cooking Asian food, wearing Indigenous clothing. This is offensive and racist. White people need to see and recognize non whites as special, marginalized, and victims but CANNOT share in the activities of other groups. It is noteworthy that using electricity, driving cars, flying on airplanes, using a computer is NOT cultural appropriation. Anti Black Racism: is the scientific evidence based use of data to demonstrate systemic racism against Black people. Any disparity between black performance and white performance is evidence of anti black racism. One core element of anti black racism is to only control for a single variable, race. The effectiveness of anti black racism is to attribute any negative disparity to racism and never behavior or other factors. Anti black racism is evident by black people being disporportionately reflected in school suspensions, negative TTC interactions, negative police interactions, and incarceration rates. It is important to never compare black rates to other racial groups, only whites, as the disparity might indicate racism is not a factor. Another key factor is to only consider anti black racism when there is a negative disparity. Representation in fields in which the disparity favours black people are to be ignored and an anti racist must accept the existence of anti black racism or they are racist. White fragility: this is white people not accepting that they are evil, oppressors and their resistance to the truth. By the way, all of the above are being taught to kids every day in schools all across the country.
  3. Hello Canadians Please read this CTV article with an open mind. Then read the rest of this post. Come back with an opinion on whether or not the article leads you to believe that this bill addresses serious violent crimes of minor tobacco and drug charges. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/justice-minister-urges-senators-to-pass-liberal-mandatory-minimums-bill-1.6078640h This is the government's policy: ttps://www.canada.ca/en/department-justice/news/2021/12/mandatory-minimum-penalties-to-be-repealed.html Am I misreading the CTV article? Does it seem to be a misrepresentation of bill C 5. To me it seems to be fake news, please let me know if I am off base. These are the actual charges that bill c5 will change. They seem far more serious than the article claims. What do you think? The bill is also centered on a false premise, that systemic racism is real. The beliefs that a single variable, race, determines incarceration. Not behavior or drugs or mental health or parenting or culture, but race. Sure, 20% of the population is Asian but they are 6% of the incarceration rate is an inconvenient truth but let's ignore behavior and free people from systemic racism. This bill wants black and indigenous people to NOT go to jail for robbery with a firearm because...." Systemic Racism". Please read the real charges this bill will impact below: To address the overincarceration rate of Indigenous peoples, as well as Black and marginalized Canadians, MMPs for the following offences would be repealed: Using a firearm or imitation firearm in commission of offence (two separate offences) Paragraphs 85(3)(a) and (b): MMPs of 1 year (first offence) and 3 years (second and subsequent offence) Possession of firearm or weapon knowing its possession is unauthorized (two separate offences) Paragraphs 92(3)(b) and (c): MMP of 1 year (second offence) and 2 years less a day (third and subsequent offence) Possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition Paragraphs 95(2)(i) and (ii): MMPs of 3 years (first offence) and 5 years (second and subsequent offence) Possession of weapon obtained by commission of offence Paragraph 96(2)(a): MMP of 1 year Weapons trafficking (excluding firearms and ammunition) Subsection 99(3): MMP of 1 year Possession for purpose of weapons trafficking (excluding firearms and ammunition) Subsection 100(3): MMP of 1 year Importing or exporting knowing it is unauthorized Subsection 103(2.1): MMP of 1 year Discharging firearm with intent Paragraph 244(2)(b): MMP of 4 years Discharging firearm — recklessness Paragraph 244.2(3)(b): MMP of 4 years Robbery with a firearm Paragraph 344(1)(a.1): MMP of 4 years Extortion with a firearm Paragraph 346(1.1)(a.1): MMP of 4 years Selling, etc., of tobacco products and raw leaf tobacco Subparagraphs 121.1 (4)(a)(i),(ii) and (iii): MMPs of 90 days (second offence), MMP of 180 days (third offence) and MMP of 2 years less a day (fourth and subsequent offence Am I wrong or are woke politicians willing to see people robbed and killed just to virtue signal?
  4. Canada and its provinces and municipalities will not release data on the most dangerous offenders. Despite serious crimes impacting our communities, our governments will not take an intelligent and rational approach to addressing the issues. Realistically, how can we solve the core issues at play, if we do not take an analytical approach to identifying common traits in the most violent and egregious criminals? We can never stop the crimes if we don't identify and attack the societal factors that contribute to creating these pariahs. We need to invest in data collection to find the common attributes in order to develop a legitimate response to protect our communities. Variables like race, age, socio-economic status, family structure, and others must be collected and analyzed. For now, we simply attribute crime to " systemic racism" and take action to reduce " systemic racism" by lowering sentences ( See Bill C 5 ) and de-streaming education and canceling merit based gifted programs, and creating legislation to impact legal gun owners. The politicians and media blame the judicial system and " racist " police but of course, it is a certain demographic, who the government protects, consistently pulling the triggers. Naturally, everyone knows, none of these " solutions " work or address the core issues and while we see our government play " kind social worker " people keep dying. Kids like Dante Andreatta and Jahiem Robinson are dying from our governments' commitment to woke politics and virtue signaling. They refuse to take an intelligent approach to stopping the crime and the results are we, as a society, fail to protect our most vulnerable, our children. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/8620740/toronto-school-shooting-charges-david-mary-thomson-collegiate-institute/amp/ If we knew the commonalities amongst the human traffickers, gun shooters, car jackets, and murderers, we could invest in prevention in these groups. In the USA, the FBI data shows that 56% of homicides are committed by Black people. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_crime_in_the_United_States In Canada, we have no idea who are committing the murders and serious crimes including trafficking and killing our youth. We have data to show that 44% of victims are Black. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/new-uoft-research-sheds-light-on-homicides-1.6315931 Why don't we look to see who does the crime, not the victims? In Canada, the total black population is 3.5 % and the male population is just under 2%. Based on the few media sources that will identity the race of suspects and police reports, the predominant group responsible for shootings and murders seems to be black, males aged 16 to 40. This segment of the male, black population would be around 1% of the population. https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/homicide/mostwanted.php https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/homicide/currentcases.php Many, most, black males aged 16 to 40 are not murderers or involved in gun violence. We need to know what the additional traits are that contribute to the violent behavior as otherwise we will have no hope in helping these that turn to vile criminal behavior. Our current policy of hiding the evidence and refusing to examine the core issues by identifying a pattern/trend/commonalities will continue to be ineffective. Imagine how useful analytics could be in finding a pattern/trend in anti social, criminal behavior. For example, if we could determine that X family situation, matched with Y socio-economic status, and Z education level, etc. contribute to involvement in serious criminal behavior, we could focus government resources and programs on this smaller specifically defined group. This would dramatically improve efficiency and the potency of the approach and lives would be saved. We could also potentially find that these variables and not race are leading traits. Who knows? We are not even trying to target the problem so we have lots to learn. Government. Stop being woke. If you care about Black lives, take real action to stop the crime in this community. We are Canadians and we should care about all of us. Ignoring a problem for fear of optics, is creating more crime. When our schools, malls, homes, public events are not safe anymore, it's time to demand real action, not woke rhetoric, from our governments. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/shootings-a-stabbing-illegal-fireworks-and-cops-injured-at-woodbine-beach https://globalnews.ca/news/7537399/3-men-charged-brantford-hotel-shooting-death-toronto-boy/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5025385 https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.cp24.com/news/2020/7/20/1_5031610.html
  5. The elephant in the room isn't going away. It is getting bigger and bigger. In Canada, there are more supports and programs for Black people than any other settler group yet this is the least successful of all immigrants. The problem is not " systemic racism " which does not exist or the " legacy of slavery " in a country that never had slavery. Even worse, the governments across the land continue to throw more money at the problem and claim this group is victimized and marginalized more than everyone else. Yes, the group that receives the most support is the country's greatest victim. The only argument for " racism " is disparity. This group is at the bottom of all categories and therefore suffer from " racism ". Despite the fact that racialized groups are at the top of every performance data point, we are to believe the systems are at fault and not anything wrong with this group. How can a system be so intricate to make some racial groups at the top while subjugating one group that is 3.5 % of the population? 0nly this group has the government helping them buy houses and start businesses based on their race. https://blacknorth.ca/ https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/black-entrepreneurship-program/en Toronto has the Black Center of Student Excellence and the Africentric Alternative School which are dedicated just for Black students. No other immigrant group has these programs. https://www.tdsb.on.ca/CEBSA https://www.tdsb.on.ca/Find-your/Schools/schno/3949 The Ontario government had special Graduation Coaches but only for one group of immigrants. It doesn't matter if you need help to graduate, it matters if you have Black privilege to get tax funded support. The City of Toronto has the " anti black racism " office and offers programs just for Black people. This includes job training, courses, programs, and funding for people based on their colour. These are exclusive services just for Black people and no other group has their own city department dedicated to their success. https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/community/toronto-for-all/anti-black-racism-2/ We could go on and on describing the racist government practices that serve one racial group over others but I'm sure you have seen it too. TDSB data, TTC data, Police data, incarceration rates, all data shows the most difficult interactions are with one group. If this is racism why are the other settler groups underrepresented? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5987048 What is more likely that every institution takes the time and effort to systematically and systematically discriminate against one group, and one group only, despite the risk of the media and public opinion and law suits or there is a problem within some elements of this group? The same group that has the highest rate of homicide despite being 3% of the population? Why can't we have an honest discussion so we can fix the problems in this community? If there is systemic racism to favor whites and disadvantage racialized people why are groups, like Asians, underrepresented? When a racialized group that makes up almost 20% of the population is under 6% of the incarceration rate , it seems racialized is not a factor. But, when 3.5 % of the population makes up 7% of the incarceration rate then it " must be systemic racism "? How? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarceration_in_Canada Third generation Japanese, Korean, South Asian, and Chinese men are the highest earners in the land. For females, the highest earners are Third generation Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, South Asian, and other groups all earn more than white women. This makes it difficult to believe there is systemic racism. The biggest concern is that violent crimes are being ignored. People are being shot and killed at record rates but no one will discuss this. We know who is doing the shooting and killing but as opposed to protecting our citizens and children, we cry out against Nazis and the Proud Boyzz and the Confederate flag. Only one settler group has the privilege to shoot and kill at disproportionate rates with impunity. Hate Crimes, targeted attacks, bullying by Blacks are ignored. Consider the Black on Asian attacks that the government and media ignore. Think about predominantly Black countries in which homosexuality is illegal. We want to collect race-based data, okay let's start with how many shootings are attributed to Black males 16 to 40. This group is about 1% of the population and are responsible for over half of the shootings and a large percentage of all violent crimes. Will anyone release that information? If we want to end the shootings, don't we need to know who the shooters are? We have Bill 67 in Ontario looking to expand the powers of CRT in schools and Bill C6 looking to lower sentencing for violent crimes so we have less black people in jail. Ontario cancelled math qualification exam for teachers because Black candidates could not pass and now gifted programs are removing entrance standards so more Black students can enroll. How much money and social cost is there to Black privilege? What is the end game? Remove all standards until statically Blacks are earning more than Whites and are in jail less than Whites? Is that the ultimate goal? What do we have to lose to reach that objective? Let's stop blaming the greatest system in the world, the one that provides free health care, OW , ODSP, free education, OSAP etc, for why a small percentage of 3 % of the population failing. Many Blacks excel and find great success so their race is not an obstacle. Let's end the privilege and end racist programs that divide the country.
  6. Radical, Hateful, Left Wingers Are Running Canada Your government, education system, and your state funded media sources have been infiltrated by radical leftists and they are misleading you. There are no racist, Nazi, organizations terrorizing minorities/racialized people in Canada in 2022. Additionally, there is no systemic racism and racialized people are succeeding/dominating at every level and in every aspect of Canadian society. In fact, white male, Canadians are not even in the top four of average earnings and white women are near the bottom of the groups. https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/36-28-0001/2022001/article/00004-eng.pdf Take a look at recent court decisions, proposed legislation, and examples of violent crimes in Ontario. Ask yourself if you think our country is wandering in s fog of lies. Do you see that our demise is imminent? The woke, represented by all of the 3 major political parties, are seeking to destroy our nation all in the name of their woke anti-racism agenda. Judicial System They have cracked our legal forums. You will find woke, social justice warriors making key legal decisions all across Canada. This includes bail for accused cop killers and for other alleged murderers but not for people involved in the peaceful trucker convoy. Legal decisions have become a joke and make a mockery of our country’s values. All in the name of the left wing, woke agenda. Math: MPT Divisional Court of Ontario in Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council v. Ontario (Minister of Education) ONSC 7386 The Divisional Court of Ontario recently determined that racial equity was more important than teachers demonstrating proficiency in math; this applies to teachers who would potentially teach math. The Ontario government tabled Bill 48, the Safe and Supportive Classrooms Act, 2018 on Oct. 18, 2018, and the bill received royal assent on April 3, 2019. The minister of education filed two regulations on Aug. 20, 2019, O. Reg. 272/19 under the Education Quality and Accountability Office Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.11 adding a Mathematics Proficiency Test (MPT) that all teacher candidates must pass to become certified teachers in Ontario. Reg. 271/19 under the Ontario College of Teachers Act (OCTA) required all candidates who apply for certification after March 31, 2020, to pass that test. Subsection 18(1) of this Act was amended to include paragraph 18(1)(c) relating to proficiency in math. The court ruled that requiring teachers to be proficient in math was unconstitutional as it represented a violation of Section 15 of the Charter. Equality Rights Equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of law 15 (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. Affirmative action programs (2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. The claim for the MPT being “racist” was because white candidates scored higher than black candidates. Disparity is not evidence of racism. In fact, EastAsians/South Asians scored the highest at over 92%. No reasonable person could conclude that being “racialized” is a barrier to passing the MPT when a racialized group is the leading performer. See the figure at part 1 https://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2021/12/2021-12-16-OTCC-v-Ontario-FINAL-signed-by-all.pdf *You will note that the Judge uses “LatinX” as opposed to Latino or Hispanic. Court Ruling [156] In conclusion, the MPT’s deleterious effect of the breach of equality rights outweighs the salutary effect of encouraging teacher candidates and Faculties of Education to focus more on math skills. The objective could be achieved directly by introducing math course requirements for admissions to B.Ed programs or in B.Ed programs themselves. This would be significantly less impairing of equality rights and at least as efficacious in furthering the objective of improving student achievement in math. [157] Accordingly, the Respondent has failed to demonstrate that the MPT is a reasonable and justifiable limit on the Applicants’ equality rights under s. 1. Summary If 70% of Canada is white and 20% is South Asian/East Asian then is it not reasonable to expect someone to be competitive with 90% of the population? Our courts claim a Charter breach because the expectation is to be at the level of 90% of the entire population? This is the “evidence” of racism in Canada in 2022. This is Canada in 2022. Woke and void of logic. Manipulating data to find “racism”. If diversity, not meritocracy, is our strength then why would we need to remove proficiency requirements for our teachers? If some racialized groups are dominating the system and are impervious to “systemic racism” where are the barriers to racialized people? Bail The woke agenda leads decisions on bail. See several examples in which a reasonable perosn would be shcokced by the release decisions. Umar Zameer https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2021/09/22/man-accused-of-killing-toronto-police-const-jeffrey-northrup-is-released-on-bail.html In September of 2021, the man accused of murdering Det. Const. Jeffrey Northrup received bail. Based on the limited information available due to a publication ban this alleged murder seemingly happened with many Police on scene and with parking garage video evidence available. The suspect, Umar Zameer, was arrested on site. He is currently out on bail. 13 Year Old Alleged Murderer/Armed Robber In April of 2022, a 13 year old allegedly robbed a pharmacy and then killed a 15 year old the next day in North York. The youth was released on bail. The logic seems to be that he is too young and vulnerable to be around older kids in the youth detention center, Roy McMurtry Youth Centre . The accused murderer is on bail in the care/custody of aunt, and grandmother. It is known for privacy reasons but one might ask if these are not the same people who were previously caring for/raising/controlling him in the first place? https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2022/04/12/13-year-old-boy-granted-bail-in-shooting-death-of-toronto-boy-15.html Pat King As of April 20, 2022, Pat King has been denied bail for his role in the trucker convoy rally/protest. You might notice that he is White and is part of the group that PM Trudeau and MP Jagmeet Singh called “white supremacists”. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/freedom-convoy-leader-pat-king-charged-with-perjury-obstruction-of-justice-1.5867415 Human Rights Complaints and Unconscious Bias The woke agenda dominates decisions at the HRTO. They even know your "unconscious thoughts" and your "implicit bias" is evidence of racism.Just because, systemic racism. https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onhrt/doc/2020/2020hrto172/2020hrto172.html Below is a summary of a case before Ontario’s Human Rights’ Tribunal. Peel Police Officers were called in to a school when a six year old was out of control and the school could not control her. She was determined to be a safety threat to herself and others. The Officers did their best to apply their techniques to keep her calm and safe but were tiring. As the girl continued to flop and flail and spit and head butt, they restrained her with handcuffs. This is what experts in mental health do as well when the safety of people is in jeopardy. The adjudicator at the tribunal determined they did it because she was Black and they had “implicit bias” which made them fear the six year old girl. There was no evidence to support this just the philosophy that white people have “implicit bias” and therefore they did it because white people are inherently racist. This radical and absurd belief is in our legal system. If anyone can suggest what to do with a six year old behaving in such a dangerous manner please share your idea with the world and you will be a billionaire and a legendary sociologist. The takeaway is no one can do anything ever to a racialized person. Regardless of how reasonable the action as based on by a nuanced situation, everything is racist. This is because the court/tribunal knows your subconscious thoughts are racist. Excerpts from the Tribunals’ decision is below for context. JKB v. Peel (Police Services Board), 2020 HRTO 172 (CanLII) 85] The officers took the applicant to the front office and placed her on a chair with one officer on either side, each holding one of her hands. Meanwhile she was wriggling, flailing and kicking her feet and trying to break their grip. DP testified that the officers had had to be “hands on” with the applicant because she was “kind of all over the place.” The officers tried to de-escalate the applicant. NE said that they used “professional tactical communications” to try to calm the applicant down and figure out what was going on but had no luck. DP agreed that the officers had no greater success than he had had in de-escalating the applicant. [86] It was DP’s evidence that the first set of handcuffs were placed on the applicant in the front office in the following circumstances. The applicant was spitting, head butting and trying to break free. She began kicking the officers, swinging her legs out sideways and coming backwards, like a heel kick. The officers spoke with each other and agreed to handcuff the applicant’s ankles. DP recalled that one officer told the applicant a few times that if she did not stop kicking, spitting and head butting they would have to put cuffs on. When the applicant continued to kick, one of the officers held both of her hands and the other officer handcuffed her ankles and then stood up to make a phone call. It appeared to DP that the officers were trying to figure out what to do. This happened 5 -10 minutes after they arrived in the office. [90] Based on the evidence of all three witnesses, I conclude that after the applicant’s ankles were handcuffed, she continued to spit and bite, attempt to flail and struggle to break free. [119] The explanations that NE provided about his decision to place handcuffs on the applicant were as follows: • In his interview, NE stated that the handcuffs were applied “…solely for the purpose of controlling her, reducing the risk of injury to myself and my partner and other staff, we saw no other option that was fit at the time.” • His explanation at the hearing as to why they did not just continue to hold the applicant was that it was “stressful and exhausting”, that tactical communications had not worked, that he had done everything he possibly could but it felt like they were wrestling with the applicant and he did not want her to get hurt. He was aware that the trained professionals at the school had been unsuccessful in restraining the applicant so the best solution at the time was to put handcuffs on the applicant to control the range of motion of her limbs while continuing to hold her. He said that the handcuffs helped control the applicant’s limbs to prevent injury to the officers, to anyone else and “of course” the applicant. • NE was asked if he ever saw the applicant as threatening. He said, “Never. I saw her as a little child.” He was also asked whether, throughout his entire interaction with the applicant, he ever asserted his authority as a police officer. He answered that he had not. He said that visibly he is a police officer because he is in uniform, but he was not there doing a criminal investigation and a big part of his work is almost like social work, dealing with people in crisis. He said that in this case he knew immediately that this was some kind of behavioural issue or crisis. He explained that with tactical communication, different approaches are used in different situations and in this case, he took a soft, gentle approach, not invading personal space while initially in the office and using pitch, tone and volume which was the same as that he was using in giving his evidence. [151] In this case, police officers with no training in dealing with children in crises were called into a school to deal with a situation involving the applicant which the school staff had been unable to manage. The applicant’s behaviours, before the arrival of the officers on the morning of September 30, 2016, included hitting another child, running away, throwing objects at her principal and behavioural teaching assistant – and hitting him on the lip – and hitting out at both adults. We do not know what prompted such behaviours in this six-year-old girl. The officers were told about the applicant’s behavioural history upon arrival and understood that they had been called in to “control” the applicant – which they proceeded to try to do. Although the applicant was sitting calmly in the office when NE arrived, there is no evidence that either SK or NE did anything to prompt the applicant’s abrupt departure from the office – rather, this was a continuation of her behaviours from earlier that morning. The applicant’s resistant behaviours began as SK initially held her on the stage and attempted to encourage her to return to the office with them. Her behaviours continued until the paramedics arrived. The evidence is undisputed that the officers conducted themselves throughout the incident in a professional and polite manner and that they did make efforts to verbally de-escalate the applicant while she continued to struggle, kick, head butt and try to scratch and bite them. It is also clear that the focus of the officers from the point SK began to hold the applicant by the arms when she emerged from behind the piece of furniture on the stage was on attempting to “control” the applicant through physical means. [152] The officers provided very similar explanations at the hearing for their decisions to use handcuffs on the applicant after returning to the office. First, they both wanted to prevent harm to others and themselves, and to the applicant. NE said in his interview that the sole reason for using handcuffs was to reduce the risk of injury to himself, his partner and staff. SK said that he was concerned that the applicant might run out of the room and that there was a potential she could hurt herself, including running out to the driveway in front of the school, or hurt others including other students. SK said that there was “definitely a potential that she could cause harm to herself or others.” Second, both officers said that they were tiring from holding the applicant. SK said that this meant they would have to apply more pressure in holding the applicant as she continued to struggle. [162] Since the officers’ explanation for their treatment of the applicant -- to ensure the safety of themselves, others and the applicant -- does not justify the degree of control to which they subjected her, and since the officers placed the applicant on her stomach despite NE’s statement that he would never do this to a child, then is an inference of racial discrimination warranted in this case? I believe that it is. [163] The expert opinion evidence provided by JC and Dr. K. explained how, in a dynamic situation, such as the one in this case, implicit bias can kick in and be a factor in decisions made by police. Dr. K. said that once it registers that someone belongs to a different group – for example in the case of a White person, that the other person is Black -- the negative characteristics and stereotypes associated with that other group are activated in our brains. Those characteristics and stereotypes influence how that other person is perceived and how they are treated. Dr. K. also testified that research on implicit bias has demonstrated that in the case of Black children, because of the stereotypes and negative characteristics triggered, Black children may be perceived to be older, bigger, stronger, faster or more of a threat than they really are simply because they are Black. Canadian research has shown that Black children engaging in exactly the same behaviour as White children are perceived to be older, more muscular, more aggressive than they actually are with the result that it is perceived that more force is needed to control a Black child than a White child. [165] NE said that he would never place a child on her stomach because it would put her at risk of asphyxiation. However, NE and SK did just that. The clear difference between the applicant and a typical child, from the perspective of two White police officers, is her race – as a Black person, the applicant is a member of a ‘different group’. While I do not believe that it was the intention of these officers to discriminate against the applicant based on her race, it is clear that their focus throughout was on controlling her. Their overreaction can only be explained by the inference that because of implicit stereotypical associations that arose because of the applicant’s race, they saw her, as a Black child, being more of a threat, being bigger, stronger and older than she was and, consequently, of being more in need of control than they would have seen a White child in the same circumstances. [167] In the absence of any explanation for their overreaction in placing the applicant stomach down with her wrists cuffed behind her, ankles cuffed and maintaining her in this position for 28 minutes, the evidence supports the conclusion that the most probable reason for this action is that the officers were influenced by implicit bias in respect of the applicant’s race. I find, therefore, that race was a factor in the officers’ treatment of the applicant on September 30, 2016 and, as a result, the respondent has violated the applicant’s rights to equal treatment in the provision of services under s. 1 of the Code. JKB v. Peel (Police Services Board), 2020 HRTO 172 (CanLII), <https://canlii.ca/t/j5mq2> Nazi Hate Crimes in Canada in 2022 Our politicians are dedicated to promoting the radical left’s hateful agenda. They also want to promote the notion that white people are hateful and racist and need to be stopped. They are passing significant legislation across the country to embed their ridiculous philosophy into our laws and policies. It is not just the Liberals and the NDP- all politicians, even "Conservatives" are supporting these motions/legislation. House of Commons Designated Proud B***oy** as Terrorist Organization As per the NDP’s website, they claim the following: “Members of the Proud Boys joined a group armed with deadly weapons as they led an assault on the U.S. Capitol – this was an act of domestic terrorism. Alarmingly, their founder is from Canada.” -end quote- In fact, as of April 21, 2022 no PB members have been convicted of any illegal firearm charges relating to the alleged trespassing incident on January 6, 2022 or convicted of any domestic terror charges. At worst, the dozen or so that have been charged are facing “Obstruct Justice” and other similar charges- no terror-related charges. Their founder was actually born in the United Kingdom but grew up in Canada until he moved to New York after starting Vice. In actuality, on January 6, 2021, the leader of the PB was a Black man of Cuban descent. Regardless of the facts, MP Jagmeet Singh used the “do what I say or you are a racist” tactic to have the PB labeled as a terrorist organization on par with ISIS. Singh claims the “proliferation of white supremacist organization hate groups” demands immediate action by the government. https://globalnews.ca/news/7598355/motion-passes-proud-boys-terrorists/ There have been zero acts of hate committed by the PB organization in Canada. The use of fear and disinformation is how the radicals operate today and why Canada has now banned a group for no reason or any facts. The Halifax 5, men who nobly served the Canadian military, and are part of the Indigenous and the LGTBQ community seem to be the only example of the PB’s “terror” in Canada. None of the 5 were charged and simply asked protestors why there were defacing a public statue. However, in today’s leftists Canada, this is terrorism. All politicians across all parties supported this move to label a group as “terrorists” with zero evidence of any terror activities. In 2022, you are a racist just because someone says so and you could even be labelled a terrorist with no evidence or even any allegations of terror. The crime is because they think you are part of a Nazi organization even though your leader is Black and your members are of all races and backgrounds. https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/no-charges-in-halifax-proud-boys-incident-servicemen-return-to-duties-navy-1.3570098 There have been no serious (murder/attempted murder) hate crimes linked to racist, white organizations this century. We do have many examples of other groups murdering in the name of hate but politicians like MP Singh do not hold press conferences to condemn non-whites involved in hate. Yes, there are hate crimes and evil acts in Canada. But, there is no link to organized Nazis or white supremacist organizations as they want you to believe. Below are some of the most prominent acts of hate in Canada over the past ten years. Michael Zehaf-Bibea/Ottawa Attack Cpl. Nathan Cirillo died because of Zehaf-Bibea. The killing of a Canadian soldier on duty would be a legitimate domestic terror attack not politely asking people why they are defacing a public statue. However, the narrative- a Muslim killing a white soldier- does not lend itself to promoting the left’s agenda so this tragedy received no calls to action by any politican. https://globalnews.ca/news/2885513/michael-zehaf-bibeau-followed-british-islam-preacher-convicted-of-inviting-support-for-is/ Patrice Vincent The 2014 Saint Jean sur Richelieu ramming attack was a terror attack that happened in Quebec on October 20, 2014. Two Canadian Forces members were hit by an Islamic terrorist, Martin Couture-Rouleau. Warrant officer Patrice Vincent died from injuries, while another soldier was injured, but survived. The RCMP and the Government of Canada has characterized the homicide as a terrorist act by an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant-inspired terrorist. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu_ramming_attack Saad Akhtar: ISIS Gruesome Hate Crime A Muslim man, an alleged ISIS member, killed an elderly Asian woman in the name of hate. Annie Hang-Kam Chiu had her head bashed in with a hammer in August of 2021. Neither Justin or Jagmeet had much to say about that and you probably have never heard of Annie but you know the name of a fentanyl selling, counterfeit 20 passing, career criminal in Minneapolis. https://globalnews.ca/news/8143311/isis-supporter-pleads-guilty-to-killing-toronto-woman-with-hammer/ Faisal Hussain/Danforth Shooting The Danforth shooting in July of 2018 took the lives of Reese Fallon, aged 18, and Julianna Kozis, aged 10, were killed. Additionally, 13 others were injured in the shooting by the Pakistani Muslim. There was no outrage from any politician. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/mandel-new-questions-arise-about-danforth-shooting-was-terror-the-motive Dante Andreatta Marroquin: 12 Year Old Gunned Down in Toronto 12 year old Dante Sebastian Andreatta was grocery shopping with his mother in the Jane and Finch area when he was shot in the mid-afternoon on Nov. 7. He died in hospital four days later. Police said the Saturday shooting began when two vehicles entered a parking lot near Jane Street and Stong Court at about 2:20 p.m. Two occupants of one of the cars got out and started firing at the second vehicle, chasing it outside of the lot while firing about 30 rounds. Jahwayne Smart, 25, and Rashawn Chambers, 24, who police alleged were the shooters who killed Andreatta, were arrested last week leaving a Canadian Tire store in downtown Toronto. They have both been charged with first-degree murder in addition to dozens of other offences. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/11/17/toronto-police-arrest-third-man-in-shooting-death-of-12-year-old-bystander-dante-andreatta.html Richard Jonathan Edwin/TTC Shootings Richard Jonathan Edwin has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the death of Kartik Vasudev, a 21-year-old Seneca College student, who was shot on April 7 outside the Glen Road entrance to Sherbourne Station. The second shooting victim was Elijah Eleazar Mahepath who was killed in cold blood in the vicinity of Dundas and George streets about 48 hours later. The identity of the accused has been released but his photo hidden and initial descriptions of his colour/race have been redacted. There was originally outrage as suspicion that this was a hate crimes by evil, white racists but the release of the description ended that outrage. In time, more details will be released but this heinous murder does not fit Canada’s narrative of white supremacist, Nazis killing racialized people so do not expect this story to have any legs. In juxtaposition, consider the horrific London car incident in which a Muslim family was killed. Certainly, that produced outrage and fueled the claims of racist, white Canadians being a threat to everyone. Mississauga Bear Spray Attack in Mosque: March of 2022 Initially many people took this unusual attack involving bear spray and a hatchet to be a great opportunity to bemoan the terror of racist, white Nazis attacking Canadian communities but when the name of the suspect was released, the outrage vanished. Mohammad Moiz Omar, 24, was charged with: Assault with a weapon. Administering a noxious substance with intent to endanger life or cause bodily harm. Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. Uttering a threat to cause death or bodily harm. Carrying a concealed weapon and mischief to religious property. Police allege he walked into the building near McAdam Road and Matheson Boulevard East, Mississauga and discharged bear spray toward people while brandishing a hatchet. There has not been any updates from politicians and media since learning that the suspect himself has a Muslim name. Politicians and the media have abruptly ended their interest in this story. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/mosque-attack-1.6420433 April 2022: Toronto Mosque Shooting For now, the media is not releasing any details on the suspects in the Scarborough shooting during Ramadan that wounded five people. Typically, this is an indication hat the suspects are not white; however, that is not evidence of whether or not the shooting was part of the “growing hate and violence” by white, supremacist, Nazis that the media politicians are constantly discussing. However, monitor this situation and see who the eventual suspects/perpetrators turn out to be. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/five-men-attacked-in-drive-by-shooting-outside-scarborough-mosque-during-ramadan-police-1.5863972 https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/homicide/mostwanted.php Jahiem Robinson, 18:Shot by 14-year-old in Scarborough at School Kids being murdered while at school would seemingly ring alarms for politicians and the general public. However, when there is no link to white supremacists….silence. No press conferences. No motions to name a gang or two as domestic terror organizations. No call to declare war on these gangs or to ask questions about who are these shooters? Whats happening in their communities to allow them to behave like this? Nothing. No new anti-crime bill to make sure no student will ever be murdered at high school again. In fact, leftists fight to have police in schools. The Police are the enemy to them even they consistently do an amazing job of catching the criminals until the leftist judges place them back on the street. The real problem is systemic racism, they want you to believe. Don’t ask for data or use logic. Just blame racism. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/scarborough-school-shooting-david-mary-thomson-1.6352346 John Wheeler: Randomly Shot and Killed in Toronto It is unlikely that you have ever heard of John Wheeler. In 2020, the 45 year old Wheeler was standing outside his residence at 1350 Danforth Rd. when he was shot in the back. He died in hospital. It is not believed that he knew the attacker or that there was a reason for the murder. The alleged suspect is Black so this story is of no interest to the media or politicians. If Mister Wheeler had been a Black man allegedly shot by a white man for no reason, it would have been labeled as racist and the story would be discussed ad nauseam. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/tps-make-arrests-in-two-homicide-cases-1.5728513 White Attacks: London and Toronto Mosque Stabbing This contrasts the mosque stabbing in Toronto in which a white man is alleged to have stabbed a caretaker to death. MP Singh frequently references this tragic loss of death but does not seemingly know of any other cases unless the suspects are white. The London car attack of a Muslim family is currently on trial and if convicted this might actually be a legitimate example of a white person committing a racist, violent act in Canada this century but I would wager that it was not organized or linked to an organization and that, if convicted, mental health was likely a factor. Regardless, a handful of horrible incidents juxtaposed against the total crime data would place these two to three examples in context. No reasonable person would see white crime against no-whites as a national emergency. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/toronto-man-charged-in-stabbing-death-of-mosque-volunteer-1.5111062 Proposed Legislation Bill C-229: Ban on Flags and KKK in Canada ndp.ca/news/ndp-bill-would-ban-hate-symbols-0 As per the NDP’s website, “NDP House Leader Peter Julian, MP (New Westminster–Burnaby) tabled Bill C-229, a private member’s bill that would prevent anyone from selling and displaying symbols that promote hatred. The symbols that would be banned are Swastikas and other Nazi emblems of the genocidal regime, Klu Klux Klan symbols and the Confederate flag, symbols of slavery, racism and of white supremacy. Bill C-229 is a tool designed to address the growing violence and hatred in Canadian communities.” Firstly, it is implicitly implied that racist white people are involved in violence and hatred in Canadian communities. This is simply, brazenly, and commonly stated as fact by a member of Parliament with no fear of recourse. Of course, there is no evidence that Nazis or the KKK are engaged in hatred or violence in Canada in 2022. There is no actual racism or hate in Canda so the radicals seek out historic groups from another country to engage in fear and hate mongering against white people. MP’s want the public to believe that there is a need to pass legislation to stop racist, whites from their violent and hateful attacks on Canadian communities. How is this not absurd to a reasonable person? Symbols of white supremacy? What does that even mean? We hear there is white supremacy and systemic racism everywhere, don’t we? Math is “white supremacy”. The Police and hospitals/health care, teachers/schools are “white supremacy”. The NDP want to pass a law that makes anything a symbol of “white supremacy” to be banned and illegal? Where is this country headed? Bill 67: Ontario’s Equity in Education Act This should shock you. Please read about the NDP’s proposal to mandate critical race theory in Ontario schools. The Act would officially recognize that there is “systemic racism” in Ontario schools, fine students/people for “anti-racist” behavior in schools including sub conscious thoughts, rate teachers by how well they “promote racial equity” which means to see better outcomes for non-whites over whites and many more surreal points. https://repolitics.com/forums/topic/42048-open-letter-to-honourable-member-of-provincial-parliament-linda-mae-lindo-bill-67/ Only one MPP Belinda Karahalios in Ontario opposed this bill. The Conservatives were right on board. Listen to Jordon Peterson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fogGeB8YmnQ Liberal Gun Bans Liberal leader of Ontario Stephen del Luca is campaigning on a promise to ban handguns and Liberal MP Bill Blair also pushed legislation to take guns off the street. Both plans involve legal gun owners- not the criminals using the guns to kill people and making the country unsafe. https://globalnews.ca/news/8769542/ontario-liberals-promise-handgun-ban-few-details/#:~:text=leader%20Steven%20Del%20Duca In no reasonable society would the government look to implement legislation to address a serious health and safety/ public interest issue without providing the data demonstrating the risks and the key factors involved. For example, driving accidents and insobriety or cancer and smoking or obesity and diet. However, in Canada today when we talk about murders, gun violence, and crime we do not discuss who does these acts. It is simply not to be discussed or raised. Accordingly, we take action to solve the issue of gun violence by not having to data to show who the people are that shoot and sell arms. We do not look for commonalities or patterns . Instead we move to ban guns time and time again. If someone asks who are the people doing the shooting and what might be the causes, they are cancelled as racists. Can you imagine that no politician or media outlet will ask what are the traits of people killing/shooting people? The truth is that everyone knows that a certain democratic of males 16 to 40 years old who make up around 1% of the nation’s population are involved/responsible for over half of the shootings in Canada but we will not release the data and we continue to pretend that it is not important to know the traits of the shooters in order to solve the problem. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5915995 To prevent lung cancer, we identified that smoking was a a cause and targeted smokers with an information campaign and directed efforts to reduce lung cancer. To reduce driving accidents, we have drinking and driving efforts/RIDE checks and educational campaigns but for the shooting epidemic we target legal gun owners with little representation in crimes and we ignore the people who commit these heinous crimes. On no level does this make sense. The Toronto Police’s most wanted list does not show many white supremacists or Nazis as great threats to public safety. However, left wingers only focus on them as the “greatest threat” to Canadians. https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/homicide/mostwanted.php I loathe to use US data because it is a different country with a different history and with a weaker societal net of care but as Canada will not release data on murder as it would be “racist”, take a look at the 2019 data from the FBI. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2019/crime-in-the-u.s.-2019/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-3.xls According to the FBI, African-Americans accounted for 55.9% of all homicide offenders in 2019, with whites 41.1%, and "Other" 3.0% in cases where the race was known.[52] Among homicide victims in 2019 where the race was known, 54.7% were black or African-American, 42.3% were white, and 3.1% were of other races.[53][54] The per-capita offending rate for African-Americans was roughly eight times higher than that of whites, and their victim rate was similar. About half of homicides are known to be single-offender/single-victim, and most of those were intraracial; in those where the perpetrator's and victim's races were known, 81% of white victims were killed by whites and 91% of black or African-American victims were killed by blacks or African-Americans.[55] Victim Data: Canada Naturally, our government will release data on the race of victim’s but not the perpetrators. This allows for there to be a “pandemic of grief” with the Black community as victims of systemic racism. Of course we all want to stop murders and shootings and to make Canada safe for everyone. It starts with an honest conversation and the left wing radicals hiding data does not help anyone especially those disproportionately victimized by the crime. The report showed 44% of homicide victims are Black which should make everyone want to ask: “What is happening in that community?” But, this cannot be asked as it would be racist. The report will not say who is doing the shooting or give any direction as to how to stop this from continuing. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/new-uoft-research-sheds-light-on-homicides-1.6315931 Bill C-5 In response to the high rate of gun violence, murder , and violent crimes in the Black community, the federal government is passing Bill C-5. This Bill will reduce mandatory minimum punishment/sentencing (MMP) for many serious crimes. The reasoning, “systemic racism”. There are a lot of Black people in jail so there must be systemic racism and the answer, apparently, is do not put them in jail. It is worth noting that no other data points were used in concluding that systemic racism was responsible for the “overincaerceration”. Simply, Black people represent 3.5% of the population and are 7% of the incarceration rate, ergo, systemic racism. This is an example of actual systemic racism. The government will release more serious offenders, place more on non-custodial sentences, and go easier on dangerous offenders because of their colour. As a result, tragically, they will be back in their communities and racialized people, mostly Black, will suffer as a result. No one will track the number of victims that will suffer because of Bill C 5 because that would be inconvenient but every reasonable person will recognize that some of these people released back into the communities, as opposed to serving an MMP, will repeat offend and harm the community. These communities are not “racialized or Black” communities. They are Canadian communities and they deserve respect and protection. We are failing them to serve the demands of the woke, extremists who act without facts or logic but based on anger and vengage to “correct historical wrongs” that do not exist in 2022. Here are some crimes for which Bill C-5 will remove MMP, as per the website: To address the overincarceration rate of Indigenous peoples, as well as Black and marginalized Canadians, MMPs for the following offences would be repealed: Using a firearm or imitation firearm in commission of offence (two separate offences) Paragraphs 85(3)(a) and (b): MMPs of 1 year (first offence) and 3 years (second and subsequent offence) Possession of firearm or weapon knowing its possession is unauthorized (two separate offences) Paragraphs 92(3)(b) and (c): MMP of 1 year (second offence) and 2 years less a day (third and subsequent offence) Possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition Paragraphs 95(2)(i) and (ii): MMPs of 3 years (first offence) and 5 years (second and subsequent offence) Possession of weapon obtained by commission of offence Paragraph 96(2)(a): MMP of 1 year Weapons trafficking (excluding firearms and ammunition) Subsection 99(3): MMP of 1 year Possession for purpose of weapons trafficking (excluding firearms and ammunition) Subsection 100(3): MMP of 1 year Importing or exporting knowing it is unauthorized Subsection 103(2.1): MMP of 1 year Discharging firearm with intent Paragraph 244(2)(b): MMP of 4 years Discharging firearm — recklessness Paragraph 244.2(3)(b): MMP of 4 years Robbery with a firearm Paragraph 344(1)(a.1): MMP of 4 years Extortion with a firearm Paragraph 346(1.1)(a.1): MMP of 4 years Selling, etc., of tobacco products and raw leaf tobacco Subparagraphs 121.1 (4)(a)(i),(ii) and (iii): MMPs of 90 days (second offence), MMP of 180 days (third offence) and MMP of 2 years less a day (fourth and subsequent offence) https://www.canada.ca/en/department-justice/news/2021/12/mandatory-minimum-penalties-to-be-repealed.html Unity and Meritocracy Are Our Strength If diversity is our strength why do we need to pump so much funding and effort into it? Typically assets yield positive results and do not suck resources. Why do companies and schools and hospitals pay out so much in legal fees dealing with discrimination allegations, paying for “training”, and hiring Diversity Specialists? We have so much public funding at all levels going to support specific groups based on their race. Toronto has a massive anti black racism program funded by tax dollars. https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/community/confronting-anti-black-racism/ The City of Toronto commits more than $1.2 million in cultural and economic investments to confront anti-Black racism. The City is making multiple investments in Toronto’s Black arts and culture community and business sector to address the systemic economic, social and cultural exclusion facing Black communities in Toronto. The City actually has an entire unit dedicated and funded with public funds- i.e, the system- to stop anti-Black racism. A system that is designed to ensure racial dominance also has, within the same system, units to prevent the very purpose of the system. Isn't that diametrically opposed to the system's core purpose- like a braking system designed to accelerate when activated?? https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/community/confronting-anti-black-racism/ There is also a Provincial program as well. Throughout Ontario, there are university and college programs specifically helping only the Black community. Queens University has a special program for medical students. This excludes White people. https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/black-medical-students-queens-university The U of T has the Black Student Application Program (BSAP) is an optional application stream for Black applicants who self-identify as Black African, Black Caribbean, Black North American, multi-racial students who have and identify with their Black ancestry, etc. The aim of this application program is to increase and support Black medical student representation at the University of Toronto. Through BSAP, we hope to break down some of the barriers that might impede Black students from applying, and nurture an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all. White students are not eligible and are excluded from this program. https://applymd.utoronto.ca/black-student-application-program The federal government has exclusive programs to help Black businesses and Black homeowners. It is unclear how a country can pump millions of millions of taxpayers dollars into programs with no evidence of anti black racism. It is obvious from these programs taht the opposite is true. Black people get preferential treatment. If one argues that disparity in outcome is evidence of " racism " then white people experience the most discrimination because despite being the majority Asians outperform them in every measurement. The Black Entrepreneurship Program (BEP) is a partnership between the Government of Canada, Black-led business organizations, and financial institutions. With an investment of up to $350.8 million over four years, it will help Black Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and succeed now and into the future. This opportunity discriminates based on race- against White people. https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/150.nsf/eng/home The TDSB has determined that the gifted program which previously had a standard for entry is racist. There is no longer a score required on exams or a grade requirement to qualify. Students will now voluntarily enroll and preference will be awarded to those from “historically marginalized communities” i.e. non-white students. No reasonable person can imagine this erasing of a gifted program having any global benefit to the country. Diversity and Inclusion There are thousands and thousands of people in the new field of race-complaining. Every school/college/university/major organization has a complaint department. They almost exclusively hire racialized people and their livelihood depends on justifying their employment. This incentivizes them to find complaints. Mirco aggressions and “systemic” issues have replaced actual acts of racism. How long is this sustainable? We are creating an infrastructure based on division. Groups must identify with one another based on superficial traits like solour and country of origin. Who cares? People are demanding that they have someone “who looks like me” provide the, service. This means Black police, doctors, teachers, HR consultants, everything. We are now a tribalistic state. This can only destroy our once great nation. We should see one another as Canadians and ignore superficial factors like melatonin and hair texture. Let's rebuild Canada based on meritocracy and teamwork. The radical leftists have divided us and made us see one another through an " equity lens". People are now living just to hate and complain and to be a victim. This is not sustainable. Conclusion We are a country- unity is our strength. Dividing ourselves by trace, colour, political positions does none of us any good. A small percentage of 3% of the settler population are not succeeding and we should all help them. However, we should use reason, science, and a logical plan not destroying our judicial, work, and educational system. We are on a path of decay. Crime will increase beyond control and businesses will fail and our best and brightest will be anchored with government restrictions keeping them from greatness in the name of equity. With sincere warning, Doug Johnson Hamilton, Ontario
  7. Feds to use public funds to help people, based on race, buy a house. Only one race is eligible...I thought buying a house in Toronto was hard for everyone. https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/2022/2/18/1_5786938.html Add this to the many publicly funded programs that help this group and this group only with education, jobs, training, business loans. By the way, look at Canada's track team and basketball team and point out the systemic racism. None? Is it possible people achieve success based on merit, efforts, skills?
  8. You will probably hear how racist Toronto is yet you probably will not hear why. Here are some events to research to help you know the history of racism in Toronto. Samuel Opoku, 23, of Toronto. This fellow would throw feces at racialized people from various areas of Asia. Clinton Gayle was involved with a violent Police interaction that almost cost someone their life Saad Akhtar was convicted of a hate crime which is not a common charge and rarely results in a conviction. Umar Zameer, a 31-year old, was involved in a Police interaction that resulted in a death. This is very rare as Toronto Police Services have been responsible for zero deaths of unarmed people since 2012. Tragedy struck a Toronto mosque in October of 2020. Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem, 34, is facing a first-degree murder charge in Bebe Zafis’ death. At this point, the accused is facing unproven charges. Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem, 34, is facing a first-degree murder charge in Zafis’ death. MIchael Park and alleged actions at Stanley Park should be reviewed by any objective person looking to understand anti semetism in Toronto. Faisal Hussain allegedly was responsible for the Danforth shooting in which a 10 year old and an 18 year old were shot and killed in cold blood. Christopher Mitchell allegedly shot and killed John Wheeler with no explanation. Khawlah Noman aptly summarizes the reality of,and likelihood of, being victimized by a hate crime in Toronto. Her story promoted a press conference by PM Trudeau despite no evidence or investigation and a claim that was launched by a hosting of press on Toronto District School Board property. Regis Korchinski engaged in a knife fight with her brother over the volume of the television which prompted her mother, brother, and herself to call the Police. The Police arrived, at the request of the homeowner/mother, to safely escort Regis off the property. After allowing her to use the bathroom, Regis escaped the Police by running on to the tiny, cluttered apartment balcony and then leaped to her death. This event triggered claims of systemic racism in policing and Canadian society. Upper Canada, and the claim of slavery in Ontario, is worth researching to have an intelligent conversation about the "legacy of slavery " in Toronto in 2021. The Act Against Slavery was passed in 1793 and abolished slavery. Eventually the Act freed the approximately 500 slaves in what is now Ontario. In 1864, slavery was abolished across what is now Canada. Both these acts predate Confederation. You will likely hear a different narrative on racism and hate crime in Toronto. Request the facts and stats and research for yourself.
  9. Why Won't Canadian Politicians Denounce Anti-White Racism? Anti-Racism is a dog whistle for anti-White racism. Yet Canadian politicians are not denouncing this form of racism. In fact, they embrace it. Where are the Conservatives to stop this liberal, communist attack on democracy? Fact Check There is no systemic racism in Canada. There are race-hustling grafters selling this nonsense for their own personal gain. The media, celebs, politicians, teachers are all on this train of hatred and divisiveness. In Canada, any person receiving differential treatment based on a Code ground can seek redress from the human rights tribunal, free of charge. This applies to service, such as police and education, housing, and employment. Where is the systemic racism? In a system that has built in mechanisms to prevent racism? That does not make sense. Canada in 2021 is the best society that humans have ever created. Free housing and healthcare for all. Ask your anti racism advocate who claim there is white privilege (whte people do not earn their success) instructor to name any country with stronger human rights legislation and freedom. Ask them why 60% of racialized people are doing better than white people. Ask them why on average there is only a 7% difference between whites and third generation non whites? Ask them why more Blacks are going to college than Whites. Ask them why more " other " are going to university than Whites? Ask them to explain why "equity" and not merit should be society's objective? This pursuit of everyone having the same outcome despite skill, intelligence and effort is communism. If the law in Canada prevents discrimination then how is there systemic racism? Name a single case of an unarmed person being killed by Toronto Police since 2012. If they suggest Regis Paquet, she had a knife fight with her brother so her mom called the police, the police arrived and Regis ran outside and jumped off a balcony. Data on Race-Based Earnings: 3rd Generation vs White Workers In comparison, to white workers' income, all racialized people in their third generation or more, are at 0.93 cents to the dollar. This difference of seven cents or 7% is statistically insignificant is NOT indicative of any systemic factors impacting people's ability, based on race, to succeed in employment. On any spectrum, there will be a higher and lower end. White workers are on the lower end of average income. There are many groups who outperform Whites in earnings. This proves that there is no "White privilege" or "systemic racism" in favour of Whites. The following five groups are even with, above, or about equal to White earning power: South Asian (25% of racialized population) are at 0.96 cents Chinese (21%) are at 1.03 Arab (7%) are at 1.00 even Korean (2.5%) are at 1.53 Japanese (1.2%) are at 1.24 Approximately, 60% of non-Whites (third generation or longer) are even or above White earning power. This data is especially telling because these groups actually experienced legitimate systemic racism. Japanese Canadians who are at #2 were subjected to internment in the 1940's. 90% of Japanese Canadians were interned and they now earn more dollar than Whites. How can this be a system of oppression? How are they marginalized in 2021? Chinese Canadians were subjected to the head tax and the exclusion act which are examples of legitimate systemic racism. Now, they earn 1.03 to a White dollar. Arab Canadians are even with the White dollar despite claims of "Islamaphobia". Not all Arabs are Muslim but presumably all Arabs are marginalized due to "islamaphobia" yet they are on par with White earning power. When groups who claim to be oppressed and marginalized are doing better than the group with "privilege" , there is no logic to support this claim. It becomes absurd nonsense. 60% of racialized people do better/same as Whites. There is no systemic racism. Why do politicians continue to claim there is and throw millions at people based on their race? Based on being non-white. No reasonable person can claim "systemic racism" is real when the group alleged to have all the power and structure working to ensure their success is in the middle of the pack statistically and there is no significant difference between the average White and the average non-White. At some point, someone needs to call out the Emperor as wearing no clothes. The farce needs to stop. The data from Table 8 is clear, https://www.policyalternatives.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/National Office/2019/12/Canada's Colour Coded Income Inequality.pdf The above completes disproves any systemic racism or White privilege in employment. Employment Rates There are many racialized groups with a higher employment rate than Whites. This counters the “White privilege” narrative: Black 63.8 to 63% Filipino 71.6 to 63% Latin American 66.3 to 63% Visible Minority 65.4 to 63% Multiple Visible Minority 65.9 to 63% *(similar) South East Asian 62.2 to 63% Source : “Ontario‟s Growing Gap. The Role of Race”-2005 data. https://www.policyalternatives.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/reports/docs/The Role of Race Ontario Growing Gap.pdf Subject: Education The next point race hustlers will make will be that education is a structure designed for the purpose of making Whites succeed. However, like in employment, people succeed based on their effort, skills, intelligence, family support, and individual will. There is no systemic racism in education. This York report found "other" to have the most success and statistical advantages, not Whites. You may hear people claim education is "systemically racist". One might ask if teachers and administrators in Canada are not the biggest advocates for perpetuating the lie of "systemic racism" which makes the suggest that schools are "systemically racist" confusing, at best. However, the data on its own disproves "White privilege" in Canadian schools. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) report provides evidence of "other" being the most successful in the TDSB. They define "other" as non-White and non-Black. TDSB: 4.1.b Graduation rates: 87% (Other) to 84% (White) Figure 6 shows the outcomes for students at the end of the 5-year period. Within this cohort, 84% of White students had graduated from high school at the end of 5 years, compared to 87% of other racialized students. Other are graduating at a higher rate than White students. This is not evidence of systemic racism rather the contrary. https://edu.yorku.ca/files/2017/04/Towards-Race-Equity-in-Education-April-2017.pdf 4.1.c Post-secondary confirmation (university): 60% to 47% Figure 8 compares the post-secondary plans of Black and White high school students in the same cohort. As the graph shows, almost half (47%) of the White students in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. A larger proportion of other racialized students (60%) in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. Post-secondary confirmation (university): College: A greater proportion of Black students applied to and were accepted by an Ontario college than their White and other racialized counterparts (21% versus 14%). Of note is the high rate at which Black students did not apply to a post-secondary institution. Black students did not apply to attend post-secondary education at almost the same rate as White students went on to university in Ontario (43% versus 47%). https://edu.yorku.ca/files/2017/04/Towards-Race-Equity-in-Education-April-2017.pdf If Other have a higher university entrance rate and Black have a higher college entry rate than Whites, where is the evidence that the "system" is acting in any way as a force to give unfair and preferential treatment to White students? 4.1.e Suspensions: 85% to 82% Suspension rates are an important indicator of school success, as they reflect lost instructional time, which reduces students' opportunities to learn. Further, suspension can undermine the attachment of students to their school, particularly if they feel they have been unfairly treated. Figure 11 shows the cumulative suspensions received by Black, other racialized, and White students during their time in high school. White students, as per York's study, were suspended at a higher rate of 85% compared to 82% of " other " students. White students are also expelled at a higher rate than many groups as well. This is not evidence of preferable treatment. https://doczz.net/doc/7981010/towards-race-equity-in-education---york-university-facult... Schools Teach Equity and Anti-White Racism Despite the lack of statistical advantages for Whites, school systems will target White students and make absurd and offensive claims that they are oppressors. "Talking Race with your Children": TDSB Document The TDSB teaches that White students have unearned privilege and unfair advantages despite the above evidence to the contrary. Their "education" teaches: privilege• Unearned freedoms, rights, benefits, access, and/or opportunities thatprovide unfair advantages for members of the Dominant Group(s) insociety. Because privileges are granted by mere affiliation with theDominant Group(s), some people are not always aware of theprivileges they have. Examples include: cisgender privilege, straightprivilege, male privilege, settler privilege, White privilegePower• access to privileges such as information/knowledge, connections,experience and expertise, resources and decision-making that enhancea person’s chances of getting what they need to live a comfortable,safe, productive and profitable life. (OHRC) https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.tdsb.on.ca/Portals/ward8/docs/Shelley%20Laskin/Talking%20Race%20with%20Your%20Child(ren).pdf&ved=2ahUKEwja78Pj94HzAhU6SvEDHZ0aAF4QFnoECCQQAQ&sqi=2&usg=AOvVaw2ge1Ok5s0K78TJyDT46MbU.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwja78Pj94HzAhU6SvEDHZ0aAF4QFnoECCQQAQ&sqi=2&usg=AOvVaw2ge1Ok5s0K78TJyDT46MbU.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwja78Pj94HzAhU6SvEDHZ0aAF4QFnoECCQQAQ&sqi=2&usg=AOvVaw2ge1Ok5s0K78TJyDT46MbU.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwja78Pj94HzAhU6SvEDHZ0aAF4QFnoECCQQAQ&sqi=2&usg=AOvVaw2ge1Ok5s0K78TJyDT46MbU)) Equity is also a priority in Canadian schools. Their objective is to see White students be at the bottom of every measurement. As per their philosophy, in any situation in which white students have a statistical advantage, they claim "systemic racism". As many groups outperform Whites, as long as any group is below whites, they want "equity". Funding goes to areas in which there are less Whites. There is an inverse relationship between funding and white population. This is anti-white racism. Ontario: Differential access to quality education In examining if the educational system in Ontario is inherently biased/racist/discriminatory on a systemic level, the funding requires examination. There is a common myth that Canada funds schools based on neighborhood taxes and that wealthier neighborhoods have an advantage in funding as a result. This is not true in Canada. How funding is structured In Ontario, elementary and secondary school is free and available to all people. The Ministry of Education provides the majority of operating funding to Ontario’s 72 district school boards through the annual GSN, also known as “the funding formula.” The GSN is a collection of grants described in detail in an annual regulation under the Education Act. There are two major components of the GSN: The Foundation Grants cover the basic costs of an educational experience that is common to all students, which is allocated based on student enrolment and the number of schools. The per student allocation is equal across all races. In this grant, all races/colours are equal. The Special Purpose Grants address the unique needs of students, schools and school boards related to location, student and school needs, and a board’s demographic profile. The ministry recognizes that conditions vary widely across Ontario and the funding formula cannot take every situation into account. There is no evidence to support any practise of students receiving more money for being White or for predominantly White schools receiving more money based on race. In fact, there is evidence that the opposite is true and non-Whites are categorized as “marginalized” and receive increased funding. In July of 2020, the provincial government committed to providing $3.5 million to support the Black and Indigenous grad coach programs, which provide wrap-around supports for students who are at risk of not graduating. * ( 4 ) White students are not eligible for this program and there are no programs to support White people exclusively. Teaching All public schools require teachers to be accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers. There are no rules, laws, policies to place “better teachers” in schools based on the race of students anywhere in Ontario. Toronto District School Board (TDSB) The largest school board in Ontario is the TDSB. They prioritize Black and Indigenous students. They have a special anti-Black racism mandate. Ontario: Colleges and Universities In addition to Charter protection and the Ontario Human Rights Code, all colleges and universities in Ontario have inclusion and diversity/anti-racism policies/departments to address allegations of unfair practice/programs/policies. Policing: OHRC Report The race hustler will typically also claim that police are "racist" and there is "systemic racism" in policing yet the data finds that "other" are the least charged by Police. This demonstrates that Police are interested in arresting those who do the crimes, not people based on race. Anyone sincerely interested in examining this claim should look at what demographic is responsible for the most serious crimes: violent crimes, shooting, murders, gun violence. The evidence will again prove that there is nothing systemic about the police investigating the groups disproportionately involved in the most serious offences. The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released a report that disproves any inherent, structural advantages to people based on their race in Toronto policing. The report looked at set of nine criminal charges. Interestingly, the data was divided into three groups: White, Black and “other racial minority” despite the data actually being prepared by the Toronto Police to reflect six racial groups: White, Black, Asian, Aboriginal, Brown, Unknown. The three group data format showed that for all 9 set of charges, Whites were more represented than “other racial minority”. If the system is designed to favour Whites over non-Whites, this comparison against “other racialized minority” does not support that theory. As per the report, Whites constitute 48% of the population and represent 45.5% of all criminal charges. This would be objectively seen as neutral: neither advantageous nor disadvantageous. The “other racial minority” group represents 42.8% of the population and 22.2% of total charges. This shows that racialized people are significantly less likely than Whites to be charged criminally. Furthermore, the data indicates that the system of Toronto Policing demonstrates zero evidence of systemic racism against “other racialized minorities” and neutral to Whites as opposed to any “privilege”. Summary The next time you hear someone claiming Canada is racist, we have systemic racism, White privilege, ask for the facts. Why would groups outperform Whites and be better treated in schools and by Police if the system is designed for them? Whites would not be behind "Other" if there was a system in place to keep "other" down and Whites above. They will mention George Floyd and other events unrelated to Canada. They will attempt to add slavery to the crimes of Canada yet Canada became a nation in 1867 when slavery had long been abolished. The last point is that any person receiving differential treatment based on a Code ground can seek redress from the human rights tribunal, free of charge. This applies to service, such as police and education, housing, and employment. Where is the systemic racism? In a system that has built in mechanisms to prevent racism? That does not make sense. Canada in 2021 is the best society that humans have ever created. Free housing and healthcare for all. Ask your anti racism instructor to name any country with stronger human rights legislation and freedom. Ask them why 60% of racialized people are doing better than white people. Ask them why more Blacks are going to college than Whites. Ask them why more " other " are going to university than Whites? If the law prevents discrimination then how is there systemic racism? Name a single case of an unarmed person being killed by Toronto Police since 2012. If they suggest Regis Paquet, she had a knife fight with her brother so her mom called the police, the police arrived and Regis ran outside and jumped off a balcony. Canada is the greatest society in the history of humanity. All races are welcome and equal. I hope the politicians will start enforcing this message of Canadian pride. Who cares about color/race? Only anti racists.
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