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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the poll where we delve into the realm of Joe Rogan's politics! In an era where political discourse is often divided, finding balanced voices can be a challenge. Some turn to left-leaning sources like <- Secular Talk with Kyle K or the <- <- TYT brigade @Americana Antifa while others seek right-leaning perspectives from figures like the retired and outspoken Michael Savage ->-> (whom I was a former customer of in my younger irrational years) or the somewhat reasonable Ben Shapiro. -> Maybe you have some reasonable choices to add to the list. However, many have found their way to Joe Rogan's YouTube videos, just like me in the past years, as ideology has evolved in terms of American Politics and occasionally these days, listening in the background. Lately, I have observed his cautious approach, skillfully blending discussions on sports while consciously steering clear of controversial topics. Although he occasionally touches on the cultural war, I believe he is a very astute individual who recognizes the depths of the current political climate and the potential consequences of missteps. Maybe I might be wrong, I watch 1-2 videos a week. Poll: Supportive: I support Joe Rogan's political views and find them insightful and well-reasoned. Neutral: I don't have a strong opinion or haven't closely followed Joe Rogan's political stances. Critical: I disagree with Joe Rogan's politics and have concerns about some of his viewpoints or statements.
  2. While the goal, is important to approach discussions with fairness and respect, it is undeniable that certain labels are frequently employed on these forums or in the real world. First to admit again, not a saint, have used them, the ones according to one's BIAS. Poll: What is the perceived strength of political labels in shaping public opinion? Significant influence Some influence Minimal influence This is what I came up with: <-- used by the left when the debate gets heated: Fascists Racists Bigots Capitalist pigs Climate deniers --> used by the right when the debate gets heated: Socialists Snowflakes Communists Globalists MSM (=) used by the center when the debate gets heated: Extremist ideologues/Dogmatics Tribalistic partisans Populists Echo chambers followers Propaganda peddlers My Opinion: Labels in the social media world have a powerful impact on people, particularly politicians. Many blindly follow their leaders without thinking, leading to shouting matches via labels, on a daily basis, instead of meaningful discussions. In a world with a short attention span, a label can impact political discourse. In my view, is best to observe this phenomenon in the DeSantis vs Trump shout matches in the next couple of months. 😎
  3. 2 stories are trending so decided to ask a few questions about them. I think these questions need a debate. 1. Are concerns about Houston's only lesbian bar being denied insurance for hosting drag shows indicative of an ongoing assault on LGBTQ+ spaces from the right ->, or is it an isolated incident that certain forces from the <- left are using to create more polarization? 2. Do recent laws signed by DeSantis -> against transgender care and the extension of 'Don't Say Gay' reflect a genuine concern for children's well-being, or are they part of a broader attack on transgender rights as some from the <- left claim through various media channels? What are your thoughts?
  4. You know it was coming. We all eventually need to choose a shepherd regardless of who you are = ) Rarely someone makes it by own. This will be a thread for the evolution of Elon Musk, maybe a leader of a movement outside the Left/Right Spectrum. A friend of mine has the following theory: "He is shaking the left now, then he will shake the right, this is how you get quality centrists." Aside from the comedy, I want to see the evolution of Elon Musk now that he drives the powerful social media of Twitter. You learn of someone's true value when they have power. This is when the true self of someone comes out in my opinion. Marcus Aurelius knew this and hired someone to whisper in his ear after great wins that: "You are just a man, You are just a man". Will Elon Musk be able to calibrate society without falling himself into the traps of different fringe interests? Dark Comedy: I hope he runs a TV station to troll the fringes of both the left and the right for dividing society in North America all these years. https://twitter.com/elonmusk
  5. Is Healthcare a Right? Legally, Morally, what are your thoughts? Healthcare is a debated issue in the United States, and opinions on whether it is a right or not can vary. Some argue that access to healthcare is a fundamental right that should be guaranteed to all citizens, while others believe that healthcare is a service that one should pay for themselves or through private insurance.
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