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Found 8 results

  1. @Nationalist is too lazy to do the work, so will start a thread for his idea. His theory is that Hunter Biden laptop story had an impact on the 2020 election! and he yells this daily, that I can hear him through my computer screen. What is the Hunter's Biden laptop story? It is around a laptop that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden and was allegedly dropped off at a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2019. The owner of the repair shop supposedly made a copy of the hard drive and turned it over to the FBI, who held onto it until after the 2020 election. As this is a democracy, I think we can disagree, and I will: The Reason: The FBI's investigation into the laptop was ongoing, and it's not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to hold onto evidence until the investigation is complete.Even if the laptop had been released earlier, there's no evidence that it would have significantly impacted the election, given the short timing. Poll: Do you believe the Hunter Biden laptop story had any impact on the 2020 election? My answer: NO.
  2. You know what I find interesting, all you MAGAs and right-wing populists on this website. ---> All you do is bait, rant, swear, there are 1-2 that you can actually have a conversation with, however, the rest are sex talks, gender talks, and putting up wallpapers done by Paint. When there is to do real work, like post a thread about your side, crickets. I will do it, even though, I think Biden, considering the VP that he had and his age, has done an OK job. but, like every politician, things are starting to come out and are popular in the news now. It does not concern him directly, is about Hunter Biden, still. ⬆️ Trending via USA Today House GOP: Hunter Biden, and others got $1.3M from a business associate linked to China
  3. Trending (=) The Biden administration has approved the massive Willow oil drilling project in Alaska. This angers climate advocates and setting the platform for a court challenge. Agence France Presse. - Biden, in my view, is looking towards the elections, and one can't win those with idealism, is just the reality of it. - Still can't believe someone at his age will run.
  4. If Donald Trump were convicted, should Joe Biden pardon him? It's a serious question, I mean Nixon was pardoned. Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, was pardoned by his successor, President Gerald Ford, on September 8, 1974.
  5. Which presidential debate did you like the most and why? I made a list and will start a poll based on those, used sources around the Internet to remind myself of some details: - 1960: Democratic nominee John F. Kennedy against Republican President Richard Nixon. - 1976: Democrat Jimmy Carter faced unelected incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford. - 1980: Carter appeared in a second debate with Republican Ronald Reagan after boycotting the first for including third-party candidate John Anderson. - 1984: Reagan, 73 vs Democrat Walter Mondale, 56 - 1988: George H.W. Bush with Democrat Michael Dukakis. - 1992: Three candidates - Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton and independent Ross Perot - shared a stage. - 1996: Clinton vs Republican Bob Dole. - 2000: Republican George W. Bush vs Democrat President Al Gore - 2004: Bush and Democrat John Kerry - 2008: John McCain vs Democrat Barack Obama. The Obama-Biden ticket won the election. - 2012: Obama vs Republican Mitt Romney. - 2016: Republican Donald Trump vs Democrat Hillary Clinton. - 2020: Democrat Joe Biden vs Donald Trump. I will go with 1960 ---> Kennedy's confidence via his body language won the debate, you can find videos all over to study the phenomena. Confidence in communication, especially in politics, is expressed via body language in my opinion.
  6. Narcissism at it again today in my view. The person in question: Donald from New York. Time for some more "anti-Trump spamming" on the board as one of his supporters from the board puts it. I just could not resist. Below is the statement of Trump in regards to the mass shooting in California from last night (suspect is still at large) and riots in Atlanta: ---> The question is: Do you want him as your President or as the U.S. President?
  7. I am on a row with polls. The battle is between electoral vote vs popular vote. Selected a few answers from random Internet sources below for each. Do you have more arguments to add? Some arguments for keeping the electoral vote include: It ensures that smaller states have a voice in the election process. Without the electoral vote, presidential campaigns would likely focus on heavily populated states, ignoring the concerns and interests of people living in smaller states. It promotes a two-party system. In a popular vote system, third-party candidates could potentially win a significant number of votes, potentially diluting the votes of the two major party candidates and making it difficult for either to win a majority. It forces candidates to appeal to a broad spectrum of voters. Under the electoral vote system, candidates must build a coalition of support across the country, rather than focusing on winning a majority of votes in a single, heavily populated region. It has a long tradition in the United States and changing it would require a constitutional amendment which is a complex and time-consuming process. It gives a sense of fairness as the winner of the election is the one who wins the majority of the electoral votes and not the one who wins the most popular votes, which can be argued as being more representative of the country as a whole. Some arguments for changing it to popular vote system include: The popular vote ensures that every vote is counted and has equal weight, regardless of where the voter lives. It ensures that the candidate who wins the most votes wins the election, which aligns with the principle of majority rule. It encourages voter turnout, as every vote counts towards the final outcome. It eliminates the possibility of a candidate winning the election without winning the popular vote, as happened in the 2000 and 2016 US presidential elections. It ensures that all regions and demographic groups are represented in the final result, as candidates would need to appeal to a diverse range of voters to win the popular vote.
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