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Found 3 results

  1. Trending via Warren Kinsella, lawyer, Twitter Page: ---> Pierre Poilievre denounces Conservative MPs' meeting with far-right German politician. Poilievre condemns 'vile' views of German politicians seen lunching with Conservative MPs. He understands, in my view, what will happen if Conservatives here start getting confused with populists and fringes. My opinion is good for Poilievre coming in front of this. This is a golden rule in politics, one to just come in front of the scandal right away, and don't waste time. Not like Joe Biden, hesitating.
  2. According to a strong theory coming from political analysts in Romania and Bulgaria, the European Union might do a deflection on the Schengen access and just allow it by "air". Behind this decision, the factor might be that the powers in Western Europe want to keep the 2 countries as a "buffer" zone, in terms of immigration coming from other areas. Ok, so let me bring up some points, I welcome anyone to disagree with me: - Romania and Bulgaria were the good student in class while Hungary and Poland created issues for the European Union block. - The European Union decision will look like a punishment for the good students in class. So Hungary, Poland can smoke in the hallway and the good students need to stay in class. Ok. - Putin's sabotage is not only towards the Ukrainians. He wants to hit in my view power grids so Ukrainians flee in Europe to seek shelter. Romania and Bulgaria, especially the first were also the good students receiving and will still receive refugees as that is the correct thing to do during the war. Is not the fault of the Ukrainian people. - Economy is bad already in those regions, this winter -> this will intensity and now enters on the stage the far right. - In Romania, a former street football hooligan started a movement with the usual nationalistic tendencies. His tactic is simple, he travels the country and targets the villages, people that do not have access to that much information, plays some local music, talks about foreigners disrespecting Romanians, EU sceptic, etc, etc. Propaganda 101. But guess what? Politics is not your idealism, is what you can do to win and take advantage also about mistakes on the other side. - If the European Union decides soon to bar entry to Schengen, the messages from the populists in Eastern Europe will become stronger. You add in the pot the economic insecurity. Does the European Union want a Orban in Romania, Bulgaria? Or is this some sort of punishment because Romania put America first and not old Europe first? - These are theories, I hope the powers that be at EU allow access to these 2 countries to the Schengen. Reward the good students in class, especially after this war. Loyalty needs to be rewarded, or else people will look somewhere else and that is a risk for democracy. The decision should be in a few days.
  3. Continuing previously raised topics, consider old and well-known parable-paradox of the turtle. See, the turtle can never reach the other end of the pond; when it gets to the midpoint, it would need to cover the half of the remaining distance that would require some time (and public $$$); by the time it gets there the other half still remains and so on, ad infinitum. The unavoidable conclusion: crossing the pond, from shore to shore would require infinite time, and public funds. Take randomly one of the high or even critical importance goals set out by many a public administrations in the recent and not so recent, decades. Elimination of child poverty? climate change? cleanup of industrial pollution? water quality in the remote communities? waiting times in the public healthcare? purchase of replacement helicopters? Please name one, in many a decade, that has been finished and completed, completely, done, fixed and checkmarked? I'm not aware of one, but paradoxically, it does not prevent the bureaucracy running these programs, or the society that procures them, that is, tries to, from feeling fulfilled and satisfied. An achievement is only an illusion, the eternal movement is the thing, of course. We have already seen that democracy that has grown complacent; static; stagnant; devoid of will and power to change and renew itself; would inevitably transform into a pseudo-democratic elitist aristocracy; whereas the population would increasingly feel detached; disenfranchised; mistrustful and resentful; and frustrated, creating breeding ground for development of fringe and populist and conspiracy currents. This is not a coincidence, only two different sides of the same societal trajectory - as the "democratic" elites feel warm and cosy enjoying their rightful entitlements, they have neither imagination, nor incentive to ponder how it looks from a viewpoint beyond and outside, there, in the rest of the society. Even the high ideals, equality and fraternity are transformed and refracted through the ivory prism. The pandemics? One in a century calamity? Sure, and we know exactly what to do; first we will freeze all permanent employment surely to save cherished public funds; then create a bunch of handouts for those who didn't make it - students, $5000 max; resident support worker, minimal wage, no job security, benefits did you mention, pension plan? And we will check if you qualified for the handout, and you'll pay us for checking, complete with benefits and pension plans. Is it really so hard to see? But no, it's not sinking in because it falls beyond the vision field. Need to pay more six digit golden parachutes to "public" CEO and governors-general because this is real and done and was done forever and that, just words and visions that never come true. Never? Beyond certain point that is probably long in the past, reforming a massive bureaucracy becomes an impossibility. Any, even mild changes create perturbations and perplexions that bring the modus operandi from "do ever less with ever more" (reality check: some countries developed effective vaccines in less than a year; where's any trace, not to mention, implemented solutions of the $1B of public funds sunk into this country's pandemic action plan?) to accomplished chaos as illustrated here. And at certain point we realize that there's no viable alternatives because we haven't thought of, and have not created any. Just wasn't on the horizon, ever. And so the destination is looming; either the division, detachment and disenfranchisement that grow continuously (because meaningful reforms aren't possible - as seen above) till a populist, clean the swamp and make great again is called to fix the ailing democracy, creating even more chaos in the process or Heaven forbid, worse; or at some turning point in history we suddenly realize that there just isn't enough in the purse to buy these services for the asking price, complete with golden CEO and political parachutes. And we haven't created and constructed any alternatives.
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