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Found 7 results

  1. Lab Leak Most Likely Caused Pandemic, Energy Dept. Says. The conclusion, which was made with “low confidence,” came as America’s intelligence agencies remained divided over the origins of the coronavirus. via New York Times (Full Read) https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/26/us/politics/china-lab-leak-coronavirus-pandemic.html ---> This is about the only thing that I could compromise on regarding Covid-19 theories, was open since the beginning that some CCP agent was stressed out, paranoid that the State is watching his every move, and leaked it by accident. ---> Anything further theory than this, I am suspicious.
  2. Not a surprise for myself, to give my short opinion. Trending via the CBC Book alleges longstanding U.S. concerns. Canadian intel veteran who recalls probe to testify in Parliament. The United States ran a secret probe into national-security threats posed by Chinese overseas operations that drew alarming conclusions about Canada, alleges a new book co-authored by a former RCMP and military intelligence official. The book says the project, code-named Operation Dragon Lord, led to an unnerving takeaway: Beijing's activities in Canada represented a security threat to the United States. Full Article with a lot of text to read and interesting details: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/us-dragon-lord-probe-book-1.6783063?cmp=rss
  3. In describing the naivety of the politicians, the German intelligence services said "Russia is the storm, China is climate change." They also slammed the Government’s “Naivety” on Chinese Espionage. Report from last year: https://www.dw.com/en/china-spying-on-germany-say-intelligence-chiefs/a-63467038 What is your take? I even added option d) for some of you. Inclusivity for all. 😄 a) Russia and China are the same when it comes to threat level b) China is the bigger threat c) Russia is the bigger threat d) I don't consider them threats, I want to be run by the CCP and the FSB as I don't like the current Western leaders. MY BIAS: 2 communists posing as nationalists and traditionalists below: *Do you see how Mr. Yi shakes Putin's hand? Shows you who is in control in my estimation. 😄 Body language is all in communication.
  4. I listened a few days ago to a former intelligence officer which worked for NATO. He was invited to an Eastern European program. I summed up some of his points below. Think this information deserves its own thread. You won't find this kind of stuff @ MSNBC or Fox News. The 5th Column, the FSB's game a) The number 1 priority was to circle Kyiv and take down the central government. The FSB started recruiting at a faster rate inside Ukraine people that wanted to turn against the current leadership. b) On January last year, the CIA director visited Ukraine with specific information that the Russians are going to attack. The Ukrainians were surprised, only 10 days after MI6 confirms it. They started realizing the intelligence is serious. c) Then, the Ukrainians started watching and starting arresting a lot of members of the so-called Fifth Column around Kyiv. What is The 5th Column? The Fifth Column is a terminology used since Franco's war in Spain when the nationalists took power by defeating the republicans through a Fifth Column which were recruited within the republicans, "internal collaborators." Men on the inside who were disgruntled, and angry supported the opposites. Traitors in other words. d) The FSB did not allow any time for the Russian military to plan where to avoid certain routes, not to mention the famous radio communications which the FSB failed to encrypt, being intercepted by Ukrainian students. e) The plan was for the FSB Fifth Column to act directly, the military being just a demonstration force. Fifth Column was supposed to guide towards direct locations where Russian special forces would go to take down the government or what route the military to avoid. f) The FSB had 4 lists about Fifth Column - Those who would be assassinated - Those who would be captured - Those who would be willing to cooperate but needed to be persuaded - Those who would assist, the traitors within, the real Fifth Column g) The FSB's information presented to Putin according to this was that the people are waiting for them. They also assured Putin that Fifth Column was ready to act and once the government was taken down, the plan would be easy to implement a puppet system. Why did it fail? - The CIA and MI6 Intelligence. - Massive arrests of Fifth Column members around Kyiv and suburbs by the Ukrainian secret service a few days before the invasion. It appears Fifth Column was more successful in other areas, but around Kyiv it failed. - Terrestrial forces of the Russian Federation could not initially reach their effectiveness due to faulty intelligence, routes to avoid, Fifth Column members being arrested inside Ukraine, inability to direct traffic in other words. - Rupture between strategy / operational tactic. - Tribal hatred between Ukrainians and Russians surprised even the CIA early reports on how the Ukrainians can resist. Ukrainians were waiting for a long time for payback. ---> I invite even FSB agents or supporters to comment and defend their organization's honor which goes from bad to worse on a daily basis. Please! just don't make the mistake of posting the Soviet Flag again. 😄 Fifth Column member arrested ---> There was also a negative from this operation against their traitors within. One hero of the Ukrainians was wrongly accused of being a double agent and was shot briefly after in another operation. Tragically, he was the one that presented the original intelligence from the CIA that the Russians were going to invade. Details here: https://repolitics.com/forums/topic/42438-secret-police-the-people-with-the-lists/?do=findComment&comment=1557071
  5. House Republicans are now planning on forming a new select committee to investigate the Department of Justice and the FBI, including their “ongoing criminal investigations,” setting up a showdown with the Biden administration and law enforcement agencies over their criminal probes, particularly those into former President Donald Trump. The new expanded committee proposal is a result of one of the key concessions House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made to his populist (I added this word) opposition to secure the gavel. The proposal is included in the House rules package, which establishes the rules and committees for the 118th Congress. If the proposal passes, McCarthy would be able to select 13 lawmakers to serve on the subcommittee, five of whom would be chosen in consultation with House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries. ABC News Was the FBI good in the Republican book when they announced the decision to investigate Hillary Clinton? Remember that moment? Trumpists were thanking the FBI like they were Santa Claus. Not saying I disagree with the decision of the FBI, politicians do need to be investigated, but if I were a conspiracy theorist, definitely the timing was very suspicious. I will dismiss it as a coincidence and just stick at pointing out the hypocrisy: If Trump says FBI is bad, is bad. If tomorrow Trump wakes up liking the FBI, FBI is good. And everyone follows.
  6. I wonder how one that is part of the armed forces which served in Afghanistan or the intelligence services patriots, how do they manage not to despise the political class? This is what Afghanistan was all for: Taliban closes universities to women In my estimation Afghanistan was a failure from the very beginning due to it being used a terminal to go after Saddam Hussein in Irak to finish an old obsession of some Bush era thinkers. Afghanistan was never treated as a priority in my view even though that is where the problem was. The problem was also inside Saudi Arabia which the political class never addressed. and who was behind the original flaw in this political failure in my opinion? Dick Cheney and Ronald Rumsfeld. 2 stains on the modern history of the United States of America from how I see it. They disregarded with disgust all the professionals in the intelligence community when it came to tactics and information in those areas. --> I agree with Jesse Ventura:
  7. The United States is concerned about threats from Iran against Saudi Arabia and will not hesitate to respond if necessary, a White House spokesperson said on Tuesday. “We are concerned about the threat picture, and we remain in constant contact through military and intelligence channels with the Saudis,” said the spokesperson from the National Security Council. “We will not hesitate to act in the defense of our interests and partners in the region.” The official spoke after the Wall Street Journal reported that Saudi Arabia has shared intelligence with the United States warning of an imminent attack from Iran on targets in the kingdom. The United States has said Iran has supplied Russia with drones for use in its war against Ukraine, prompting Washington to set aside efforts to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal, which then-President Donald Trump abandoned in 2018. President Joe Biden in recent weeks has been at odds with Saudi Arabia after the Saudi-led OPEC+ organization decided to cut oil output, which raised fears of a gasoline price spike in the United States. @CITIZEN_2015 https://globalnews.ca/news/9242082/us-concerned-iran-threat-saudi-arabia/
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