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Found 2 results

  1. When all’s well — This is sort of an October surprise even though it's unlikely to change the apparent trajectory of this year’s election. Driving — Former President Donald Trump — now a Florida man — jolted the political world of his adopted home state by announcing Wednesday that he will do a campaign rally in Miami just two days before Election Day. Missing— Trump made it clear in his announcement that he’s doing the rally to show his support for Sen. Marco Rubio, who Trump has already endorsed. So who wasn’t mentioned in the announcement? Gov. Ron DeSantis. An adviser to the former president told POLITICO that DeSantis was not attending. Each and every one— Let’s recall that Trump — whose endorsement of DeSantis in 2018, ahead of that year’s Republican primary, was a key reason he won — has not endorsed the governor for reelection because DeSantis hasn’t asked for one. More importantly, DeSantis keeps signaling a run for president in 2024 (see Monday night’s debate with Charlie Crist) even though Trump himself continues to strongly suggest he will run again. Rollercoaster — The decision by Trump to hold the rally just ahead of the election — and five days after President Joe Biden holds a get-out-the-vote rally in Miami Gardens — took DeSantis world by surprise. One person who is influential in DeSantis circles told POLITICO that it was “an elbow to Ron’s throat” and blamed Trump's advisers. A Trump adviser, however, contended it was just one of a series of stops the former president was making for GOP Senate candidates. Frost and fire — The timing of Trump’s announcement also comes a few days after Trump and DeSantis had a bit of a dust-up over… the Colorado Senate race. DeSantis decided to endorse and record a robocall for Joe O’Dea, who is trying to knock off Sen. Michael Bennet. DeSantis decided to do this even though Trump had already trashed O’Dea for saying he would “actively” campaign against the former president if he ran again. Trump called DeSantis’ endorsement a “big mistake.” I don’t want to talk about it — There has always been speculation that a Trump-DeSantis confrontation was inevitable, while others have tried to brush off any hint of conflict as some sort of media invention. This week, however, may have marked the moment when what was happening behind the scenes burst into plain view. — WHERE'S RON? — Nothing official announced for Gov. DeSantis. Source: https://www.politico.com/newsletters/florida-playbook/2022/10/27/trump-desantis-rivalry-breaks-into-the-open-00063717
  2. I said this before, in my view -> one battlefield for the next election, or better say in the republican primary will be the so called ''culture war''. This theory I heard first in the European think tanks and is the reason why many ''sovereign'' governments are rising in my opinion around Europe (this+the economic insecurity of course). ---> When fast changes happen in society, even if some are for good intent, don't be surprised when a group of people form in resistance. Is just physics. Look at Hungary, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, all governments which are thriving by putting forward this idea of tradition, anti-change, social changes being one of them. --- On Thursday, a federal court granted a preliminary injunction against the portion of the law applying to higher education, with one judge describing the law as "positively dystopian." A federal court decided that Florida cannot try to control what opinions public college professors can espouse in class—a decisive victory for opponents of the state's Individual Freedom Act, commonly known as the "Stop WOKE Act." A lawsuit filed by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) argued that the Stop WOKE Act violated professors' First Amendment rights by illegally constraining what viewpoints they can espouse on a range of topics related to race, sex, and gender. On Thursday, a federal court agreed, writing that Florida cannot "prophylactically muzzle professors from expressing certain viewpoints." Florida's Stop WOKE Act was signed into law last April and is intended to curb teaching about or conducting trainings on certain topics related to race, sex, and gender in Florida public schools and workplaces. The law was passed with the clear intention to curb "critical race theory" in the state—and to do so through outright censorship. "In Florida, we will not let the far-left woke agenda take over our schools and workplaces. There is no place for indoctrination or discrimination in Florida," said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) after the bill's signing. The law's provisions clearly violate the First Amendment, and it has already faced a major setback in federal courts. In August, a federal district court granted a preliminary injunction against the part of the law relating to employers, with one judge comparing Florida to an "upside down" world where the state has the power to regulate private companies' speech. Now, another main provision of the law has been halted. On Thursday, a federal court ruled that the law violated the First Amendment rights of college and university professors, granting a preliminary injunction against portions of the law pertaining to higher education. The law's provisions relating to public K-12 education remain in effect. In his opinion, Judge Mark E. Walker described the law as "positively dystopian," writing that, "The law officially bans professors from expressing disfavored viewpoints in university classrooms while permitting unfettered expression of the opposite viewpoints. Defendants argue that, under this Act, professors enjoy 'academic freedom' so long as they express only those viewpoints of which the State approves." The state of Florida argued that the law is constitutional because professors speak for the government, and the government has a compelling interest in stopping "racism" in the form of critical race theory and similar concepts. Walker dismissed these claims. Restricting professor's speech "in the name of reducing racism does not insulate the State from the First Amendment's reach," Walker wrote. "Faculty members are hired to offer opinions from their academic expertise—not toe the party line," FIRE attorney Adam Steinbaugh said in a press release. "Florida's argument that faculty members have no First Amendment rights would have imperiled faculty members across the political spectrum." Florida's Stop WOKE Act has now had two major provisions stopped by federal courts. The law's second defeat only reiterates the futility of attempting to quash disfavored speech with blatantly unconstitutional legislation. https://reason.com/2022/11/17/a-federal-court-blocks-floridas-stop-woke-act-again/ *Reason is an American libertarian monthly magazine published by the Reason Foundation.
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