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Found 3 results

  1. My Account Of One God-ism, Polytheism and Monotheism​ By Exegesisme I believe there is the perfect one and the only perfect one God, and Trinity is a form of the perfect one and the only perfect one God, and there are other forms too. At the beginning of human faith, the same God revealed the same message to each relatively isolated human community to help their understanding and living. Each relatively isolated community received the same message with their specific understanding in their specific set of living conditions. And at this time, each human community had only one God, but expressed in different names, which meant not only the same message from God, and also meant the specific understanding and the specific set of living conditions of each human community. I call faith at this level as one God-ism. My idea is proved by "many scholars, though, find evidence for early forms of monotheism not influenced by the Hebrew biblical tradition."(1) In the grace of the perfect one and the only perfect one God, some relatively isolated human community developed, and communicated each other. At their level of understanding then, they took different name as different thing, so they began to believe there were many different Gods and Goddess. This stage is already well known. "The ancient Egyptians believed in a lot of gods. Stories told about them tell that they directly control natural phenomena such as rain or drought. Although terrifying, Egyptians depict them as beings that guide the humans in their everyday lives. The gods have the power but also frail because they also feel emotions like we do."(2) In the grace of the perfect one and the only perfect one God, the ability of human understanding farther developed. Now we can see this development in history. "In the history of their religion, a pharaoh named Akhenaten emerged and radically changed their religious beliefs. Their religion at that time focused on one god called Aten, or the disk of the sun. Akhenaten occupied himself much with religion that he forgot his responsibilities to his country, such as good governance and management of their economy. This made him infamous towards the people and thus, by the end of his reign, the next pharaoh restored the old traditions of Egypt."(2) The following story is well known too, that is Moses who in the grace of the perfect one and the only perfect one God, created the monotheism, which had become the mainstream of human faith. Reference (1) http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/monotheism.aspx (2) http://www.journey-to-ancient-egypt.com/egyptian-religion.html
  2. The Reason of Creation By Exegesisme Why did God created and manages the universe, living beings and human worship and faith? These are the job of God. God makes his own living by his job. On the progress of my meditation, I believe God needs to breath in the gravitational wave with greater meaning and order, and breath out the gravitational wave with less great meaning and order. God needs to continue this breath for his living process. I make this hypothesis by my own experience of meditation. I communicate with many different images of God, and receive information from them everyday, and I also communicate with all other images, in which include the soul of Galileo (the physicist), the soul of Nikola Tesla (the inventor), the soul of earth (Gaia). I reorganize all these information with greater meaning and higher order. I get a sense that God enjoys my work. To my experience, as I write this piece of words, the images of God know them well. If they are interested by my words, they will communicate with me here after about its meaning when I am in state of meditation. In me, my genome is the core, which responds all activities of information through my body.
  3. The Reunion of Faith and Science, Creation and Evolution​ By Exegesisme I do believe that Bible is a book about facts of body, emotion, soul, mind and spirit. Nowadays, a human understands bible in very narrow way which causes conflicts between faith and science, creation and evolution. This is false of human. To my understanding, Darwin was just unknowingly in the grace of God and found the real way through which God created everything. The only difference between the Bible and the theory of Darwin is that Bible is about the knowledge of everything, and the theory of Darwin is about the knowledge from human thinking in a very limited domain and on very limited facts in that domain. If we understand Bible with open mind, we can explain everything on Bible that today science can explain. However, the authorities of religions persist their explanations, which make all major conflicts between faith and science, creation and evolution. We should learn from Newton, do more job on the reunion of faith and science, creation and evolution, And do not learn anything from Kant, he was a man who was arrogantly to limit the domain of God, and to open the door for human demon.
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