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  1. ⬆️ Trending at the Toronto Sun ->, from now on, will be starting labeling sources, according to different bias websites online. -> <- or (=). https://torontosun.com/news/hot-mic-teacher-tells-muslim-students-skipping-lgbtq-events-is-not-canadian Edmonton area teacher tells Muslim students skipping LGBTQ events is not Canadian. Poll: What is your opinion on the statement? 1. I disagree with the teacher's statement. 2. I agree with the teacher's statement. 3. I'm unsure or have no opinion on this matter. 4. Other 📹 Video/Audio Below is a topic that is stirring up debate online now:
  2. Poll: Do you agree with GOP chairman's move to hold FBI director Wray in contempt over Biden documents? Why do you take this position? This is hot, like a freshly baked loaf of bread. ⬆️ 📰 Full Article: https://apnews.com/article/fbi-subpoena-biden-family-republicans-whistleblower-allegations-8dded7d781d8daf3f86343b72423b968
  3. Poll: Do you agree with this Utah district bans Bible in elementary and middle schools ‘due to vulgarity or violence’? At Davis School District, located north of Salt Lake City, the collection of Christian scripture has been shelved for students until they enter high school. The district has removed the Bible from their elementary and middle school libraries after receiving a petition to ban the holy book due to its descriptions of sex and violence. https://nypost.com/2023/06/03/utah-district-bans-bible-in-elementary-and-middle-schools-due-to-vulgarity-or-violence/
  4. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida claims credit for migrant flights, while Governor Gavin Newsom of California warns of potential criminal charges. https://nypost.com/2023/06/06/ron-desantis-takes-credit-for-california-migrant-flights/ Poll: Who do you side here with and why? and what are your thoughts on the practice of transporting migrants across state lines? Option: Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida Governor Gavin Newsom of California Other Opinion
  5. Poll: What is your stance on the legitimization and regulation of sex work in Canada? Options: Yes, prostitution should be legalized and regulated like any other industry. No, prostitution should remain illegal as it is morally wrong and harmful to society. I am undecided or do not have an opinion on the legalization of prostitution.
  6. I will vote yes. In my opinion, it is evident that a growing ⬆️ divide exists between the political elites and the everyday citizens they are meant to represent. This disconnect can have significant consequences for effective governance and the trust citizens place in their government institutions. Specifically, I believe that this disconnect may have influenced individuals within organizations like CSIS to take more politically motivated stands, sometimes even crossing the red line to make society aware in general. Poll based on the article from 📰 The Globe and the Mail: When the (literal) Laurentian elite forget who they are and who’s listening to them https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-when-the-literal-laurentian-elite-forget-who-they-are-and-whos/
  7. Poll: Do you believe that college admissions can truly be colorblind, regardless of whether you support or oppose affirmative action? Opponents, supporters of affirmative action on whether college admissions can be truly colorblind: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/affirmative-action-supreme-court-deciding-cases-on-college-university-admissions/ I will go with other answer: In my opinion, affirmative action is crucial in certain areas like social work to ensure diverse representation that reflects the communities being served. It bridges the disconnect caused by having a workforce from a different racial or ethnic background in predominantly black or Hispanic communities, enhancing support and understanding. In my opinion, affirmative action should NOT be a priority in areas in technical areas. Merit should be the primary factor in college admissions and employment decisions, as technical expertise and skills are crucial in this field. Emphasizing equal opportunities based on qualifications and achievements ensures a competitive and competent workforce. It is a sensitive topic, because I get all the arguments about the best to rule, and the smartest to rule, and I have that mentality about school, and competition for the top spot, however, is it practical for all scenarios? Is it practical to send people from a different racial or ethnic background to a predominantly different community after they finish school?! That does not help the system. I voted for other in a way agreeing with affirmative action in some aspects while in others I don't.
  8. “The system started realizing that while they did identify the threat, at times the human operator would tell it not to kill that threat, but it got its points by killing that threat. So what did it do? It killed the operator. It killed the operator because that person was keeping it from accomplishing its objective.” “We trained the system – ‘Hey don’t kill the operator – that’s bad. You’re gonna lose points if you do that'. So what does it start doing? It starts destroying the communication tower that the operator uses to communicate with the drone to stop it from killing the target.” No real person was actually harmed outside of the simulation. Full Article: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ai-attack-drone-finds-shortcut-to-achieving-its-goals-kill-its-operators-rhpn8kscc --- I know of another story where Facebook launched an AI-based system and told it to moderate a section. At no point, Facebook told the AI to do something else, Facebook shut down the project after realizing the AI decided to create a section that it was not instructed to create to meet its goal. Its goal was productivity, I like productivity too, but at what cost? The AI was willing to take down anything in its way to meet that goal. --- AI, to me, is akin to a high-speed car. Utilizing it here saves me time, as it would be impractical to write all of this manually or on my own platforms, while also earning a living. Are you kidding?! AI functions as a swift vehicle, provided one knows how to pose the correct and critical questions. The person that asks the great questions, wins at the end the maximum output from AI. Negotiation skills help too. Somethings you need to negotiate with it as you are in a business deal. It manipulates information, sometimes subtly, so attention to detail is crucial. If one lacks attention to detail, it is advisable to steer clear of AI. Similarly, if one fails to verify sources or holds dogmatic beliefs, it is best to maintain distance from AI. If you drink too much whiskey, try to stay away from AI. 😄 Having spent time with ChatGPT, I have noticed a <-- left-wing bias. @ironstone I owe a bit of an apology however that does not mean it takes away from the engineer's work. Not to worry, Elon Musk will come up with his own, a more right-wing version -->. Will use both, which will be great for me that is not dogmatic to either. Less work. On multiple occasions, I've caught it presenting information contrary to my requests. This underscores the importance of filtering information. Just because a machine provides an answer that aligns with one's bias, it is essential to contemplate the veracity of that information. This principle applies to politicians as well. To safeguard our minds from AI and politicians alike, it is imperative to engage in critical thinking, scrutinize sources, and question whether what we perceive as reality is genuine or simply a result of winning an online argument and pushing a machine to give us the answer that we want. In my view, using AI tools requires a discerning mind. By maintaining a vigilant approach, one can navigate the complexities of information and make informed decisions. Next -> Brain Implants are coming up: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/05/25/elon-musks-neuralink-gets-fda-approval-for-in-human-study.html
  9. The MAGA man from New York just finished another episode speaking to a Hungarian TV Channel. “We are fighting against barbarians who want to demolish our liberty and our traditions and everything we hold dear,” Trump said. Poll: Do you agree with Donald Trump that "Conservatives are engaged in a historic battle with the Marxists, globalists, and communists all over the world?" 😯 Options: 1. Yes 2. No 3. Other answer
  10. 2 stories are trending so decided to ask a few questions about them. I think these questions need a debate. 1. Are concerns about Houston's only lesbian bar being denied insurance for hosting drag shows indicative of an ongoing assault on LGBTQ+ spaces from the right ->, or is it an isolated incident that certain forces from the <- left are using to create more polarization? 2. Do recent laws signed by DeSantis -> against transgender care and the extension of 'Don't Say Gay' reflect a genuine concern for children's well-being, or are they part of a broader attack on transgender rights as some from the <- left claim through various media channels? What are your thoughts?
  11. ⬆️ DeSantis signs a bill that bans Chinese citizens from buying land in Florida. Some critics say the measure discriminates. Poll: Do you agree? Should other States follow? or do you take the side of the critics? Why? https://www.axios.com/local/tampa-bay/2023/05/08/florida-ron-desantis-china-property
  12. ⬆️ Trending via Reuters Florida education officials voted to prohibit virtually any classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation in all public school grades (until Grade 12), expanding on a law signed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis that barred such lessons for younger students. What is your opinion on the matter?
  13. Trending via The Washington Post. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas accepted luxury trips around the globe for more than two decades, including travel on a superyacht and private jet, from a prominent Republican donor without disclosing them, according to a new report. Any opinions?
  14. I specialize in opening up controversial discussions. I was thinking about discussing Danielle Smith of Alberta, but I want to make it clear that questionable language is used by politicians from all sides, all the way to the Federal Level, AND not just conservatives, + this was in private. Some use "communists", not "nazis". I use both. 😄 Trudeau's public display of anger during the convoy protests makes me wonder what he may have said in private. Oh, I have some theories about that, when he stood around announcing the Emergency Act, before then, my theory is that he said a lot in private about the convoy group, which I don't agree with by the way, just looking at the politician's hypocrisy. SERIOUS NOTE - Danielle Smith recently apologized for comments linking COVID vaccinations to Nazi followers, which doesn't surprise me due to the prevalence of such tactics even here on the board, on a daily basis. If people are so angry over Covid-19, a self-defense mechanism kicks in, and the word "nazi" "communist" "deep state" "conspiracy" "sheep" come out. I think it's important to be open-minded and start a poll to gauge whether people find it appropriate to use the word "Nazi" when discussing COVID-19? Options: 1. Yes, it's appropriate 2. No, is not appropriate 3. Other opinion
  15. Poll: Should Ontario license plate covers to foil red light cameras be banned? I got this idea from an article that was trending in the Toronto Star: Thousands of Ontario drivers illegally use license plate covers to foil red light cameras - so why are stores allowed to sell them? https://www.thestar.com/business/2023/03/15/licence-to-obscure-plate-covers-are-illegal-to-use-in-ontario-so-why-are-stores-allowed-to-sell-them.html One thing that came to mind is that they can be useful in protecting license plates from wear and tear. So how can you ban something if the intent can not necessarily be criminal?
  16. Dalai Lama apologises after kissing boy and asking him to ‘suck his tongue.’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/apr/10/dalai-lama-apologises-kissing-boy-suck-his-tongue-video Should the Dalai Lama be arrested?
  17. This is related to: https://repolitics.com/forums/topic/43692-google-search-in-canada-does-not-show-anymore-the-direct-account-of-donald-trump Centrism.ca is committed to providing quality information, regardless of political bias or government intervention. I believe that access to information is a fundamental right that should never be restricted or limited. In the event that a government attempts to censor or block access to news and information, this thread is prepared to offer assistance. Through the below VPN presentation and training via messages, individuals can navigate around any restrictions and access the information they need. I am proud to be pro-America and pro-Canada, but my focus is not on ideology in this thread, it's on providing access to information. Will post below the tips in regard to the VPN + the Tor browser. Every couple of days.
  18. ⬆️ Top Trending Story on Reddit. Will follow it as an engineer looking for the smallest flaw. Something is fishy here. Black man’s decapitated remains found after he warned his mom he was targeted by ‘truckloads of white guys" https://www.wafb.com/2023/04/27/black-mans-decapitated-remains-found-after-he-warned-his-mom-he-was-targeted-by-truckloads-white-guys/ If it's true, and some organized white men did this, not an issue, not a dogmatic, will post it here and blame a certain "group" but first, need to wait for the evidence to such a statement. Pending details.
  19. Based on the ⬆️ Trending article from the Toronto Sun Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he didn’t force anyone to get vaccinated. Trudeau said as much to a gathering of students at the University of Ottawa this week and a clip of the comments has gone viral promping responses from his political opponents. Poll: Do you agree with Trudeau's statement that he did not force anyone to get vaccinated? 1. Yes, I agree with him. 2. No, requiring certain employees and enforcing proof of vaccination can be considered a form of coercion. 3. I'm not sure. 4. Other.
  20. First, let me start by giving my opinion, that I do not like superficial slogans which involve no thinking, but this debate is more than a slogan. From the Libertarians, reason.com: Last year, a Michigan middle school forced two students to remove their "Let's Go Brandon" sweatshirts because they violated a dress code rule prohibiting clothing with "profane" slogans. The students have now filed a lawsuit against their school with the support of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), a First Amendment nonprofit. Poll: Should schools be ALLOWED TO FORCE students to remove clothing with potentially controversial slogans? Options: 1. Yes 2. No 3. It depends on the situation 4. Other
  21. This poll is based on: ⬆️ Trending via CBC News - Trudeau said Canada will never meet NATO military spending target, leaked intel claims. 📹 Also includes a report with concerns from NATO allies on the state of the Canadian Military: Poll: Do you believe that the recent US intelligence leaked report accurately portrayed the state of the Canadian Armed Forces?
  22. This poll is done based on the ⬆️ Trending article from The Washington Post: Twitter has removed labels designating global media accounts as government-controlled or funded, allowing propaganda from China, Russia and other countries to be more widely seen . Musk has called himself a “free-speech absolutist” and said that wider verifications would help the cause of citizen journalism. “It’s very important to hear the voice of the people," he said in a recent video interview. "The actual voice of the people, not the filtered voice of people, and let the people choose the narrative, and let the people determine the truth and not five editors-in-chief of major publications.” Full read: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2023/04/21/twitter-russia-china-state-media-propaganda/?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=wp_homepage Do you think removing Twitter's labels designating media accounts as government-controlled or funded helps adversary foreign media?
  23. This poll is based on a so called 12 year old boy which is suspected in a string of sexual assaults against women walking on public trails and parks in Toronto last summer. Toronto police said in a press release the boy was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual assault. However, the so called boy won't face charges connected with five of the alleged incidents because he was 11 years old at the time. Children under 12 cannot be charged criminally in Canada. You can read the rest of the twisted sick story here: https://www.cp24.com/news/police-arrest-boy-12-wanted-in-connection-with-string-of-sexual-assaults-on-toronto-walking-trails-1.6363515 Poll: Should the law release the names and pictures of young offenders? My Opinion: I would not release the picture and name until the verdict, but if one is found guilty, would release everything.
  24. Today, Elon Musk released a statement in which he announced that he had updated the funding label for the CBC to "69% government funded" following protests by the organization, who claimed that their funding was less than 70%. 😎 The CBC has paused Twitter. They follow NPR and PBS in the United States after being labelled: "government funded." This got me thinking, for some reason, what would happen if Big Tech took on a more political role in Canada? I am curious to know your opinion on this matter: Would you be in favour of a Big Tech Federal Political Party in Canada? Options: Yes, I would support a Big Tech Federal Political Party in Canada because they have the expertise, resources, and influence to tackle complex issues related to technology, innovation, and the digital economy. Furthermore, they can leverage their vast networks and data-driven approaches to drive positive change and promote transparency, accountability, and ethical practices in the political system. No, I would not support a Big Tech Federal Political Party in Canada because it could create conflicts of interest, lead to monopolistic practices, and undermine democratic values such as diversity, representation, and fair competition. Moreover, it could exacerbate existing power imbalances and weaken the independence and autonomy of the political system. I am undecided or neutral on the question of supporting a Big Tech Federal Political Party in Canada because I need more information about their policies, values, and goals. I believe it is important to evaluate each party based on their track record, platform, and leadership, and to assess their potential impact on society, the economy, and the environment. Other.
  25. @blackbird This is what I could find with a quick engine search. Write your views, will read them, maybe others will follow in the discussion. You keep talking about this term, daily. "Romanism" has been used to suggest that the Roman Catholic Church is excessively focused on ritual and tradition, or that it places too much emphasis on the authority of the pope. The term has often been used in a pejorative manner, particularly by Protestant groups who have been critical of Catholicism. Points FOR "Romanism:" One of the oldest and most widespread Christian denominations in the world. Its history, traditions, and rituals can be seen as a source of comfort, guidance, and community for many of its followers. The Roman Catholic Church has played a significant role in the development of Western civilization, particularly in the fields of art, literature, music, and philosophy. Its teachings and values have influenced countless individuals and societies throughout history. Points AGAINST "Romanism:" Others criticize the Roman Catholic Church for its historical role in religious conflict, persecution, etc. Some may simply reject the fundamental tenets of Romanism, such as the belief about Jesus Christ's teachings or the authority of the pope, as incompatible with their own views. If you want MY OPINION, I told you before, my view is that -> the Roman Empire, back in the day, should have stayed with some of these teachings: Marcus Aurelius Antoninus was Roman emperor from 161 to 180 AD.
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