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Found 5 results

  1. There was a time in my life when I was not happy with the income that I was making, and would take any extra jobs that came my way. So when someone recommended I fix a man's Windows XP computer in the early 2000s, I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know that this would be one of the most insane experiences of my life. When I arrived at his home, I noticed an iron cross in his room, like the old ones from Adolph time's. But being from a similar Eastern European community, I thought it might just be a coincidence, maybe he does not even know what it is, he just thinks is a cross. However, as we started talking, I realized that this man was a political nut. He began to speak about the legionnaire movement, which was a fascist militia, and even brought out a copy of Mein Kampf from his library. I was shocked and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't take such a book in public, especially in Canada. But I had to keep my cool, so I refused politely and tried to change the subject. However, he persisted and started talking about his theories on race, claiming that the Asian community was smarter now. I couldn't take it anymore and told him that I had read the book already, so in a way, yes, his theories fall apart because now the Asian community rules. 😄 That was an ignorant statement by myself too, but just wanted to stick to him where it hurts him. Anyhow, I managed to change the subject eventually and he was happy with his computer. God knows what he did on it after. That's the battle with every fanatic, changing the subject. Years later, the same man called me up to do some maintenance work. Now, some time passed, I thought to myself, he is just an old fool talking nonsense. As we were conversating, he mentioned that he had gone to school in Moscow. I couldn't resist and asked him how he could have been both a legionnaire fascist and a communist? To my surprise, he responded with the same cold and calculating tone, "It is not about fascism and communism, you go where the power is!" Looking back on that experience, I can't help but feel disgusted by the twisted mindset of fascists and communists. They may have different ideologies, but their ultimate goal is always the same - power and control. And it's always the innocent people who suffer the consequences at the hands of twisted men like this. Now, he could have talked nonsense just to impress the computer guy as his old wife was beside him the first time, but I don't think so, and I thought very long and hard to look him up and find out his history, whose lives he destroyed by reporting, and in which cities but that would have made me like him. Ultimately, Karma and Old Age probably got him. I moved cities since then, so I did not have the chance to interact again. Maybe for the better, exposure to such minds only brings trouble and disease. Not sure how he weaseled his way into this country. Take this story as you please, satire or not. 😎
  2. Did you know that you now can’t get a passport in less than about 4 months unless you can provide proof of a necessity to leave the country? Our government has imprisoned the population without any mandate from citizens. Try getting a passport and you’ll find out. If you already have a passport, enjoy your short-lived freedom until it comes time to renew it.
  3. Im currently a grade 12 student who started an Initiative to Inform Youth about Politics and World Issues. I started this podcast in the summer of 2019 after seeing the lack of attention being given to the Canadain election of 2019. My older friends were not voting, and if they were voting, they voted without the proper knowledge. That led me to create this podcast where I try to inform the youth about world issues and politics, and hopefully encourage them to vote. CHECK IT OUT HERE & TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK
  4. 13 That Evil History of Communism, Political Philosophy for Human Future​ By Exegesisme 1 Now it is very clear in my reflection, that addiction of communism regime was concocted by a Jew named Karl Marx for liberation of Jews out of religious conflicts, by replacing the position of religious conflicts with class conflicts. The civilized good religious conflicts are the real driver of the creative evolution of human civilization, rather than evil class conflicts. 2 Carl Marx did that work by evilly taking use of two human arrogant processes in his era, first arrogant process of Kantian evil philosophy to put human as end and tried to trap god in a region Kant defined, second arrogant process of human war armed with capitalism and scientific technology on nature and society. 3 Western civilization has cognitive faculty to insight that evil addiction of communism and has avoided that evil end of communism of Karl Marx. 4 That core of Chinese civilization is fa school, which takes evil as human nature and has developed an evil system which has been taken use as core of all systems of all Chinese rulers since that emergence of fa school. That evil is nature and fa school takes use of that evil nature. 5 That evil core of Chinese traditional civilization concocted with that evil core of communism had concocted Chinese communism party, that evil party apparently still takes evil communism as its end which actually is only a disguise took by that party to cover its evil and ugly behavior.
  5. The Manifesto For The Global Peoples On Ending Communism Historically, and globally, there was not any evil movement as the movement of communism, so deceptive mind, so instigative soul, so bloody practice, so large range, and so long last. And now, it is the time to end it. This is the era of information. All evils of communism are being uncovered and will be uncovered. Those few remained communist regimes are living in the opposite positon of what they claimed. They are so stupid that they have not any effective method to provent their communist ideology against themselves. That communism on paper is absurd, in practice has become tool of those evil groups taking the power of nations and peoples to serve those evil members of those evil groups. The story that happened and is happenning in China, is vividly telling the global peoples, that not only the benefits of Chinese people are in dangers, but also the benefits of global peoples are in intimidation. The global peoples, unite together, fight together, win together in the fight against those communist regimes, in the liberation of Chinese people and other peoples from those communist regimes. Then, a new world belongs to the global peoples. ​
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