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Found 2 results

  1. I ran across a random article, don't know who The Hub is, however, they state: "Canada needs an invigorated political middle", then say: Too bad our centrists are so boring. Poll: They also ask - Can a dynamic, relevant centrist movement emerge in a polarized Canada? I will use their data to make a thread about it. --- I acquired the domain www.centrism.ca as a result of a lighthearted conversation with @Michael Hardner on this forum after an evening of whiskey. However, as time has passed, I've noticed an increase in traffic to the domain, indicating a growing interest in this hobby. It has made me realize that if a serious political movement were to emerge in our country, as some people have started speculating, even if with irony, (see below 2 sources), it might be beneficial for this domain to be associated with prominent politicians in the future, therefore surrendering it. Perhaps even someone higher than @Moonbox, you are not political 100 % species either, my friend, sorry, which is a good thing 😎. This arrangement suits me because centrism is inherently political, but my intentions extend beyond traditional politics. My idea is more like a non-political megaphone, amplifying voices, and ideas that may otherwise go unheard. Easy work to be on the sidelines. I understand politics is harder than it looks, not that ignorant. There are certain things that remain elusive no matter how much attention you give them, and politics operates within a distinct realm. To claim participation in that world would be hypocritical, a sentiment that @Americana Antifa might even have a medical term for. Hence, if you are a serious politician or an organization seeking this domain, I invite you to come forward and present your ideas, even if 10 years from now. People can engage in debates, like in the democratic halls of Ancient Greece, we can make informed decisions. Such engagement could potentially increase the popularity of this platform, my "centrist" non-political platform which will have a new name and you can start here. https://thehub.ca/2023-06-05/ginny-roth-canada-needs-an-invigorated-political-centre-too-bad-our-centrists-are-so-boring/ https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-canada-has-room-for-a-new-centrist-party-provided-we-can-define-what/
  2. It seems like someone forgot to start a thread on "Enlightened Centrism" and is currently preoccupied with arguing about what they consider to be "important" issues. They are missing out on the opportunity to engage in challenging and possibly outside the box debates. If @Americana Antifa will join this thread, may I ask you, to focus on ideas and not swear when you can't hold. If you can't show respect to your keyboard, is very possible you will miss the opportunity to exchange ideas. I used a grammar software to write the below, for better communication, will start this thread with something original which you got me thinking about, then we can debate the real stuff if you respond: Upgraded my computer from a 386 processor to a 486 and finally to a Pentium in the 1990s. I was thrilled to discover the potential of my computer upgrades and eagerly explored new possibilities. Once I had completed the essential setup for the things that mattered, I found myself getting restless and sought out a strategy game to take breaks from my routine. It was exactly how I use this forum like. Started playing a 1998 game called Dune 2000, a strategy game with three factions: House Atreides, House Harkonnen, and House Ordos. Atreides and Harkonnen were popular picks, known for their dogmatic principles. Just like in politics, these 2 sides constantly were battling for control and assuming they had the answer for everything. Atreides and Harkonnen were the good and the bad. Depending on your ideology of course you will take credit for the good one, but the other side thinks opposite of you, is my estimation. Go ahead and call me a Nihilist. 😄 Found myself drawn to the third faction, Ordos, a group of independent mercenaries not aligned with Atreides or Harkonnen. Constantly preferred Ordos, even when others played Atreides or Harkonnen. The more people screamed about the other 2, I went with the Middle Ordos. Did not have an interest that much in politics at the time, my focus was somewhere else, was listening to some agitators from the right, is true, as I told you my Libertarian right BIAS. Was participating in trips at various irrational football activities 😎 which could turn mob related. Did not really cross that red line but probably did my part for ideology more than most keyboard warriors. I was very interested in ideas that emphasized individual freedom and pragmatism over rigid dogma or ideology and Ordos' focus on strict productivity and independence was appealing. This is something that I keep coming back these days: Pragmatism & Productivity, and rejecting dogmatism. Your rant reminded me of this game and how it relates today. Were they perfect, the radical centrists Ordos? absolutely not! They were quite ruthless at times and showed no backing down to achieve their interests, but at the same time they wanted for the main houses to stand so they can move along too and allow their skills to get maximum results. Just like the idea of centrism that I have, with a BIAS from the right. As long as people like you and your "friends" from the other side tell me that I am not, it means I am doing quite fine. Looking forward to hear your points about how "Enlightened Centrism" is damaging to you and your echo-chamber. Thanks. Will take my time to respond, lots of things on the go. If others want to come in and share their ideas on: "Enlightened Centrism", please go ahead. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dune_2000
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