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Found 3 results

  1. August 1st (stories can be earlier than the date of the post). "It revealed a tendency evident on both extremes of the political spectrum - the far-left and far-right - to side with the Russian President as an expression of their discontent with the state of the modern Western world.This trend, which is evident around the world, exemplifies the so-called “horseshoe theory” of politics attributed to French writer Jean-Pierre Faye. The theory holds that the far-left and far-right can end up closer to each other with both tending to gravitate towards authoritarianism."Full article:https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe...right-can-t-resist-putin-20220304-p5a1rw.html
  2. First, let me start by giving my opinion, that I do not like superficial slogans which involve no thinking, but this debate is more than a slogan. From the Libertarians, reason.com: Last year, a Michigan middle school forced two students to remove their "Let's Go Brandon" sweatshirts because they violated a dress code rule prohibiting clothing with "profane" slogans. The students have now filed a lawsuit against their school with the support of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), a First Amendment nonprofit. Poll: Should schools be ALLOWED TO FORCE students to remove clothing with potentially controversial slogans? Options: 1. Yes 2. No 3. It depends on the situation 4. Other
  3. Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a proposed social welfare program that aims to provide a fixed income to every citizen, regardless of their employment status or income level. While UBI has gained popularity in recent years, it is a controversial policy that is subject to debate. My work will present 10 points for and against UBI in Canada from a libertarian right -> perspective (that is where my BIAS is on this TOPIC, someone did kind of called me on it, the other day), as well as 10 examples of UBI implementation around the world. 10 Points FOR UBI in Canada: would simplify the social welfare system and reduce administrative costs associated with administering different programs. could provide a safety net for individuals who are unable to work or find employment. could help reduce income inequality and provide a minimum standard of living for all citizens. could stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation by providing individuals with a financial cushion to pursue new ventures. could reduce poverty and homelessness, as it would provide a guaranteed income to individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. could reduce stress and mental health problems associated with financial insecurity. would allow individuals to pursue education and training without the burden of student debt or financial instability. could stimulate local economies, as individuals would have more money to spend on goods and services. could provide a way to address the job displacement caused by automation and technological advancements. could reduce the stigma associated with traditional social welfare programs. 10 Points AGAINST UBI in Canada (from a Libertarian Right -> BIAS): would require significant government spending and could lead to increased taxes and inflation. could disincentivize work and reduce productivity, as individuals would have less of an incentive to work if they receive a guaranteed income. could lead to higher unemployment rates, as businesses may be less incentivized to hire workers if individuals are receiving a guaranteed income. could lead to a loss of personal responsibility and self-reliance, as individuals may become dependent on government subsidies. could lead to a lack of motivation and initiative, as individuals may feel less pressure to pursue education or employment if they receive a guaranteed income. could lead to a reduction in wages, as businesses may be less incentivized to pay higher wages if individuals are receiving a guaranteed income. could lead to a reduction in social welfare programs that are specifically targeted towards those in need, as UBI would provide a guaranteed income to all citizens regardless of their income level. could lead to a reduction in charitable giving, as individuals may feel that their financial responsibilities have already been met by the government. could lead to increased government control and regulation over citizens' lives, as the government would have significant influence over individuals' finances could lead to a reduction in economic growth, as the government would be taking money out of the economy and redistributing it in the form of UBI. 10 examples of UBI programs that have been tried or proposed around the world: -> Not my BIAS (COPY & PASTE). Alaska Permanent Fund: The program has been successful in reducing poverty rates and stimulating economic growth in Alaska. Namibia Basic Income Grant: The program was found to have positive impacts on health, education, and economic activity, but some participants also reduced their work hours. Iran's subsidy reform plan: The program led to some reduction in poverty, but also caused inflation and hardship for some households. GiveDirectly in Kenya: The program led to increased food security and improvements in mental health, but did not have a significant impact on other economic outcomes. Finland's basic income experiment: The program did not lead to significant improvements in employment, but did improve well-being and reduce stress. Ontario Basic Income Pilot: The program was cancelled before results could be fully evaluated, but early reports suggested that it had positive impacts on mental health and financial security. Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration: The program led to increased employment and reduced financial hardship for participants. Universal Basic Income in Spain: The program is currently being implemented and its results have not yet been fully evaluated. Basic Income Grant Coalition in South Africa: The program was successful in reducing poverty and improving health outcomes, but some participants also reduced their work hours. Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend for Children: The program has been successful in reducing poverty rates and improving educational outcomes for children. Sources for this information include academic journals, Google 😄, lots and lots of Google, reports, and news articles. Some of the sources used to compile this information include the Basic Income Earth Network, the World Bank, and the United Nations Development Programme. Poll based on the information above: Yay, UBI is a necessary solution to address economic inequality and provide a safety net for all Canadians. Nay, UBI would create disincentives to work and would be too costly for taxpayers. Undecided, I need more information and analysis on the potential benefits and drawbacks of UBI in Canada, as well as the experiences of other countries that have implemented it.| @Michael Hardner
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