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Found 6 results

  1. Consider our turbulent times: predictions of climate catastrophe, the spread of Coronavirus, challenges to existing political and economic systems through movements such as Extinction Rebellion. The old liberal-democratic political oppositions, e.g. liberal vs. conservative, are struggling to survive as a moderate middle ground between a more radical emerging opposition. Thoughts? Anything in the chart below that you think doesn't apply, should be moved, supplemented? I would add "Containment" as a crisis response to pandemics.
  2. Ray Dalio, Founder of the World's Largest Hedge Fund, Says the System is Broken Of course, most progressives know what Dalio and others like him have been blind to all along. Without strong measures to restrain the worst of capitalism and force redistribution of wealth, this is exactly how capitalism always works - or rather fails to work. When you define success as being richer than everyone else, people will find a way to do just that. Whether it's fair, whether it's moral, whether it's legal; those are things for lawyers and ethicists to quibble over. Only ideologues and idiots think that it's relevant that capitalism is transparently not a meritocracy.
  3. In a startlingly frank admission of the failure of their capitalist business model, a collection of some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies said they need incentives to develop antibiotics to fight 'superbugs'. Apparently the giveaways that are being promoted in the TPP like longer patent lifetimes and the ability to sue governments that do anything to interfere with their profits is no longer enough for multinational corporations. They need direct cash infusion now. One line in this story is particularly interesting. Not only does it indicate where the drug companies focus their efforts. It also indicates why there is no incentive (and in fact powerful financial disincentives) to cure any chronic condition or disease, ever. This case illustrates a problem that plagues not only the drug industry but the whole medical industry, the crime industry, the military industry, the insurance industry and every other industry ever created to address problems. These huge industries become dependent on the problems they were created to address. If those problems ever disappear or even are significantly diminished, it will threaten the salaries of powerful people. And so the last thing these industries want is for those problems to go away.
  4. 1 Holy Good Capitalism, What They Should Do‚Äč By Exegesisme My concept, holy good capitalism, is inspired from Canadian constitution, verses in bible and the Liberal winning of the election 2015. 1, Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law. 2, Genesis 1:4, God saw the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. Revelation 21:24 The nations will walk by its light. The light in the verses above, in our era in Canada, here and now, I understand as holy good capitalism. In the holy good capitalism, there are two fundamental wings. One wing is holy good, which is our environment and from God, we can not live without environment or holy good. In this wing, everyone is equal. The other wing is human good, which is created by human in the environment from God, we can not make progress without human creation inspired by God. In the human wing, people are not equal, peoples are arranged in a hierarchy of creation according to their creativity. According to the model of holy good capitalism, the just elected liberal government is not only the government of liberal, who directly voted them, but also and first is the government of all Canadians, it is in the political system of all Canadians they were elected. Therefore, all policies of this government, should consider two requirements, the benefits of all Canadians and the liberal view. This is the answer of what the liberal government should do.
  5. I'm not a Catholic, and I never would have considered becoming one before this new pope came along, but after two popes playing geopolitics games and hiding Church crimes...especially the sex crimes, my impression is much more favourable than when Benny was still in charge! I'm surprised that his hard-hitting speech on the environment doesn't show up here, and even more surprised that he's done a 180 from the last guys, and is telling the powerful and prominent Catholics that preventing abortion and birth control isn't enough to consider yourself a good Catholic! From the speech: In our age of capitalist christianity, it's no wonder that Prosperity Gospel adherents, who have turned the New Testament message upside down, are shocked and bewildered when pointed towards the Gospel of Matthew or especially Acts. ch. 5. On another topic, the speech also called attention to the plight of Christians in the Mid-east, who are in danger of being erased in nations like Syria and Iraq...where some of the first Christian communities were established. Thanks to "regime change" and giving money and guns to "moderate" rebels, these communities are subject of ethnic cleansing right now. Ever since the fall of Saddam, I haven't heard much of anything coming from conservatives and assorted warhawks about the blowback faced by Christians in the ME.
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