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Found 2 results

  1. Was reading a debate between @Moonbox and @CdnFox and wanted to start a Poll about it. What is your view about abstaining from a vote? Options: Good decision - I think abstaining is a valid choice and can be an effective decision in some cases, as a form of protest or other reasons. Bad decision - I think abstaining is a missed opportunity to make a meaningful contribution and voice one's opinion.
  2. What's your opinion of citizens that do not vote? I started this thread based on a commentary from @CdnFox, he was replying to my question, these were his views, will post mine later too: We always teach kids that if you don't vote you don't have any right to complain etc etc and that people who don't vote are bad people etc etc. And honestly i think we SHOULD probably teach kids that overall - but it's wrong There are times and circumstances where not voting is not just a viable option but arguably the right one. Our parliamentary system recognizes (but isn't fond of) the concept of abstaining. People can abstain in an election for several reasons - including "i really wasn't paying attention and don't feel informed enough to make a good decision'. Hey - fair enough, sit this one out and leave it to those who did pay attention. Or maybe you did pay attention but you just hate all the options. Frankly - i think that means you should be more involved in the parties to make sure they've got good options for you but - not voting sends a message. Low voter turn out sends the message that there's a large voting block out there that nobody's tapped into and if they do it could mean a lot of votes. I think ontario voters sent that kind of message to the NDP and LIbs in the last provincial election. It also sends the message that "you may have won, but we have serious reservations about you. Watch yourself." the problem is it's so easy for people to just say "Vote? uhhhhh... well... i didn't because... because I WAS ABSTAINING BECAUSE NONE OF THE CANDIDATES WERE PERFECT". And that's just lazy. To be honest - what i'd REALLY like to see is "i abstain" as an option on the ballot. Basically you're saying "none of the above". And that could be a very powerful message - people literally took the time and energy to show up and say "not you" . @myata is that you above, not voting?
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