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Found 21 results

  1. New evidence provided that proves entire claims of Trump in re allegations that Trump did not conspire with Russia and Putin to win both the 2016 Election and his continual Campaign for the Presidency for the 2024 Presidency merely to be President again are entirely FALSE based on evidence presented by the Republican Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. According to that report when the Republicans still held the Senate, Paul Manafort passed sensitive RNC and Trump Campaign data to Russia via a Russian spy. That data identified blue collar, Democrat leaning voters sensitive information in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It was determined that Russia, an enemy nation had colluded with Trump through Manafort at a time of Elections, releasing ultra sensitive election data to Russia.......now, if that happened to the Democrats Trump today would be howling for blood, promising to protect the nation at all costs such as in his speech to his followers just before the Capitol attempted Takeover Insurrection in which he inspired them to attack the Capitol to stop the Electoral Process saying ".We're going to walk down to the Capitol, I will be with you...and....if you don't fight, you're not going to have a country anymore" .By this he incited them, they attacked and savaged the Capitol, not only the buildings and Electoral Process which had to be delayed several hours until the Electoral College could resume their duty in safety, but also so they could deliberately trash and destroy the relics of our Country's proud History...something a Conquering nation and leader would do in a Takeover of the Government. ...He LIED.. Yet to cover up his lies and his collusion with Russia to take over America for the Russian Government using duped Americans thinking THEY would be saving their Country, Trump PARDONED Paul Manafort. ....he also pardoned Steve Bannon, yet Bannon didn't fall for it and stated for the record that "top Trump officials met with a Russian counterintelligence officer and discussed treasonous content.". ......Fast forward through the next several years while the RNC controlled the House, shutting down any investigations that continued this train of thought, hoping the trails would go cold...but....not only have they re-elected despite the best efforts of the Trump Campaign leaders, Trump himself, and the entire MAGA following in the House , the CIA, with the help of other countries intelligence committees determined that another Russian spy fed the RNC tons of false data created by Russia to falsely claim that the Democrats were the perpetrators of numerous frauds in the Elections of 2016 thereby creating a path for Trump to claim he was not at fault for the fraud..which was another lie since he obviously colluded with the Russian President Vladimir Putin whom he openly espoused and supported on numerous occasions, to fraudulently defeat Hilary Clinton . Then he continued to inflate his frauds by continuing to claim that all the investigations into him and the Trump Organization and his family were all part of the DNC " witch hunt" who were out to get him for no reason. Well, obvious to ANYONE with half a brain, The DNC, the FBI, the CIA, and the entire NATO Counterintelligence Committees were not "wrong" about Trump, or about his friend and co- conspirator PUTIN, or about Trump and Putin's Plans to takeover America and let it be led by Trump as a puppet dictator. Right now the Republican National Committee is on an unprecented two week "vacation" from Congress that they took hurriedly as soon as the CIA announced the Russian spy info was proven entirely false.....Russia is already attacking us cyber-ly while Trump organizes armies of duped followers into paying his legal bills while he molds the criminals of this country into a 5th Column Army to take over the USA in every state bullying, threatening, and by violence . Step up and Defend America ...its time to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY from these TRAITORS.
  2. Well, TRUMP has done it again, really put his COLOSSAL EGO in his mouth...but also crammed it into the mouths of every Republican, that NO BORDER POLICY Negotiations can be agreed to unless HE does them and only after he gets re-elected , as the Border crisis itself is UNIMPORTANT unless HE can use it to put blane on President Biden's failed policies there as part of his Campaign. This has led now to many Republican Congressional leaders thinking that Trump is wasting their time, ruining their negotiations on a major part of the Country's Budget crisis, still another problem with the major obstructor again Trump and his MAGA leaders.
  3. And Another Trump POTUS Adviser goes to federal prison, Peter Navarro, former Trump Advisor sentenced and convicted, tried to claim he also was Above the Law and Immunune from Prosecution because he broke the law while serving as advisor to Donald Trump , POTUS. Mr. Navarro Johns a long, ever growing list of Trump con men who conned themselves right into prison, it won't be long until Trump joins them.
  4. Trump declared that in his presidency " In my trip to North Korea, I saved the world from complete nuclear destruction by my meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, " .....and he repeated it several times quite seriously, ......apparently he's totally unaware that the dictator of North Korea hasn't even one missile capable of reaching even South Korea yet, let alone the rest of the whole world. Source: Trump's own, taped AFTER Court deposition in the New York trial he was deposed in, when asked if he had any other remarks (after stating on the Court record 454 times that he refused to comment on anything asked of him by the Prosecution , choosing to take the 5th Amendment the whole 454 times instead of answering in Court, but after, when the Media cranked up their cameras and lights and began asking their own questions Trumo made this totally.off the wall comment, even stocking to UT and repeating it multiple times leaving many to wonder if Trump is actually self aware when he makes these comments and that he's not on some tv fictional show .
  5. The GOP set up a Committee to Investigate and find some evidence that Joe Biden, President of the USA has been accepting foreign money, it found none. ......But what those investigations DID find on further investigation is that Donald Trump, while president during his term.of Office in the White House DID accept money, " at least $7.8 million dollars, from foreign dignitaries who stayed at Trumps hotels ( just 4 were investigated and only over a two year period of the originally scheduled 4 year intended ) the GOP investigators being told to stop any further investigation after that....the hotels involved in this GOP Investigation were the Trump International hotel which was just 1/2 mile from the white House in Washington, D. C., Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in New York City, Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, and Trump International Hotel on United Nations Plaza in New York City. On being questioned, Trump gave his usual answer that " the investigation was " phony" and a witch hunt", seemingly unaware he was disparaging his own party's facts gathering Investigation! Apparently Donald Trump believes that ANY investigation or questions regarding the many times he violated the U. S. Constitution's Emoluments Clause in that as an Official of the U. S. Government he was absolutely, by law, forbidden to accept ANY money from any foreign government ...and receiving millions of dollars in these violations, he was "immune" from any prosecution for said crimes simply because he was President. SOURCE. Mazars USA Donald Trump's previous financial services firm and, the New York TIMES.
  6. So, amid all if Trump's current legal woes, hearings and trials, along comes another one, one he dearly would live to shore under another bus and not have his followers who are investing in his words with their hard earned cash, and why? Because in it, Trump again has been caught running another Investor Scam, which like his Trump charity fund he scammed $14.2 million out of investors for and was convicted and had to pay a huge fine for in restitution, , and his phony Trump University where he conned thousands if following were into paying for uncredited, worthless classes, and again was caught and had to pay $25 million in restitution for that fraud in 2018, Trump AGAIN in 2018, apparently while being in Court for his fraudulent University scam, was already involved in ANOTHER financial investors scam touting technologically out of date Video Telephones, ( A technology already then eclipsed by Smart Phones) insisting he personally was not geung paid by nor was he getting paid for his endorsement of ACN inc, makers of the obsolete phones Trump us quoted as saying were worth over $2 billion! This Hearing, which Trump kept pushing back from the limelight, is set to Come to Trial on January 29th, and will prove that not only did Donald Trump lie to his investors, AGAIN about the value of a financial investment but.he also deliberately lied again when he told Those Investors .. that he (Donald Trump) was not making any money from their investments, because records of ACN show that not only was he a PAID Spokesperson for ACN, but that he was also paid extra for every investor he brought into the company, i. E. Trump was engaged in a deliberate fraud, A PONZI SCAM - , the same kind of FRAUD that put Bernie Madoff in prison In 2009 ( and Madoff also had to pay $150 million in restitution if the billions he bilked out of investors)....so, in 2018- Trump gets his butt hauled into Court for bilking people i.e. financial FRAUD in his phony university, lues in Court, then, in the same year, goes right out and does it again! What does this prove? Well, for one thing, that Trump's word on investing anything in anything he touts is worthless ....and could be Fraud.
  7. The original GAG Order on Donald Trump , which had been held in abeyance to see if his legal team could provide sufficient legal reason why it should not be imposed fully, and which during the interim Trump violated several times,has, by the Judge been reimposed. The Justice Department decided in view of Donald Trumps statement that basically tried to say that ANYTHING he said, no matter to whom or what about, even if it violated any part of the gag order was protected speech because he was a candidate for President. The Justice Department stated that was nonsense and violated multiple laws protecting others. Also the gist of their argument is that anyone can run for president but it does not give you any immunity from Justice if you commit a crime or have already committed any. As Donald Trump has already been indicted in several of the counts of the ( so far) 90 counts of criminal action filed against him, he is in fact a felon under the law. Therefore he already has restrictions on him that a non felon does not have.
  8. Anthony Pratt one of the worlds wealthiest billionaires with assets reputedly 20 times Trump's, and former Trump Mar a Largo house guest on multiple occassions who.previously has stated for "60 minutes Australia" that Trump regularly showed him and other billionaires Top Secret military defensive and offensive weapons detail so in depth as to severely compromise the safety of American defenses, today added that Trump regularly would brag about goading leaders of other countries by phone whose countries he was in the act of bombing, like Iraq" showing an spelling lack.of professional ethics" . Jack Smith, Special Counsel , now has even more to add to his investigations.
  9. So..Trump is in the Civil Trial of his life, literally. But this is nKY thing new for him. His entire business model has been built on fraud, and he's taught it to his adult family members who have also engaged fully being him. What kinds of Fraud has Trump engaged in? . Fraud against the tax payers because unlike them who have had to pick up the costs in New York for a lot of Trump's rip offs of the insurance system by having to pay higher rates because insurance scofflaws like Trump, his adult sons and daughter and even his father before him have cheated insurers repeatedly for decades and let taxpayers pay through the nose in increased rates. Then...how about all that money raised by starting Trump University...which was so uncredited in its education it gave its students that very few could find work in the fields taught because most of what WAS taught was useless, worthless and essentially just a con job made up.of con men claiming to be credentialed professors ( but who weren't even college graduates in some cases and definitely not licensed anywhere to even teach) who worked for Trump, collected fees though the school was never accredited, ( despite Trump claiming it had the highest accreditation in the country) and it gave diplomas if you paid your fees ( $35,000 ) whether you attended a single class or not. The Trump University which ran just 5 years was shut down by the Court and declared a Fraud. Who was harmed? The people who believed in Trump, did Trump refund their fees? He did not, he dragged out the case in Court until 10 days before it went to Trial to try and spend as much of it on himself before the Court and a lot of angry former followers prevailed and Trump paid $25 million in restitution leaving a lot of former followers with useless pieces of paper Trump called diplomas. What other kinds of FRAUD has Trump engaged in? How about the Trump Charity? Another Fraud where he bilked the Public and collected millions ..and what did he use that Foundations CHARITY funds for? He had a $10, 000 painting done of himself which he hung on the wall of one of his clubs, he spent $267,000 of it to restore a fountain he damaged in front of his hotel in New York, he used a lot for it...remember this was a Charity meant to raise money for CHARITY purposes, instead Trump distributed to his adult children as their Board of Directors salaries and who then gave a lot of it right back to him ( this is called Money Laundering folks) as political donations to his 2016 Presidential campaign even though it was illegal to do so, $ 5000 is the maximum limit but he collected millions....he was caught and investigated for " serious financial fraudulent uses of the Foundations money, had to pay a $2 million dollar fine and disassociate himself and his family from the Foundation and the remaining funds in it were sent to 8 actual legal charities. ....These are the kinds of Fraud Trump engaged in, and it goes on from there ...there's no witch hunt, no unfair prosecution, just a Swindler, A Crook, and a Con Man caught again ....
  10. So, ongoing news about Trump v. The Georgia State Election Board, etal. , The Court judge has held off pronouncing a Judgement and instead specifically noted today that there won't be one made..until...defendants ( Trump and his fake electors and additional co conspirators) have a chance to face NEW charges in the case but specifying that Perjury has definitely been found in the current case. Perjury folks is a felony. Yet the Judge by stating he us holding off on creating an Order for Conviction on that basis for the Trump members and Trump in order to " allow said defendants their due process in a new case is very strongly saying that other charges well in excess of Perjury in the current case are being filed and he doesn't want any current case findings interfering with that new case. Wise man that Judge.
  11. So...true to his usual modus operandi Trump continued his Burn his own Bridges plan in Court today, after thinly veiled threats versus the Judge, and Prosecutor, and being warned , he ignored that warning and today ...DURING COURT proceedings in the New York Civil Trial, he actually posted the Judges law clerks photo and personal identification to one of his websites which is a direct violation of any State or Federal Courtroom rules as well as the major threat to the immediate safety of the law clerk! The Judge, on her lunch break, saw it, dragged Trump into her chambers, read him the riot act and demanded he post a retraction on the same site, ( which he did), then dragged his attorneys in to chambers and did the same The Judge then issued a blanket GAG Order on all participants but especially Trump. Well....if former president Trump was looking for a tour of a state prison cell, and huge fines for his future non cooperation, he's going at it the right way.
  12. Thank you President Trump! Economy... check (best unemployment rates ever) World Peace... check (ended wars Bush/Obama started) Media Integrity.... check (attacked/exposed fake news) Border Security: great job Keep winning! Here are a few reasons why you are a legend and the most persecuted person of political corruption in this century. Four Parts Part One/ the spying and lying First, pre election, in his campaign he promised to " drain the swamp". In response, Hilary Clinton and the DNC concocted a devious and corrupt scheme to counter Trump's plan. They paid a company to create a bullshit smear campaign against Donald. They purchased the " Steele dossier" an obviously fraudulent bunch of garbage to attack Trump in an underhanded manner. See Fusion GPS Fake news coverage deceived the world: https://www.npr.org/2017/08/23/545289362/researcher-behind-unverified-trump-dossier-meets-senate-investigators No honest person would have looked at this file and seen it as credible. This was a political attack, not a legitimate file. The FBI and DOJ, under Obama, took the bogus file and doctored it,(Kevin Clinesmith), and knowingly sold false information to the FISA court so they could spy on the Trump campaign. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.politico.com/amp/news/2021/01/29/fbi-lawyer-trump-russia-probe-email-463750 They did their spying and found nothing wrong but keep renewing their warrant under false pretense. This negatively impacted/ruined the life of Trump campaign advisor, Carter Page, and Michael Flynn. Their crime? Supporting Trump. Part Two/Russian Interference Trump wins the election despite the above. Hilary rejected the democratic process and falsely cried that Trump didn't win! She created the false narrative that people still believe today! Russian interference! What? Clinton told the world who believes every word that there was Russian hacking and " interference" and unsubstantiated and undefined claims of an illegitimate election. Trump endured that every second of his presidency. All lies. All spread by media and Democrats and celebrities. Bill Maher. What was he telling millions of people? Russian interference planted him. This was on HBO! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.breitbart.com/clips/2017/03/31/maher-it-looks-like-russia-installed-trump-and-his-crime-family-to-loot-and-destroy-america/amp/ Trump was cleared by the Muller report. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mueller_report Shame on everyone who supported those claims. Part 3/the impeachment attempts to usurp The impeachments. Enemies of democracy attempted to usurp the legitimate president despite the people voting for him. Democrats used their house of rep numbers to push a bullshit claim of illegitimate impeachments. Trump suggested to the president of Ukraine to look into Hunter Biden. Why? Because he is corrupt and was using his dad's connection as VP to make deals, as per reports stemming from Hunter's laptops. The allegations are " the big guy and 10% ". Hunters business partner confirms this. See Tony Bobulinkski. Trump's conversation with Ukraine is now accepted as commonly agreed upon facts. Hunter, a drug addict with no mining qualifications, was on the Burisma board and other boards doing million dollar deals Globally due to his influence with his dad, while Joe was VP. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/world-54553132.amp Is Trump draining the swamp? Sounds like it! Who thinks his call with Ukraine was wrong? Should Hunter have been on the board of Burisma? All on the up and up? No way. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trump–Ukraine_scandal https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2022/07/27/hunter-bidens-biz-partner-called-joe-biden-the-big-guy-in-panic-over-laptop/amp/ Do you know who interfered in Ukrainian politics and demanded the end of an investigation to get funds? Watch this? https://youtu.be/azLKK0xTOFI Part 4/January 6- the Trespassing! After the FBI colluded with social media, isn't that what Russia supposedly did for Trump's win?, to help Biden win the election by burying Hunter Biden s laptop, there was a close election. Is everyone sure the guy who smells kids and can't speak a coherent sentence got 80 million votes? Yes the FBI again. Timothy Thibeault corruptly buried the Hunter investigation for political reasons. https://time.com/6209942/timothy-thibault-fbi/ Remember Hilary saying Trump's election win was not valid? No one said... treason! But, they did the sham Jan 6 Committee investigation to get Trump. Why? Political persecution. January 6. This was not an insurrection. What a lie! No one had a weapon. No politicians were hurt. Except AOC died. Trump told people go peacefully and then told them to go home. The world still claims Donald started a attempt to overthrow the government! People actually believe this. Read his words: https://www.npr.org/2021/02/10/966396848/read-trumps-jan-6-speech-a-key-part-of-impeachment-trial Or watch the video: Go home now is not inciting a coup. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qNES0crpyHk Maybe 20-30 people were being assholes. The rest were in between the ropes and many were let in by police. No police were killed by rioters. The police did shoot and kill Ashley Babbitt but as a white woman killed by a black office the left wing radical media framed it as white supremacists killed 6 police officers! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/think/amp/ncna1273750 What about Ray Epps? https://www.google.com/amp/s/ca.sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/trump-shares-ray-epps-conspiracy-212501666.html What about the Antifa dude telling Ashley go go go! John Sullivan Antifa member! https://theintercept.com/2021/01/14/capitol-riot-john-sullivan-ashli-babbitt/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Earle_Sullivan https://archive.ph/cURdr Conclusion Trump ended crt and radical left wing idealogy in federal institutions. During Trump's reign, no Muslim terror attacks like there had been: Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, Pulse, etc. Unlike Bush jr. and Obama , he was peaceful and against US wars. Obama left office with US in many wars! https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-na-pol-obama-at-war/ Trump has a 3.9 % unemployment record, best in history and best in history for black and Hispanic people. https://www.factcheck.org/2018/01/trump-takes-undue-credit-black-unemployment/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1bqZBhDXARIsANTjCPIGPrD-abwgAADHZvsF-1w2jZxBJyE_mRhMHgWbCAY_aSYLI_a9ReEaAu3lEALw_wcB He called out Coyotes and the cartel for their human trafficking and human smuggling. They are rapists. That's not racist. He supports legal immigration and is against illegal immigration. Isn't that a good thing? Notice how Obama let Russia take Crimea and Biden is on watch while Russia takes Ukraine? I thought Trump was a Russian puppet but... No land grabs on his watch! Right??? He called out fake news and supported statues , not racist fascist who destroy history and historical monuments. People hate him because he says America First. Radical left wing extremists hate America and white people so they hate this mantra. Let them hate while others work hard and make contributions to society. Now they want to get him for boxes and his building worth estimations? Stop embarassing yourselves. I thank him for the good he did the world and for exposing people who abuse their power to attack political opponents and the democratic process! Final Recap of Fun Facts So Trump won the election in 2016 and there was no Russian interference and Trump claiming illegitimate election in 2020 is the same thing Hilary did. The FBI, Kevin Clinesmith, doctored docs to spy on Trump campaign illegally to try to help Clinton win the 2016 election, and the FBI, Timothy Thibeault, lied about/buried the Hunter laptop as " Russian disinformation" to help Joe Biden win the 2020 election. Biden, not Trump, interfered in Ukrainian politics. Let's have a respectful discussion. Caveats: Happy to hear where I am wrong. Just don't argue January 6 was a coup or an attack on democracy. A few idiots unrelated to Trump. Nothing compared to BLM and Antifa looting and burning the country. And Trump disavowed White supremacists a million times. Not sure why though? It's the only group that can't be proud of their culture and heritage.
  13. Donald Trump has accelerated his campaign planning, hoping a White House bid will blunt a series of damaging revelations. Some Republicans are worried. check here full details.
  14. Trump Hysteria in 2022 We are all obligated to believe that Donald Trump is evil. We are almost in 2022 and people will not stop complaining about this guy. Why? Well, he is racist to start. Okay, I hate racists, let us examine why we accept the fact that he is racist. Also, I am from Canada and I have no idea why so many Canadians feel triggered and violated by the former leader of another country. The next time you hear someone in Canada criticize Trump, please refer them to this article. Trump Refuses to Disavow White Supremacy: Debate with Joe Biden It is absurd that anyone can construe Trump’s words in the debate to mean he supports racism. He clearly answered “sure” when asked if he disavows white supremacy and then he disavowed. Anyone interpreting that response during the Biden debate to indicate that Trump supports racism makes a mockery of themselves. For those who believe that Trump has never disavowed white supremacy or racism please watch below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd0cMmBvqWc&t=7s He also directed the Proud Boys to “stand back” which is hardly an endorsement. By the way, the Proud Boys are white supremacists based on what definition? Any specific tenet of the organization to support this claim or just CNN? Their leader, Enrique Tarrio, is black, and their founder, Gavin McInnes, is married to a Ho-Chunk woman. Gavin’s children have tribal rights and are recognized as members of the Indigenous group. PB has Latino, Black, Jewish, LGTBQ, all types of members. In Canada, the PB have been labelled as a domestic terror group although no explanation was ever provided. The only incident with the PB in Canada was in Halifax in 2017. The Halifax 5 peacefully, without violence or criminal convictions, asked why protestors wanted to destroy/remove a statue. The Halifax 5 includes a member of the LGTBQ and Indigenous community. They were military members proudly serving this country. PB, in Canada, is now labelled on the same degree of threat as ISIS and Al Qaeda- makes sense, right? You could be arrested for wearing a PB hat in Canada. Question: Why? Answer: Ummm. January 6th. The “storming” of the capital by white supremacists! Question: Was that in Canada or USA? Answer: USA Question: Did PB organize the January 6th trespassing event? Answer: No one knows but, based on CNN, probably. Question: Any convictions linking PB members to any criminal/terrorism acts on January 6th? Answer: Not as of December 2021. But still, definitely terrorists and white supremacists! Sh*T Hole Countries Firstly, this was allegedly about Haiti and some African countries. There is also no audio of what was actually said and even the most un-objective person would agree that Donald does not get any benefit of the doubt from the media on context. Anyone who has ever been to Haiti and wants to vouch for the wonderful development of this country, please raise your hand. Statistically, check out the data on Haiti. Haiti remains the poorest country in the LAC region and among the poorest countries in the world. In 2020, Haiti had a GDP per capita of US$2,925, the lowest in the LAC region and less than a fifth of the LAC average of US$15,092. On the UN's Human Development Index, Haiti ranked 170 out of 189 countries in 2020. At every standard and every measurement, it is not a successful country. Prove me wrong. https://www.worldbank.org/en/country/haiti/overview#1 Secondly, Haiti is a country. If one disparages Haiti, it is not racist. Personally, I think Detroit is a sh*t hole. Detrotians are not a race. This would not be a racist statement. Parts of Scarborough, Ontario (GTA) (see Kingston Road) are a sh*t hole. Shuter Street, in downtown Toronto, is a sh*t hole. Sudbury and Hamilton-predominantly white, are sh*t holes. These are not racist statements. Haitians could be any colour or race. Haitian is a nationality, not a race hence the absence of any racism. The comment was against the country not the people. Thirdly. And yes, it is a sh*t hole. “Mexicans are Rapists” Obviously, on its face this is egregious and offensive. Mexico has challenges as a country-corruption, crime, cartels, etc. However, Mexican people are typically religious, family-orientated, hard working, friendly and al-in-all good people. Context is important. The actual point that Trump was making was to criticize the US Visa lottery process which is based on arbitrary selection as opposed to merit. Would anyone disagree that visas should be issued to people based on their individual merit as opposed to being selected randomly? It is my understanding that this comment/allegation by Trump was also raised in another context in which Trump was referring to the coyotes who transport illegals across the border. Does anyone defend the way people are smuggled into the USA? There are reports of the women being raped and some of the people sold into human trafficking. Human smuggling is a terrible racket filled with horrible crime. If people believe that coyotes do not rape people and their vocation is an honourable one, please present your points below in the comments. Kindly use facts, not hyperbole and empty rhetoric or made up words. If the comment was made outside of these contexts and used to describe all Mexicans in all situations, it would be offensive and inappropriate. No argument. Ban on Muslims Again, a ban on Muslims is not racist as Islam is a religion, not a race. People of all races/colours are Muslims. It is also important to note that the Supreme Court agreed with Trump. I am sure the Trump haters, with their CNN and google powers, are more knowledgeable than the judges but take that up with the jurists. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/26/us/politics/supreme-court-trump-travel-ban.html Trump pulled out of wars with Muslim countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, which saved Muslim lives. He also signed the peace deals with Israel and its neighbours, Muslim countries, which has brought peace and security to the Muslim region. Trump also stopped Obama’s drone policy, arguably a war crime?, in which many Muslims were killed by drones without due process, clear identification, or any legal protection or opportunity to defend themselves against accusations. How many Muslims died under Trump’s reign compared to Obama? U.S. military forces had been at war for all eight years of Obama’s tenure, the first two-term president with that distinction. He launched airstrikes or military raids in at least seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. Any pattern in the above seven? Yes, all Muslim countries. https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-na-pol-obama-at-war/ Fort Hood. Boston Marathon bombing. Pulse. Nothing like this happened on Trump’s watch. China Virus Trump was racist to call covid the china virus. It was actually universally called that in early 2020. Trump calling on a ban of travel to and from China is no different from countries banning travel to and from African countries sin December of 2021. Is it not? Trump was “racist” yet it was common place to use the term Wuhan virus or China virus. Was he following the regular term used? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eZtCq1aj2g Good People on Both Sides at Charlottesville Is it not always best practice to be objective and to have perspective? Trump said some people defending the statues and some people protesting the statues were good people. Isn't that fair? Or should everyone on one side of an argument be considered right and the others wrong? History and statues are nuanced and both sides have legitimate points. Is anyone suggesting all people defending a statue are wrong? Why should people not want to protect their history and historical figures? History is nuanced and complex. Finding middle ground by Trump seems mature and reasonable. From the videos I saw, there was good people on both sides and aggressive people on both sides. It was chaos in Charlottesville. What was wrong with this balanced approach? Rigged Election Trump is evil because he disagreed with the election results. I am not suggesting there was fraud but does anyone really have 100% confidence that Biden received over 81 million votes? He is not by any definition charismatic, eloquent, competent. JFK and Obama have charm and stage presence. Natural leaders. Obama had under 70 million votes in the historic 2008 election. Sound plausible that Biden won over 10 million more votes than Obama? Biden's leadership skills, winning personality, and affability? Not so much. He is funny, not charming, for all the wrong reasons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgC8dFmhyJQ His speeches, gatherings, events do not reflect this massive degree of 80 million people popularity, do they? His most interesting quality seems to be his comical speech pattern which is to forget what he is saying, not a trait that typically brings 80 million votes, is it? Hilary Clinton took a similar stance on Trump’s win. A year after her defeat by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton says “there are lots of questions about its legitimacy” due to Russian interference and widespread voter suppression efforts. In an interview with Mother Jones in downtown Manhattan, Clinton said Russian meddling in the election “was one of the major contributors to the outcome.” Can anyone really suggest that this conspiracy by Hilary is significantly different from what Trump did regarding his opinion on the 2020 election? How much coverage did “Russian collusion” get? It was ubiquitous yet never made sense on any level. Was the theory that Russians used Facebook to encourage people to vote for Trump or what was it? It was never explained just believed to be true that Trump’s election victory was illegitimate and Russians (ooo scary Russians) were involved! The FBI got involved to promote the idea that Trump’s win was illegitimate. The foolishness of the Steele dossier will forever disgrace the famous federal police organization. https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/18/politics/steele-dossier-reckoning/index.html “He Put Kids in Cages!” Trump put kids in cages who arrived illegally and separated children from their parents. Sure. The government has policies and process on addressing those who enter illegally which requires detainment, processing and assessing. For anyone who knows anything about correctional facilities, the jailers have the highest obligation to protect those whom they jail. Common sense suggests that children cannot be jailed with adults. If so, they are at great risk of assaults, rape, and murder. It is an unsupportable position to jail children and adults together which is why there are different sets of jails in Canada and the US for youth and adults. If he had jailed kids with adults, he would have been a monster and responsible for anything that happened to them. If he separated them and placed them in protective custody, he would be a monster for “putting them in cages”. The separation between kids and adults resulted in parents being separated from those whom they claimed to be their children. Obviously, this is not ideal. The infrastructure does not exist to provide each group arriving illegally private housing. This is the result of their parents committing crimes. President Obama’s policy was the same. Obama stated: “Don’t send your children to the borders!” He had the exact same position as Trump on people to not send their children to illegally cross the border. It is a difficult situation and one without a perfect solution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjxay-XeSks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7cmxB16eX4 For anyone believing this to be an easy fix, check out Biden’s response. He has camps all across the border towns and under highway passes. Does this look like a better response than Trump’s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrXvJJ6MisM Kamala Harris’s role? To research the roots of the issue. Why are they coming? Trump already answered that- see sh*t hole countries above. Ukraine was an Impeachable Offense If you really believe that the call trump had with the leader of Ukraine would warrant the entire democratic process of elections be overturned then sadly, you are dismissed from this conversation. That is absurd. By no logic does that under the legal analysis qualify as treason/impeachable offense. First Step Act Trump signed into law the First Step Act which is designed to help those with criminal records succeed upon their return into society. Many racialized people will benefit from this program. This is different from Kamala Harris who incarcerated many racialized people for drug use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Step_Act Next Steps If you live in Canada and you hate Trump and spend hours on social media letting everyone know how much you hate him…sigh…Time to let it go. Go for a walk. Get a pet. Play Candy Crush. Swipe away on Tinder. Watch a hockey game. Turn off CNN and keep the virtue signaling to a minimum. Its not your country. Not your problem and you don’t know what you are crying about. Signed Big Jim on the Danny (Toronto) Go Leafs go!
  15. According to a CIA assessment, Russia's interference in the 2016 election was intended to help one candidate: Trump. Predictably, the Trumpkin spin factory is in overdrive, trying to undermine the CIA and denying that the interference influenced the result. However, they're missing the point. As Evan McMullin (former CIA operative, former policy director for House Republicans) tweeted: At the very least, Trump actively encouraged foreign interference in the election and is now preparing to cover up and evidence of it. This alone should make Americans enraged. Of course, in the current, hyper-partisan environment, Trumpkins will doubtless have no trouble rationalizing this immoral (and probably criminal) behavior. But the real question isn't even being seriously asked. The real question is how much did Trump know about the interference. Was he or his organization actually involved in some way? The relationship between Trump and Putin has not been thoroughly investigated or documented. Trump himself made several contradictory statements about his relationship with Putin. Senior people associated with his campaign and cabinet have questionable associations with Putin's Russia. Former campaign Paul Manafort is under investigation by the FBI for his dealings. His Secretary of State pick, Rex Tillerson received the Order of Friendship, one of Russia's highest honors, from Putin. So, is it credible that Trump knew nothing of Russian interference?
  16. Despite not exactly supporting the values of Christianity or respecting probably any of the ten commandments, would you still call him a Christian?
  17. BBC: Jersusalem is Israel's capital I commented on some thread last night of someone from the U.S. asking if Trump was all that bad for them. I tried to relate without prejudice. I assumed that much of the world's problems in communication/miscommunication deal with today's technology. However, today this announcement appears as though he may be setting up for some suicidal 'fuck you' before he possibly gets impeached. ?? I'm a bit surprised no one else here even mentioned it yet. What do you guys think?
  18. The way the corrupt Clintonite Nancy Pelosi and the Israeli Fifth Column Chuck Schumer have sat upon DNC and choked life out of it Bernie Sanders is barking up the wrong tree --this party is irredeemable--the high-profile special election in Georgia’s 6th District is a wake up call-- but is Sanders waking up? Or is he too busy signing ridiculous petitions that UN is too harsh on Israel!
  19. 5 Collective Psychology, My Spiritual Work​​ by exegesisme 1xπ there is a master of collective psychology, whose name is trump. 2xπ he would reshape both politics and religions of us. 3xπ no matter you like him, or dislike him, you would prepare to live in his influence. 4xπ he hears the sounds directly from the grassroots. 5xπ the elites also do not dislike him, but just are not habitual with his style. 6xπ his style is compatible with human genome, which has been creating by god since 4 billion years ago. 7xπ this is the reason why his polls were higher each time against lower expectation of others. 8xπ his style showing in his campaign is a micro model of the creative evolutional process of life, and which is recorded in the genome of each human. 9xπ there was a sound called him lord in my sleep meditation, this sound was only appeared once until now. 10xπ the above is my witness, in both my sleep meditation and my clear analysis. ​
  20. The Trump​-Style, Intuition, Flexibility, and Passion By Exegesisme I have a sense that Trump has a kind of very good intuition. Through this intuition, he can catch the core of an issue, and express it with emotional words of controversy. Through this controversy, he causes general attention. And then, he flexibly uses some emotional words at the opposite to modify his original attitude, through this way he makes an emotional balance of public opinion. I call this style of expression with intuition, flexibility, and passion as Trump-Style. Trump has been made his running up from beginning to now by this Trump-Style, and may also will make up into future. On the way, Carson and Biden may possibly one before another become his rival.
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