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Found 3 results

  1. Considering the stink made about Senator Duffy and Rob Ford and Karlheinz Schreiber, I am a bit shocked that Canadian investigative reporters won't dig into massive drug smuggling and money laundering Harper allowed to take place on our soil - especially since the bulk of the black profits went to the yanks. Aside from the $3 million made by Harper, only Levesque and Nesbitt Burns (and the bikers who handled the nation-wide distribution) made the big bucks. But the end users of all this cocaine and heroin included our high school and uni students. Are we supposed to let Stephen just ride off into the sunset with a fat pension for deliberately ignoring and allowing the posioning of our kids - especially at the expense of Canadian investors? RE: http://AmericanFinancialGroupFraud.wordpress.com Harper did far more than just "look the other way". He made sure that two eye witnesses were rushed out of Canada by using his Justice and Immigration Ministries as political weapons. With these two guys in Canada Harper risks spending the balance of his life in prison, that is why Gorcyca and Ingvaldsen simply had to go. The media toyed with Rob Ford until the video turned up. There has, according to court records and sworn private investigator's report been both audio and video tapes about this huge drug ring for years. Why is the Canadian media afraid to make those tapes public or track down a copy of these seized book manuscripts; http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/off-topic-messages/91146-uncle-sam-seized-book-manuscripts-protect-jeb-bush.html Hrper went out of his way to approve a fake extradiiion of a former federal agent to keep his own ass out of jail. If the media will not hold our pols accountable on the big down and dirty stuff most foul, why bother with Rob Ford's drug addiction? Why does Canada, just like America punish whistle blowers instead of help them. We are becoming the 51st state and our media is asleep at the switch, or somehow standing to gin from all the corruption they deliberately ignore??? http://www.veteranstodayforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=1229
  2. If you learned from a credible former IRS agent and DEA agent and 2 honest RCMP agents that former PM Harper was aware of massive drug smuggling of cocaine into Canada from corrupt American government agents who worked for Jeb Bush and Oliver North, would you want him prosecuted for not stopping it? A DEA agent says he uncovered evidence that Harper received a $3 million campaign gift from Bush to look the other way and to keep the Regina court records of Mike Huxtable and Terry Nelson sealed. And when two American eye witnesses confirmed in writing about the $1Billion drug ring in letters to Harper, he did not answer their letters, but instead he made sure both witnesses Erling Ingvaldsen and Bruce Gorcyca were removed from Canada before some MP opened an investigation and had the chance to subpoena them. The below diagram is one of many contained in a book manuscript that federal agents seized from author Bruce Gorcyca who filed a refugee claim in Toronto and asked for asylum. According to immigration records, Marshal Drukarsh was the solicitor who represented the refugee claim (that was ignored for 8 years) It is quite detailed as is the chapter leaked by user "Nico" at worldlawdirect.com. More about this story can also be found at http://rabble.ca/babble/national-news/canadas-drug-problem-was-quite-profitable-stephen-harper-jeb-bush-mike-huxtable and by googling "The Secret Heartbeat of America" and this detailed background of Jeb Bush - http://voxfux.com/features/bush_world_class_criminal.html But specifically do you believe that former PMs should be exempt from prosecution for crimes that affected over a million Canadian citizens? Not just ignoring this drug ring, but also allowing U.S. government front companies like American Financial Group to swindle Canadian investors out of $43 milion just to keep hiding the drug smuggling operation? If any other Canadian citizen did the same thing they'd probably get locked away for 10-15 years. Why should Harper be treated differently http://americanfinancialgroupfraud.wordpress.com Here is more about the criminal history of the Bush family http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=20001and as we all know, Jeb was Stephen Harper's biggest American cheerleader http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/05/20/jeb-bush-stephen-harper-2015-election_n_7346398.html The American author who sought asylum explained why in his book manuscripts. IMO they should be used to bring charges against Harper so the DEA and RCMP agents in the know can be subpoenaed. You can read one of the 39 chapters here: http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/off-topic-messages/91146-uncle-sam-seized-book-manuscripts-protect-jeb-bush.html A Canadian private investigator named Edward Reiken spent 3 months investigating the above and swore out an 11 page report that you can read in this Law Society complaint http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com which I add here for the benefit of anyone who wants to label this as just some crazy conspiracy theory.
  3. I was told my previous post about the 15 years of drug smuggling into Canada by friends of Oliver North and Jeb Bush was deleted because of the graphic photo of the executed Barry Seal, which by the way autloaded when I inserted the you tube link (in other words, you tube inserted the photo - not me) Here's the summary of my previous post... It is alleged that our former PM was given $3 million (either an outright bribe or a campaign contribution) by Canadian Mike Huxtable on behalf of Jeb Bush and Oliver North's smuggling team which flew over $1B of cocaine (wholesale value) into Canada over a 15 year period, and even after getting caught by honest mounties in Sakatchewan in 1997, (both Huxtable and a corrupt retired FBI agent named Terry Nelson were arrested), continued after a 6 month recess. The source is a veteran DEA agent and two witnesses who tried to blow the whistle (Erling Ingvaldsen and a former U.S. Treasury agent named Bruce Gorcyca were booted out of the country - with the help of a corrupt Brampton lawyer, who himself was arrested for child abuse and the subject of a 200 page Law Society complaint http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com. Five insiders actually wrote books about Bush's involvement in Canada with four proxies of FBI Terry Nelson (now retired), Canadian Mike Huxtable (a personal friend of Stephen Harpers), a Florida Lawyer named Stephen J. Finta, and a former RCMP Colonel named Pierre Jeanette from Montreal. Gorcyca also wrote a book and then sought sanctuary in Canada after federal agents seized his book manuscripts at gunpoint, and five witnesses named in the manuscripts were murdered (George Morales, Al Chalem, Canadian John Pierre Gonyou, Johnny Molina, and Stephen Finta) See: http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/law-news/91146-uncle-sam-seized-book-manuscripts-protect-jeb-bush.html For those quick to shout "conspiracy theory" or suggest I wear a tinfoil hat, you may want to do a little background homework first since NONE of these authors were ever sued for libel or slander by Bush or anyone ellse they accused: Daniel Hopsicker: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0970659105 wrote BARRY & THE BOYS and all the sources found in this article: http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/human-rights/91228-will-pm-trudeau-right-wrong-harpers-fake-extradition-bruce-gorcyca.html Also read this book by a former U.S. Navy Commander Al Martin: THE CONSPIRATORS, http://www.amazon.com/The-Conspirators-Secrets-Iran-Contra-Insider/dp/097100420X and another by a highly decorated USA Army General named Russ Bowen who used to work with Bush father during his CIA Director days. http://www.amazon.com/Immaculate-Deception-Crime-Family-Exposed/dp/092235680 IMMACULATE DECEPTION - INSIDE THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY There is is also even better reading material in the exhibit sections of that Law Society complaint above espcially the 11 page sworn report of Canadian Private Investigator Ed Reiken. It also details a $43 million investment fraud scheme that Harper is alleged to have covered-up as well as per http://rabble.ca/babble/election-2015/43-million-secret-reasons-not-to-vote-steven-harper-yet-another-cover And this was takend from another forum: "Take a look this http://www.copi.com/articles/Montana/980326dh.html Anyone with a brain between their ears will know that this is not some "conspiracy theory". The dots are now easy to connect but it seems nobody has the courage to investigate Harper who is alleged to have taken either a $3 million bribe, or a $3 million campaign contribution... "The veteran DEA agent just looked at me in silence for almost a minute with a fully frustrated look on his face, then finally admitted "We know that $3 million went from Jeb to Harper through Nelson's group in 2010. Finta delivered the cash to Huxtable who had a late night meeting with Harper. We requested a court order for wiretaps but were turned down. The DoJ keeps getting in our way and if we push this issue, we will all get transferred to Nogales!" This was not the first time I heard about interference from the top. When I met with XXXXXX and XXXX I got pretty much the same feedback. But at least XXXX was determined to nail Finta. Once Finta was bagged and facing a 30 year sentence XXXX was sure the "fat fuck lawyer" would roll over on everyone. I agreed with him and also suggested they go after Fischetti and the accountants. He asked me if I had the names of the accountants and I gave him one. He jotted it down in his notebook. Officially he said he was not assigned to the Nelson case, because the "Nelson case" no longer existed officially - thanks to Don Gregg and the DoJ. He further admitted that he was not even supposed to be in Beijing but his former partner XXXXXXXX asked him to "check in on Gorcyca". I am glad that he did. I was still worried about the two shootings at our home in Mississauga and now that I heard Soave was retiring, we would have nobody to call for help. Soave and Besson both knew the score but both said Ottawa was calling the shots when we decided China was the best "temporary solution". I told XXXX about my meeting with Ms. Frazier at the Renascence Center in Toronto and I played some recordings for him of my conversations with Maury and XXXX. He grabbed my arm and said "Listen Bruce, you are preaching to the choir. I believed your story after I first spoke with Maury and read the Reiken report. Save those recordings for the people who don't believe you." Despite his assurances and support he still asked me for a copy of them so I gave him the USB - one of seven I made and gave to various friends I had around the world. If anything happened to me or my family, I asked my friends to post everything on line and give copies to two reporters that had been asking me for interviews for more than five years. The only person that I wanted to speak with was not able to communicate with me and I still do not know for sure if my courier package actually reached their hands. My emails had been locked or blocked for months as were most all of my skype calls. Just to call my wife and kids I would have to buy a phone card and use the landline at a local business or hotel. They were doing a good job of isolating me in China, but I was determined to keep my family together. Without communications, that is not easy to do." Note: Atty. Stephen J. Finta was murdered with an induced heart attack in July of 2012, two weeks before the DEA planned to arrest him. My sources suspect the NSA was spying on the DEA's South Florida task force - by executive order for more than five years. Finta had served as a paid FBI informant and Nelson's front man since 1986. It was Finta who delivered the $16 million in cash to the offices of American Financial Group in 1996." Lastly the guys in Montreal at GlobalReasearch.ca seem to know all about Bush as well: http://www.globalresearch.ca/jeb-bush-the-mexican-drug-cartel-and-free-trade/5448747 So in summary, if some way, some how America elects Jeb Bush as President, Canada will be flooded with even more cocaine from the yanks. It got so bad in the late 90s that local citizens even sent a open letter of protest to the FBI director http://www.copi.com/articles/Montana/971215.html Will Trudeau also turn a blind eye to drug flights from America? How ironic their government doesn't want Americans to buy prescription drugs in Canada! P.S. Since I am not allowed to post the youtube video about the hit on Barry Seal, I guess you have to Google it for yourself ("Youtube.com, Barry Seal, murder") Btw... this was also taken from that other forum and show the cocaine trail into Canada starting about 1990. To be clear Harper was not part of the smuggling ops, he just ignored them when he was told about them by both the DEA, RCMP, and some inside informants.. link
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