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Found 7 results

  1. This thread is based on the article ⬆️ Trending from Global News: Most Canadians want universal mental health care. I still don't understand, how some can use the word "most" when the poll is made online, with only 1.626 adults, but that is beside the point. My Opinion on the actual theory: The pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on a lot of people's mental health, including my own, which I have publicly admitted on this forum. Rather than channeling my energy toward the outside world, the pandemic has led me to become more engrossed inside, isolation via work, internet addiction and many other distractions. To counterbalance this, I installed a mini gym behind me, which is a small space where I can work out and do boxing. I attempted to return to a semi-office setting briefly, but it didn't work out. For me, getting up early and wasting time commuting to work reduces productivity. As a remote worker, I am already ahead by the time most people arrive at their office. This is a message to those who keep criticizing remote work on this forum and think "real work" is the typical communistic doctrine with a uniform in the morning early at 7am, get with the times. Regarding mental health, every time I go out, I see the effects of the pandemic on people's mental well-being and is getting worse downtown where I am. I have noticed an increase in my consumption of alcoholic beverages and changes in my interactions with others. If you look at my history on this forum during the bad days, you will see that my behavior was not that of a normal human being. I am aware that others on this forum have also been impacted by personal struggles, disappointments, and the pandemic itself. Just read some of their messages too, and you will notice how mental health issues are present in everyone, some worse than others. 😎 So, what are your thoughts on implementing universal mental health care? I worry that not everyone will understand the importance of productivity at the end of the day and might misuse the system, using the therapist as a crutch to sugarcoat their problems. Can a balanced system be put in place? To address these issues OR Uncle Sugar getting involved in this (=) a bad idea?
  2. ⬆️ Trending Voters in Prince Edward Island were projected to deliver a majority win to the incumbent Progressive Conservatives after an election campaign dominated by debate over heath care and housing. With all polls reporting, Premier Dennis King's Tories were elected in 22 of the province's 27 ridings, the Liberals won three seats and the Greens two. The Conservatives captured 55.9 per cent of the popular vote, and King was easily re-elected in his riding of Brackley-Hunter River. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-progressive-conservatives-look-to-keep-majority-as-voters-go-to-the/ ---> Not a surprise for me, this result, is my commentary. News is trending and confirmed by various sources.
  3. Is Healthcare a Right? Legally, Morally, what are your thoughts? Healthcare is a debated issue in the United States, and opinions on whether it is a right or not can vary. Some argue that access to healthcare is a fundamental right that should be guaranteed to all citizens, while others believe that healthcare is a service that one should pay for themselves or through private insurance.
  4. All healthcare would be better off being affordable, not free. - I'm not sure how the government would implement this but this would ideally mean more money going towards healthcare and faster and more effective services. Physical health and Mental health are important, but mental health is not free for all and it is not even affordable for the vast majority of people. Everyone is supposed to be treated the same in Canada but we need to establish that not everyone needs the same treatment and mental health plays a big factor in this. If we can extinguish the stigma surrounding mental health by having all Canadians evaluated at least once, and daily as children then society could see a huge change in a very positive way. Mental health is the foundation of what makes someone human. The big difference between human and animals is not only our thumbs but is, in fact, our minds. We have the ability to effectively communicate with our fellow man. If our mental health deteriorates because we lacked the resources then this causes a problem for the rest of society. Why put so many funds towards prisons and getting people jobs when we could easily reduce the numbers by taking an actual effort to help people with their psychological problems? Mental health needs more funds if we wish to keep people healthy and if we wish to show society even the government is serious about mental health and not just worried about people killing themselves. Sure it is horrible when this happens, but it is also horrible our own government would be so cheap and allow teens and adults alike to suffer to the point of wishing to die. There are many people who can't get a job, get addicted, and even commit crimes because of mental illness not being addressed properly. The government can argue that they are trying to combat mental illness by making people more aware, but I'm sure nearly all Canadians are painfully “aware”. Now it is on the government to take action. They need to realize people with mental illness don’t always have a clear mind and maybe it isn’t always for good reasons, but we can only blame the government for lack of resources and for not taking the issue as serious as it needs to be addressed. Some people feel alone and to be quite frank are alone in their heads much of the time. P.S I am not trying to claim we only have the government to blame, or that the government has ill intentions towards any Canadians, but stress that this issue is not being addressed properly because we need the government to address mental illness with a serious effort to help all affected by it because someones mental state can literally change in an instant. If someone could enlighten me whether it is truly free for all Canadians to receive mental health evaluations then that would be much appreciated. I tried researching but found many people claiming they had to pay.
  5. Obama/Biden/Harris/Pelosi/care law forced on America 2011, COST 1,500.000 medical jobs, 458,000 American deaths, 36 million people unemployed, 29,000 smal Business closed at a cost of 1 trillion dollars and when COVID 19 hit the USA we had no healthcare plan in place in the USA WHY?
  6. Im currently a grade 12 student who started an Initiative to Inform Youth about Politics and World Issues. I started this podcast in the summer of 2019 after seeing the lack of attention being given to the Canadain election of 2019. My older friends were not voting, and if they were voting, they voted without the proper knowledge. That led me to create this podcast where I try to inform the youth about world issues and politics, and hopefully encourage them to vote. CHECK IT OUT HERE & TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK
  7. A lot of commentary so far has been about the dairy industry; however, Doctors Without Borders Canada released a scathing criticism of the TPP deal reached today by the Conservative caretaker government. In it MSF Canada notes that new intellectual property rules would "limit competition from generic drug manufacturers that reduce drug prices and improve access to treatment, and would accelerate already soaring medicine and vaccine prices." This deal could have an incredibly adverse effect on healthcare in Canada. Provinces already strapped may see healthcare costs soar as a result of the TPP, if the treaty is ratified by parliament. Coupled with Harper failing to reach a new accord on healthcare with the provinces and simply reverting increases to 3%, this spells trouble for not only provincial healthcare expenses but the out of pocket expenses many Canadians have for drugs. Read MSF Canada's TPP statement here: http://www.msf.ca/en/article/the-negative-impact-on-public-health-will-be-enormous-statement-by-msf-on-the-conclusion-of
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