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Found 1 result

  1. A news conference was just held now on the news of Indigenous people declaring war on us all for the "not guilty" verdict of Gerald Stanley. See http://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/gerald-stanley-trial-jury-delivers-not-guilty-verdict-in-murder-of-colten-boushie and present news coverage tonight (10:45 Global news and likely on CBC network now). I've always understood our government's stance of "Mutliculturalism" (TM) to represent collective forms of National Socialists and NOT diversity of all peoples. In the need for the establishment of this country's faltering power to preserve their own Nationalistic 'catholic' origins here, Pierre Trudeau set up a Constitution that locked in his favored religion and culture but had to include token means to the very Aboriginal tribes his (not my) relatives thought of the Natives when they abused them through various policies of their own ancestors. I believe the means of 'favoring' the Aboriginals the WAY we have in this country today goes along with the similar movements to grant women and girls retribution against the problems ...that again....his own kind of family and thinkers created. Yet to do so means to TRANSFER the burden to all people and especially to those very stereotypical thinking memes against SCAPEGOATS of the whole rather than take on the burden of debt that is due against the churches and wealthy establishment of the Eastern Canadian Catholic and Anglican 'loyalists' that served to go against the democratic changes of the Enlightenment when the U.S. was being formed. My anger here is to what this conference of "Nations" (Aboriginal Nationalists) are challenging of many across the nation now against the trial that "let a guilty man free" today. [I don't hold any opinion for Gerald Stanley's guilt nor innocence, only the FACT that he's been tried by a jury of his peers as we are all expected a right here to.] The rise of Nationalism by the Natives now is something that I fear is going to harm us all in kind to all the other segregate empowered groups being fostered by Mutliculturalism. [Remember, the Nazis in Germany is precisely a motion of "Indigenous" Germans demanding SEGREGATE social rights as 'distinct' special peoples!.] History is not only repeating itself,...it is getting amplified for the sake of the selfish arrogance and ignorance of those supporting SEGREGATE laws for SPECIFIC people as though they are above and beyond reproach. I was born on this EARTH and so am equally "Aboriginal" here. I also have NOT gained any of the wealth nor benefits of anyone here, including no favor to high paying jobs that I get stereotyped as having gained from. I am a "FLOATER" when it comes to the fact that I don't own shit nor any privileged "culture" that I supposedly OWN from some ancestors of mine. This is MY land as much as any others here. And I'm getting tired of this EMPOWERMENT to National Socialism in the name of "liberalism" of a left that is actually the collective right-wingers AVENGING W.A.S.P.s that I also DO NOT SUPPORT!! Thank you Trudeau and all you who support SEGREGATIONIST, racist and sexist laws here. Thank you for the inevitable wars that YOU are actually fostering of the very people you claim to be pitying. P.S. "Person Kind" comes from the meaning "per son" (for each SON); So if you were intending to evade any sexist overtones of the word "Mankind" you think it has, Justine, think again. [This is a dig to his comment the other day correcting some girl who used this.]
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