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Found 9 results

  1. As Canada continues to bring in so-called anti-hate speech laws that increasingly narrow the range of free speech, this latest bill removes the ability to oppose alternative sexual lifestyles and gender ideology on the basis of religious exemption. It strips away the basic constitutional right to express one’s religious beliefs. This will no doubt require silence before the accelerating sexualization of children and the attack on the traditional family. How much more destruction do we allow our government and courts to do to family life? This is all of course in a context of falling birth rates and more and more government interventions and restrictions on how citizens choose to express themselves. ”Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has passed numerous pieces of legislation prohibiting free speech in Canada, yet nothing has been as restrictive as Bill C-367, an amendment to the Criminal Code that will prohibit Canadians from expressing “an opinion based on a belief in a religious text. If passed, people can be arrested for quoting the Bible on Canadian soil.” Armstrong Economics Please note that if you are reading this in Canada, due to government restrictions, you may not be able to open the following links: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/great-reset/canada-moves-to-ban-christianity-changes-to-bill-c-367/
  2. The Canadian Government is planning to waste at least $235 million for a project, The Thirty Meter Telescope, which won't even be built on Canadian soil. The Thirty Meter Telescope most likely will employ few Canadians. To make matters worse, the telescope will be built in Hawaii, USA on land which is both environmentally and religiously sensitive to the indigenous Hawaiians. I hope everybody will protest against the waste of tax money and human rights abuses. Please sign the petition to stop the injustice happening within the USA at the expense of Canadian taxpayers. I am posting a link to an online petition against the Thirty Meter Telescope and waste of taxpayer money: https://www.change.org/p/justin-trudeau-a-call-to-divest-canada-s-research-funding-for-the-thirty-meter-telescope-on-mauna-kea Please tell your friends to sign the petition too. Thank you for your time.
  3. Of course, I have nothing against the religious beliefs of people who adhere to their religion, however, for me personally, marrying of an adult man to a girl is immoral and I can not react indifferently to this topic. Early marriage and early onset of sexual activity have long-term consequences for women's health. Also, in poor countries, a young mother, being forced to quit her education and begin to do household work, is deprived of the opportunity to get a profession and is economically or completely dependent on her husband.
  4. 3 Legislation for Investing in Meditation and Genome, What They Should Do​ By Exegesisme On my experience of meditation, and the exegesis of the experience and other human experiences recorded in classical literatures, there is supernatural world, and supernatural beings can communicate with any natural being and any living being. Human dream is the phenomena of the interactions among information of genome, information of new experience from environment, and information from supernatural beings. I have kept a record about more than 1 million words around my supernatural experience. They very likely are aliens who human beings want to look for scientifically. Through proper training of meditation, a human meditator can achieve a state of various inner senses, they communicate with human through human inner senses. Sometimes a common human feels a sudden fear without obvious reason, maybe a warning from them. Messages from them usually are subtle and weak, so human beings can live a life without paying clear attention at them. As an example, people can simply ignore dream. This situation somewhat likes human could live with classical physics before the discoveries of theories of relativity and quantum. The messages of the communication may be coded into unknown neutrinos and/or gravitons. In human knowledge these two sorts of particles can go into human body. As a human jumps up and gets a feeling of gravity, the person may not know the gravity is not only a force, but also huge particles with huge information. Usually human beings ignore the information coded in gravity, as a student in a classroom ignores the teaching of a teacher. Genome is not only functional as the core of general biology, and also as the core of spirit, mind, soul, emotion and knowledge. Genome records message not only through the order of chemical bases, and also through electromagnetic interaction of the charged particles in DNA molecules and gravitational interaction of all real particles in DNA molecules. The supernatural phenomena appeared in the state of meditation, sleep and dream are evidences of these interactions, and human upset with the supernatural phenomena is the object of psychiatric study. All human religions and human mythologies are from the same source, and through with different exegesis of different denomination. My experience is partially linked with Buddhism, my exegesis is based on Christianity and modern sciences. The supernatural beings also have discussed other religions with me. They often give false messages to encourage irrational behaviors, but allow human meditator to debate with them rationally. You can imagine the dialogues between Moses and God, and between John and various angels. Their grammars are somewhat different from human grammars. They like to use one word to express different things. The meditator often hear they say one word to mean every possible thing. There is a hierarchical structure of meaning in their expression, from surface to deep, and even radiating out. Their messages usually are very vague, and sometimes consciously misleading, and also guiding human towards new knowledge, forming hypothesis about phenomena in unknown realm. They warned me yesterday night evil cults would emerge enormously, if meditators half rationally and half irrationally accept their irrational encouragements. With the popularity of meditation, I believe this warning. Before this time, they had already discussed with me several times about possible new legislation related to the relationship between human world and supernatural world. I have a feeling they take us human as the objects of their experimental observation, which may be a proper hypothesis to explain the very complex interactions between them and us human, and their attitudes towards the results of these interactions. We, human, as a whole, need through legislation to tell them our general attitude to the relationship with them. I believe there is perfect one and only perfect one god, who also guides them. With these knowledge more witnesses, more evidences, and more public, I believe human society may be heavily reshaped. All human behaviors are recorded in their observation, this fact will become a part of human self-consciousness, and human beings will much more concern the long term influences of their behaviors on each moment. I suggest the parliament hold a hearing, to collect witnesses and evidences of supernatural phenomena from meditators, as preparation for legislation in the relationship between human beings and supernatural beings, making the constitutional expression "the supremacy of god" meaningful, and as adjustment for investing in the field of meditation and genome. I believe this is the most important thing the current parliament should do.
  5. So, finally getting around to this story with respect to sexism and religious freedom/accommodation. It seems that several plane flights have been delayed thanks to Orthodox Jews who insist on not sitting next to woman. See this story and the links within it: https://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2015/05/01/jews-on-a-plane-a-readers-take/ I particularly like the video in that story although I am sure we have all seen it by now. Anyway, just curious as to people's thoughts on this. ---- Ok, got the poll to work now. I say to hell with the Orthodox religious nut jobs.... women before wacko ideas about sitting next to women.
  6. Well, you just knew that Texas would lead the way back to the stone age, with their ramped up emphasis on "Christian" education. Some of the highlights from the Texas Freedom Network reporton religious teaching coming in to public and charter schools in Texas: Instructional material in two school districts teach that racial diversity today can be traced back to Noah’s sons, a long-discredited claim that has been a foundational component of some forms of racism. Religious bias is common, with most courses taught from a Protestant — often a conservative Protestant — perspective. One course, for example, assumes Christians will at some point be “raptured.” Materials include a Venn diagram showing the pros and cons of theories that posit the rapture before the returning Jesus’ 1,000-year reign and those that place it afterward. In many courses, the perspectives of Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Jews are often left out. Anti-Jewish bias — intentional or not — is not uncommon. Some courses even portray Judaism as a flawed and incomplete religion that has been replaced by Christianity. Many courses suggest or openly claim that the Bible is literally true. “The Bible is the written word of God,” students are told in one PowerPoint presentation. Some courses go so far as to suggest that the Bible can be used to verify events in history. One district, for example, teaches students that the Bible’s historical claims are largely beyond question by listing biblical events side by side with historical developments from around the globe. Course materials in numerous classes are designed to evangelize rather than provide an objective study of the Bible’s influence. A book in one district makes its purpose clear in the preface: “May this study be of value to you. May you fully come to believe that ‘Jesus is the Christ, the son of God.’ And may you have ‘life in His name.’” A number of courses teach students that the Bible proves Earth is just 6,000 years old. Students are taught that the United States is a Christian nation founded on the Christian biblical principles taught in their classrooms. Academic rigor is so poor that many courses rely mostly on memorization of Bible verses and factoids from Bible stories rather than teaching students how to analyze what they are studying. One district relies heavily on Bible cartoons from Hanna-Barbera for its high school class. Students in another district spend two days watching what lesson plans describe a “the historic documentary Ancient Aliens,” which presents “a new interpretation of angelic beings described as extraterrestrials.” If we take a closer look at that first point about using the Old Testament version of racial origins, this chart from one of the education guides is on page 22 of the abridged report: http://www.tfn.org/s....pdf?docID=3422 ================================================================ I'm old enough to recall when I was young that Southern political and religious advocates of racial segregation used to pull that one about blacks being descendents from Noah's cursed son - Ham, as the reason why race-mixing couldn't be allowed. Are today's Texans smart enough to leave that one in the past? Or is what's old, new again?
  7. Ruthlessness Of The Religious Made Billions Suffer (Killer Shot 101) Everything in the bible (or any other book of any other religion for that matter) aside from the fundamental lie of that religion was stolen from society, from the paranormal, from the Earth itself, from the dead and from the living. the religious steal every name that they like then they like to attribute what they steal to their foundation of factually proven lies, They steal the cross from the dead and try to attribute it to their foundation of lies. A thousands years before some human carved out of stone what they call the ten commandments, do you think that you would want your possessions stolen, your family killed etc. Long before some guy got what the religious call crucified, the cross was used to mark a grave of the dead simply because if you see a stick poking out of the ground you may not think much of it but if you see another stick fixed crossing it you would then recognize the significance of a grave for thousands of years before some guy got crucified then they with a stolen cross use it to propagate their religious foundations of lies. The religious steal everything they can from society, every story within any religious scripture etc. is stolen from society and is sickly twisted with lies to propagate that religions foundation of lies. The religious steal Morality from humans and still to this day they attempt to attribute what they steal from us to their sickly devised foundations of factually proven lies. These are the tools that the selfish and the greedy use to take advantage of those from a time of weakness for power and control over the many. What was your weakness, were you an innocent little baby? Did you just lose a loved one? Were you lonely? Were you homeless or starving was you time of weakness when the religious preyed upon you? Did you just get raped? Did you just get in or out of jail?~ could be a time of weakness for some. Did you see some eye candy walk into some religious filth hole? the list goes on. It is sickening, it has make the world sick for thousands of years and it has got to stop so that we may all then finally move on after thousands of years of war and divide leading to the death of millions if not billions over nothing more than foolish pathetic yet deceptive filthy religious factually proven foundations of lies. The foundation of every religion is some ridiculous story about how everything came to be. Again I will include the non contestable factual information that proves every religion is based upon a foundation of lies within this very article. The non contestable factual evidence which proves the foundation of every religion is based upon lies with an additional paragraph for support: It takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter, not anything goes poof into existence out of nothingness and not anything that exists goes poof into nothingness which is proof that energy matter and time always was, is and always will be because the only thing that doesn't change is that change occurs and that is because energy matter and time are always present. Nothing is able to come into existence, let alone be able to process a thought or put that thought into motion via action without there first be the energy matter and time it takes to re create energy and matter which proves that there is no such thing as a god. (foundation of religion is some ridiculous story of how we / everything came to be! Which is the very non contestable evidence which not only so easily proves that there is no such thing as a god, but that the very foundation / fundamental of every religion is based upon lies.   At best there is some alien life form [of which again "For anything to first develop intelligence, or come into existence to develop an intelligence, or use that intelligence come up with a plan or put that plan into motion (to first be able to create / re create) it takes three things, it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter."] taking credit for what even created it thus proving again this alien is no more than a liar for taking credit for what even created it / us and everything throughout the universe in it's present form! Praying or worshiping is a disgusting sign of ignorance towards respecting your environments for what they do or do not provide for you. All these people of all of these religions who's fundamental is a lie known as god pray to or worship this lie/god thus acknowledging that they also believe that this lie/god has intellect to be able to understand worship or prayers to begin with. Yet for anything to first come into existence to be able to develop an intellect or to use that intellect to put a plan into motion thus re create with the energy and matter already present, it first takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter for any of this to first occur because again not anything goes poof into existence out of nothingness and not anything that exists goes poof into nothingness. Paragraph for support: I have noticed that upon several occasions during interaction with people on various web sites that immediately after reading that which has already been shared, they then have the nerve to ignore that which was already in what they just read and ask me well where did energy and matter come from then? The answer as already revealed within that very demonstration: Proof that energy matter and time always was, is and always will be is that it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter. Again not anything goes poof into existence out of nothingness and not anything that exists goes poof into nothingness. You want to contest any of this as fact then quite simply share one factual example of anything going poof into existence out of nothingness or just one factual example of anything that exists going poof into nothingness. No one ever will share even one example and I know this quite simply because the fact remains that it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter! Just because we all suffered war and divide over filthy religious lies for thousands of years because previous generations were too ignorant too address this problem appropriately doesn't mean we have to drag our future generations down / dump this garbage on them! Our future generations deserve better as does all life on this planet that ever existed! The question is do you value lies more than you value life, and if you value life than you must realize that the only place for religion is in the garbage. Remember, if you decide to continue to cling to religion like a dung beetle clings to it's food just remember you encourage lies and deception for power and control over the many from a time of weakness which has lead the globe to war and divide for thousands of years and yes again to the death of millions if not billions over pathetic filthy lies, but me I am not weak and I see through all the fundamental lies of all / every religion and that is just for starters. Go ahead read up on some articles I have written in my profile. Earth, everyone's mother. We all share the same umbilical chord to her via we sleep, eat, drink, live, keep entertained or busy on her in reflection of the Sun my brothers and my sisters of the sweet landscapes and waterways of Earth love David Jeffrey Spetch Ps. Be good, Be strong!
  8. How should humans determine what is moral? Is there a universal morality or is it acceptable for different groups to adhere to different morals?
  9. First off do churches even deserve tax exemptions and why do we grant them? Is it because they do something positive for the community? I know some do for sure, but do they all? How do we know which groups are doing ‘enough good’? They don’t have to open their books. Secondly, who decides what is a church and what is just a group of enthusiasts? Seems like a fine, arbitrary line to me. In my opinion, if Mormonism passes the test then the gate is really wide open for anyone. Let’s say I believe the universe is really a fishbowl on the night stand of a giant. If I round up enough children and teach them the giants require our devotion or they will flush the contents of the bowl and we will be doomed to a massive sewer system full of alligators and rats for eternity, in a couple of decades we’d have a solid following. Who at the CRA has to decide if that qualifies? Finally, these deductions aren't chump change. I've read estimates that the tax savings amounts to at least 48 bazillion dollars. Sure, a bazillion may not be a real number but the actual total is certainly large. So to fix this problem I think churches should not receive tax exemptions. Instead, they should apply for charitable status. They will then have to abide by the same rules as charities. They will have to open their books and refrain from ‘political activism’. Those that want to be politically active or hide their finances can simply pay taxes. To me this approach seems fair, open and free from bias. Thoughts?
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