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  1. You were unaware that Trudeau gave $675M to CBC right after they helped him get elected lol. That's just hard to believe. Were you also unaware that he gave $600M to "select media outlets" right before the 2019 election, and another $30M or so to media outlets in private before the 2021 election? No one was allowed to know who got that money in 2021... Isn't that weird in a "democracy"? Isn't it a bit disconcerting that Trudeau has a habit of giving media outlets vast sums of money right before and after elections? And that he's so adamant that the gov't should have a lead role in internet censorship? Meh, what's the worst that could come of all that, hey? It's just not very important to Canadians... 1. Like I said, it's weird that you were unaware. You seem very keen on media matters compared to everything else. Almost as if you have some vested interest. 2. You said this: "I can accept the assertion of bias but not exaggerated claims" That comes off as pretty high and mighty, imo. It's also non-sensical tbh... If they assert bias then obviously exaggeration would be a normal part of their bias-peddling arsenal, right? Aside from exaggeration and omission, what other way could their bias manifest itself? All that's left is fabrication, which is a step above the others. 3. This was "respectful" in your opinion? You're letting your personal feelings get in the way of analysis Your version of respectful is what I'd call condescending (that's "talking down to people"). I usually know when I'm being lied to, especially when it's as blatant as the CBC's 'news'. I have noticed our media keeping the truth from Canadians. Of course I have feelings about that, but that doesn't make it false. Also, you've seen the CBC's admission now. They just got pinned to that one because it happened to a Canadian of some importance, who had incontrovertible evidence in black and white, but the CBC is well-known for kissing up to Trudeau, covering up his scandals, dissing his political opponents, etc. The CBC's news division is pure crap. You'd be better off digging through tea leaves. At least you wouldn't have any ridiculous expectations about the accuracy or validity of what you're seeing. But you denied the existence of exaggeration, and like I said, how can they have one without the other? Do you think that omission is somehow better than exaggeration? I'd contend that it's worse... I rate the seriousness of lies thusly: 1 (worst) slander 2 fabrication 3 omission 4 exaggeration With omission, you don't even know that something happened, so you have no idea what to look for and where, and you will never have the chance to form an opinion on it. At least with exaggeration you've been made aware of something, which you can then check out for yourself, if you care about it. Exaggeration is the baby version of lying, imo. I'm making serious accusations, and serious accusations come with a burden of proof imo. That means full, concise replies, not brief, vague ones.
  2. Are you f'ing kidding me right now? Schiff's bi-weekly bombshell announcement were an exaggeration Aristedes. You should hold him to a far higher standard than any anonymous internet poster. Are you saying "His lies were actually bi-monthly", or that he didn't lie? Did CNN not completely fall for the Jussie story, and then shout down criticisms of it, and then deny evidence up 'til the last possible second, and then ignore the racial division angle of the story completely? Man up. Pick a subject I made there and try to tell me how "exaggerated" it is, stop sticking up for CNN's lies. Their biases aren't small. They're not normal. They're not healthy... no healthy person talks like the liars at CTV and CNN. Wrong. "Lying by omission" is an actual thing. "Lying by exaggeration" is an actual thing. Bias, at the extreme level at which it's evident and CTV, CBC and CNN reporting is "lying". Omission is still lying, just without the colour commentary. What Tucker says isn't gospel, but it's sensible. Morning Joe is a toxic liar and nothing that he says is based on anything that's happening here on earth. At the time, his story sounded far-fetched and ridiculous, just like our own hijab hoax story in Canada. It never deserved serious consideration or widespread coverage, but most importantly, when the story unraveled, the alt-left media still portrayed him as a victim, and completely neglected to even consider it as an attempt to create racial division, which it clearly was. Let's be clear - Jussie was in no way a victim here. Jussie Smollett actually was a race-baiter and a hate monger and liar - those are all basic, indisputable facts. CNN referred to it as a "crash". There was no "crash". By contrast, when a car in N Carolina killed 1 person, it was a car attack. At no point has CNN ever considered Waukesha a car attack, but 6 times as many people were killed, twice as many people were injured, and the person who did that had used the exact same vehicle to run over his baby momma just a couple months earlier. CNN always downplayed the extent of the rioting, lied about all of the circumstances surrounding the Brown and Floyd incidents, mischaracterized the level of police brutality, assumed racism based on no evidence at all from either incident, and condoned all of the violence and chaos. At no point was it ever too much, it was always just viewed as "a reaction to police racism". I saw rioters that day, but somehow CNN saw "seditious mobs" in action on that day. FYI there's literally no such thing as a seditious mob. The absolute fact of the matter is that CNN did not see seditious mobs - NO ONE EVER HAS, in the whole history of the earth by definition - they saw a riot and used words to describe which they thought would implicate the rioters in something that they weren't necessarily guilty of. That was lying and bias at its worst. No, only one was charged criminally, and even when he was found guilty he wasn't disbarred. Alt-left media did not report on the FBI's guilty plea. Caswell Thomas lives in the US, he claims to have gone to law school, and he didn't even know about it. Most leftists here didn't know about it until I told them. Go ask any leftist you know if any FBI members were convicted of crimes and I guarantee you that 80% of them don't know. You tell me, is it a big story when an FBI agent is convicted of a crime against the president? Was it really given the coverage it deserved? Oh waaaaa. Canadians were forced to take a jab that killed them. By our gov't. That's why the protest was there. They had every right to be there. Stealing almost every crime from the Nazi playbook was overkill... The gesunheitspass was overkill, as was freezing bank accounts of dissenters, forcing people to take the jab, stealing gas from the truckers, beating protesters who had surrendered peacefully, the PM hate-mongering Canadians on TV, the media covering up his hate mongering but lying about the decorum at the event and pretending that there were hate symbols everywhere, CBC lying about the connection between co-morbidites and covid deaths, social media outlets banning the truth from FB and Twitter... I think the media absolutely should report what he says, like for example when he calls the unvaxed "racists and misogynists", and asks if Canadians "should tolerate them"? Let's not tolerate each other to the max. I'm down. CBC admitted to lying. The gig is up.
  3. @robosmith your article says: On february 24, 2022, as Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, fantastical tales of biological warfare began surging across the internet. Russian officials solemnly declared that secret U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine had been conducting experiments with bat viruses and claimed that U.S. officials had confessed to manipulating “dangerous pathogens.” The story was unfounded, not to say ridiculous, and was repeatedly debunked. I never saw all that's claimed there, the Atlantic is most likely lying by exaggeration so they can do a straw-man fact check, but stories of BSL4 labs weren't "debunked". As you now know, Victoria Nuland wanted to make sure that Russia didn't get access to anything in those "debunked, imaginary BSL4 labs that really, really, really don't exist anywhere, honest in'jun." What say you, robopuppet?
  4. You're holding a leftist to account for exaggeration now lol. That's like calling a retarded kid for double-dribble. At least he referenced something that was actually true and compared it to something else that was actually true. That's a 9/10 for accuracy on the leftard scale.
  5. Of course leftists are gonna lie, at the very least they'll lie by exaggeration, and in this case Vanity Fair is saying "legal to kill migrants suspected of trespassing" lol. Farmer: "Well sonofagun. I thought that he was on my land! Turns out he was just in the ditch, taking a leak. Oh well, I did "suspect" that he was on my land, and that's close enough according to Vanity Fair's legal experts. I shot him 50 times."
  6. That's a startling admission coming from you. You're a far bigger person than I thought. 1) His middle name is Killary. 2) Julian Assange says "Hi." It's a fact that one of the most common things for leftards to lie about - and there are many - is the reason behind things. "The reason" behind things is easy to lie about, it's like the low-hanging fruit of fabrications. The brainwashed horde will never question that type of lie. Buddy - IF CANADA TRIED TO JOIN WARSAW PACT THE US WOULD INVADE US, 100%, AND THAT'S NOT AN EXAGGERATION. Your leftardian credulity, vast ignorance and your shallow understanding of geopolitical realities are all coming to the forefront here.
  7. We're actually in an exaggeration recession compared to the covid years. Stop blowing things out of proportion.
  8. 1) There still wasn't an insurrection, so you're obviously wrong. Just one small, brief, unarmed riot. 2) He told them to be peaceful constantly, not just once "Storm" is an exaggeration. That group could have 'stormed' an elementary school, seeing as there would be no real opposition, but they didn't 'storm' a building which had 10,000 times their killing power. They rioted. You're at least partially retarded. Fill yer boots pal. I don't say things like this: So a black man shoots and kills a white cop. Learned behavior? Excempt from life in prison? I'm not calling you names, I'm just pointing out the obvious. It's not a case of "They did it too", it's a case of "They did much worse for several years on end."
  9. I think what you mean to say is that you're uspset because you got called out for the lying It's a lie that "Israelies are killing women and children" though, isn't it C2015... They aren't 'targeting' women and children, as your post implies, they're targeting terrorist scum who are shooting rockets at civilian targets in Israel, and they're trying to kill members of Hamas, who actually burned people alive and chopped the heads off of babies. There's nothing improper at all about huntng down Hamas, you should be celebrating every minute of it if you're not a bigot. That's not exactly an impassioned post, which is telling considering how gruesome the attack was, and there's no exaggeration at all there like there is with Gaza details, you downplay everything related to Israeli suffering. You write off the more gruesome details as lies, just because we don't show gory things like beheaded children and burned bodies in our news feed, and we don't do that because we don't want to create porn for members of Hamas and their supporters to jerk off to. You basically said less than the bare minimum that you could about this topic. By contrast, you exaggerate everything that Israel does against Hamas, both in terms of scope and level of intent. I.e., you say that it's all part of a genocide when Israel attacks, and you act like everyone who was killed in Gaza was a woman or a child, and that it was all part of a dirty Jew plot. You literally seize on every bit of Hamas propaganda as if it came from God himself and any quote from the Israelis gets sea-lioned. I'm not 8 buddy, I can see exactly what you're doing here. I'm not some child of yours who has to abide by your truth or else... Everything that you said is still here... You can't pretend you didn't do literally everything that I said.
  10. Q: Who's stupid enough to just quote NYT? A: ^That guy^. Is there any more proof than just the accusation of one man? Your post makes it sound like Reagan went to them early on and then they held them for hundreds more days, so no matter what the actual case is, you are at the very least lying by exaggeration. If that's mainly true, it was highly illegal for Reagan to deal with those guys on behalf of the US while he wasn't an elected official. Reagan must have already been the president-elect when he initially started talking to the Iranians, in which case you're also lying by omission, and then he only started talking to them after approx 400 days. That also means that Carter wasn't really getting anything done, was he.... So how many times did you lie there? Once by exaggeration and once by omission? Not bad for a leftist if you only lied twice.
  11. That should be a disclaimer at the bottom of every post you write, but it's also a good spoiler alert in the intro. Thanks for saying that. The condensed version is even better. Looks good on you. No, I posted a link to CBC's own site which says that they're part of a globalist media corp that sends out the same messages and does what they can to censor 'other information'. If you need to see it, then google "CBC part of TNI". Then I posted examples of the 'other information' they were censoring, which weren't the kinds of things that they ever should have censored. I also posted examples of the disinformation from Fauci and Rachelle Wolenski that they were peddling, and subsequently back-pedalling. CBC was also fear-mongering. I also referenced the fact that conservatives were being gaslighted for saying that theyw ere being shadow-banned. CBC/TIN: "There's no such thinh hahaha. Those guys are kooks hahaha." It's not an exaggeration at all to say that CBC are liars and willing agents of a global disinformation campaign. It's not an exaggeration to say that CBC's role in this whole thing was "Mainly to spread disinformation and to fear monger". They had no interest at all in presenting fair and balanced news. All you ever did that whole time was nod your head, or parrot their lies. And you're still doing it, even with the benefit of hindsight. It's unfathomble how credulous you are, and how devoted to the people who lie to you. CTV and Global are both just as bad, but I don't have an article where they admitted to being part of the global disinformation cabal so I'm specifically targeting the CBC here, but CTV and Global's ability to parrot disinformation shouldn't be overlooked. They were very bit as bad as the CBC was. Your sandbox insults are all you ever have. You can never respond directly to anything I say. Doesn't it just eat at you sometimes? Don't you just wanna blurt out a fact once in your life? Don't you wanna know how it feels? Why don't you try to say something like: - "CBC wasn't part of TNI." - "TNI members weren't busted for shadow banning people, lying about the existence of shadow bans, they didn't intentionally and knowingly remove truthful and accurate information from the internet." - "CBC didn't lie or fear monger." - "The majority of CBC's coverage was not lying and disinformation." So just say one of those things and try to make the case for it. Or try to say several of those things and try to make a case of it. Are you a man or a mouse Moonbox? C'mon, squeak up!
  12. A few small droplets of rain landed in a portion of the crowd over a span of a few seconds and WashPo wants to call the president a liar for years about that. Trump said that his crowd was bigger than Obama's because it looked big and the only data available at the time was transit ridership that day and he turned out to be wrong, WashPo calls that a lie when it clearly wasn't, he was just wrong. These are the two staples of WashPo's "TWUMP IZ A LIOW" campaign, and they've been referenced thousands of times by dolts like you as evidence that your fantasies about Trump are real. At the same time as you're shrieking "TRUMO IS A LIAR! IT RAINED! A PORTION OF THE PEOPLE IN THE CROWD HAD TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THE ELEMENTS FOR 11.4 SECONDS!" you say things like "It's no big deal that Joe Biden told the media over and over again that he didn't know Hunter was busy making over $10M dollars in the two countries that Biden was conducting the most official business in". Leftards say "The crimes committed by the FBI weren't that big of a deal. Clinesmith thought that his lie was important. Entrapment, enshmapment. Lying to the American public so that the NYPost can be kicked off of Twitter was no big deal.... There are all kinds of different lies robo: fabrication, lying by omission, gross exaggeration, plagiarism, deceit, bold-face lies, white lies, etc... You appreciate the absolute worst types of lies from your fellow leftards while you lie by exaggeration to make the claim that Trump was a liar. FYI what Trump did in those two instances wasn't "lying". In one instance he was merely wrong, the other was almost 100% accurate because in 17+ minutes, only a few small drops of rain fell when they were expecting it to pour. Where I live, the lower mainland of BC, we'd say "It didn't rain" as well under those circumstances. As an example, I did the West Coast Trail with my wife and in 7 days we just got a few sprinkles of rain for about 5 minutes one day, not even enough to cool us off. When we reached the end of the trail we said "Thank God it didn't rain, that could have been ugly if it had rained" and we both knew exactly what that meant. I still feel that way. If people ask I say the weather was fantastic. If they ask if we got rained on I say "Nope. Just a light sprinkle for a few minutes on one day." No one ever called me a liar, but I guess my answer had no political ramifications. You're just not a smart guy robo. WshPo tells you to have an emotion, based on their own lies, and you fall for it. Jst remember, when I asked you for proof of Trump's lies I told you that whatever list you came up with would feature those two "inaccurate anecdotes" prominently and you had no choice but trot them out because they're the centrepiece of the leftard story. Now hit the skids boiiii.
  13. It's weird how wrong you always are while you're pontificating. 1) Duh 2) Ok? I never heard of them but I don't care... That's just kind of a random thing to throw in there. 3) What a revelation. 1) BS. I'm pretty far to the right. I literally can't stand Trudeau, the CBC, CTV, CNN, Biden and anyone dumb enough to still be supportive of any of them, and my FB page reflects that in no uncertain terms. I have hundreds of friends there. Still, I've never had a single person talk to me about Naziism or the Klan or any other shithole group, I don't even suspect any of my FB friends would be in such a group. By contrast, leftists are courted by domestic terrorist groups constantly. For example, you're here talking to people, trying to sell your shithole fascist group daily now, and people are civil to you for whatever reason. Honestly, the only reason I am is because I would hate to somehow look less than you. 2) Still around? Dude, let's talk about the elephant in the room now. Muslims hate Jews more than they hate cancer. They have hate rallies out in the open, right in Ottawa, and our PM absolutely refuses to speak out against it. FYI the whole point of Quds day is to look fwd to the day that allah grants muslims victory over the infidels. It's the closing line of Khomeini's speech when he proclaimed that as an officially observed day on the calendar. There are muslim clerics HERE IN CANADA telling their adherents about the tree that's standing in front of the last Jew saying "Here he is". It openly advocates for genocide. That's not some kook in a barn out in the middle of BF nowhere, that's right inside of a mosque in Mtl, in front of the whole congragation. That's the most virulent form of Anti-'Semitism' there is (a lot of Arabs are Semites, the term A-S doesn't really work against Arabs), it's very common and it's no joke. Those guys mean every single bit of what they say. If they say that in the open, what do you think they say behind closed doors? 3) Politicians absolutely do support anti-Semitism. Why do you think that Barack Obama is there lending credibility to the likes of Louis Farrakhan? Ilhan Omar is another Dem who's openly hostile towards Jews. Most of the squad is. Does CNN ever call those guys out for that? Of course not. FYI that's called tacit support. 1) You literally have no clue about the difference between racism and religious bigotry, and that's weird, because you're here acting like you know everything. FYI racism and religious bigotry actually oppose each other in a lot of cases. For example, white and black people can be muslim and completely hate Jews while holding hands and being staunchly opposed to racism. 2) You're such a filthy liar it's insane. No conservative in NA makes racism a part of their platform you stupid piece of crap. Not one. And you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that, but then again, you're a self-proclaimed domestic terrorist, so what should I expect? The only leftist politicians with actual racism in their platforms are the leftists who portray white people as being the world's only slave-owners, black people as being the only slaves ever, and act like muslims are somehow fit to judge others on that front. Yeah, that's racism. It's actually the worst form of racism to falsely ascribe a negative character trait solely to an entire race of people, and to pretend that guilt is in one race's DNA and no one else's. FYI every race is guilty as sin. They're guilty of enslaving people of their own race, of enslving people of other races, enslaving people of other religions, etc. Guess who abolished slavery when they were the dominant culture on earth and didn't have to do so.... You don't wanna hear this answer, buuuuut it's white Catholic/Christians... AWWWWW SANP! Now, personally, I think that the industrial revolution made the real grunt work of slavery unnecessary and even redundant, so the creation of machines was probably the greatest factor, but credit where credit's due... It wasn't blacks and it wasn't muslims or LGBTQ or leftists or any of your other supposedly 'morally superior' groups. It was white God-fearing folk. Case closed. 3) Provide a cite now for Naziism being promoted in RW media right now you lying scumbag.... FYI the furthest right news org that's even close to being mainstream in Canada is Rebel News and it's owned by a Jew. Don't sit around waiting for Ezra Levant to make some kind of claim that echoes a quds day sentiment (you know, the kinda hateful statement which is fully endorsed by our PM) because it ain't gonna happen. The ONLY support that there is for Naziism in NA media is for the Azov brigade. Jon Stewart himself placed a medal right in the hand of a tattooed Azov Nazi on behalf of the Dems' Pentagon staffers. How much more support could you show for a Nazi than to give them a medal? Even the Dems who support virulent anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan and Ilhan Omar don't normally advocate for Naziism. 1) No, that's actually not even a thing, liar. 2) You overlook the very worst war criminals on earth, you overlook Obama's "war crimes" and you're even a domestic terrorist yourself, and you somehow think that because the Israelis protect themselves that they're "war criminals". FYI Hezbollah and Hamas give pensions to terrorists and their families. If you blow yourself up to kill some Israeli children Hezbollah and Hamas will give your family a pension. That's how sick the people are who you support. 3) I don't have to "deflect" any of your criticisms because you're a domestic terrorist, so - by definition - anything that you say is already tainted with hate, and the stupidity is usually self-evident. 1) It's part of the muslim religion to hate Jews, so yeah, there are plenty of haters lol. 2.1) OMG, there you go again conflating racism with religious bigotry. You're so stupid I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you. 2.2) At least you're admitting that a form of fundamental islamic bigotry is being supported by the MSM. It's not overt support, it's underhanded support. Omission here, exaggeration there, blurring of the truth, etc. 3) Of course islamic fundamentalism is on the rise because the number of muslims went up. A certain percentage of muslims are fundamentalists, period. You can't increase the number of muslims without increasing the number of fundamentalists. It's basic math. Statistics. 4) If you can't provide a very real cite showing "the MSM promoting Naziism" then you should be banned from here, because your lies are way beyond the pale. I personally think that you're filth.
  14. that ain't gonna stop you from posting it. Gotcha. That is the leftist standard after all. I knew that before I clicked into this thread. I'll see the same thing if I open a thread started by Robo, Rebound, Aristedes, Beave, etc: a grand accusation in the thread title followed up by an OP which is a mish-mash of lies by omission, lies by exaggeration, baseless accusations against someone, outright fabrications and unsubstantiated opinions. Right? Death, taxes, leftist lies.
  15. If trucker/coal miner/civil rights activist/friend to both Nelson Mandela & the Communist Bank of China Joe Biden can do it, why not George? If Hillary "I landed under sniper fire and had to run for it" Clinton, the "truth-teller of Benghazi", and the woman who famously quipped "All b!tches want it" whenever her husband was accused of rape (this last one was a slight exaggeration, she actually just called them loonies or something) was allowed to run in 2016, why not George?
  16. There you go. "Drizzle". Drizzle is 'precipitation', but at a time when accuracy matters, 'rain' is rain. If someone walked outside for 17 minutes, experience a brief drizzle that lasted a few seconds, and then said "It was raining while we were outside", that would be a gross exaggeration (lie). If WashPo wants to make a correction with any integrity at all, they need to say something like: "Trump said "it didn't rain" but it did drizzle for a brief period of time". What they did was atrocious. They made a mountain out of a molehill. The reason for the high degree of accuracy is that a grand accusation like lying needs to be accurate and forthright in order to count. WashPo's ridiculous, exaggerated claims are a serious form of lying, and exaggerating something as serious as WashPo's claim to the extent they did it is actually a major lie. When Biden pretended that the drone strike killed ISIS-K terrorists instead of an aid worker and a bunch of kids, WashPo made a molehill out of that mountain. "It was the US military!" You know damned well that if Trump said that there would have instantly been accusations that he pressured them to lie, that he knew the target wasn't properly vetted and might just be a family, an anonymous source would have confirmed it all (aka it was deemed to be 100% true), and it would be called "RACISTMURDEROFCHILDRENGATE!". Bob Woodward would say: "This is bigger than Watergate!" End of story.
  17. 1) His hair was dry, we both know what wet hair looks like. 2) There is no "greater evidence that it did rain", because it did not rain at all. 3) It's possible that a few tiny droplets landed during the course of 17 minutes, but it absolutely did not "rain". When Trump said it didn't rain it was neither a lie nor an exaggeration. WashPo assertion that Trump lied is the only lie in the story. 4) Hi-Def video from ABC, which I showed you, provided ample proof that it did not rain during his speech. The fact remains that WashPo lied, and they were already a fully discredited source long before that happened. You can continue to get info from them and disseminate it, it's a free country, just don't expect to have any credibility when you cite them as a source. It's no different than citing Breitbart.
  18. At the exact same time as the FBI were lying to Americans about their fabricated attempt to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer (Oct 8 2020), the FBI and the intel community were lying to Americans about the validity of the Hunter laptop and telling them that it was just Russian disinformation. The MSM ran with that claim, and social media even banned the New York Post for publishing information about the laptop which we now know to be true. Both of these things occurred in the last month before the 2020 election. So, if you're keeping score, the FBI ran a 3-year smear campaign against Trump and tried to delegitimize the 2016 election, then they ran the Governor Whitmer kidnapping hoax to discredit Republicans of all stripes before the 2020 election, and they also called actual, verifiable information from the laptop about Biden's illicit activity "Russian disinformation" in the run-up to the 2020 election. And don't forget, the FBI had access to the laptop a very long time before they called it Russian disinformation in the lead-up to the election (it was dropped off at the repair shop in April of 2019 and the FBI seized it in Dec 2019). There's no way that they didn't know it was legit after having the actual laptop itself in their own possession for nearly 11 months. And if they knew that it was legit, then their Russian disinformation story was actually a fabrication. There are many different kinds of lies (denial, omission, exaggeration/minimization, etc) but the most obvious and the worst is fabrication. When you go to the length to create an actual story which you know is false, that's when you're a liar of the worst kind. That's what the FBI has proven themselves to be now. @Michael Hardner You said a few days ago that you find it hard to believe that the FBI is really as bad as we were saying, and that was before this Whitmer thread. Is it it time to seriously consider that the FBI is the KGB of the western world?
  19. Says the guy who was just talking about "people of zeitgeist's ilk" lol. You just came here to prattle on about your debunked CTV talking points and when your foolishness is exposed you accuse me exaggerating. You're a mouthy little troll with no insights, facts or stats, the best proof that you can offer is to refer to the snickering of an alleged "circle of friends" who share your idiotic beliefs. FYI it's not exaggerating to say that there are side effects which are extremely serious. Those side effects mainly occur among people who didn't even have anything to gain from pseudovaxing in the first place. If you don't know that then you have your head up your arse. FYI it's not an exaggeration to say that when 85 yr olds die of "covid" or "the flu" it's not really that serious - it's "normal". The only difference between "the flu" back in 1022 and "covid" in 2022 is that in 1022 the octogenarians used aromatics, leeches and mustard plasters to fight their own flu, now they control our MSM and they are trying to vaccinate enough 5-30 yr olds to eradicate it before it gets to them. If you like the jabs and you think they work, fill your boots dude. The vast majority of people don't need it at all and jabbing them confers no benefits on our society. Having the cops trample innocent protestors or beat them like rented mules after they surrender on their knees isn't helping create the illusion that the jabs do anything.
  20. Wellllll not just my opinion. Even people who are usually against Trump agree on this one: https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/09/16/how-jared-kushner-proved-his-critics-wrong-416527 Your opinion is actually quite a new one as far as I know. Most leftists usually try to paint Trump as an Anti-Semite, I don't think that I ever saw the "Jew lover" accusation before. In terms of being "a sellout to Israel", I guess you have no idea of the scope of the problems out there for Israel. If they have a single bad day they'll all be dead and that's not an exaggeration. Their enemies in leadership positions in the ME still talk openly about the talking tree. Are you talking about this from a Wahhabi POV? Do you think that it's just wrong for Israelis to exist? I'm not really sure where you're coming from or what you would have liked to see happen to Israel while Trump was POTUS.
  21. She was trampled by a horse, so it's not an exaggeration to say "trampled". It just is what it is. She uses a walker, so if she's not elderly she's partly handicapped. In any event, she checks one of the boxes that leftists go crazy for. It wasn't just right wing media that thought she was elderly, everyone thought that when they looked at her. Stop trying to act like people lied about her age ffs. If you want to see media lying just look back at every single newscats between 2016 and 2020 on CNN and CTV. They told so many lies about "Russian collusion" that some of the most severely retarded people in our society still believe it was a thing. Leaving that protest definitely means that more adults and children will be forced to vaccinate. Yes the pseudovax is dangerous, even the CDC acknowledges some of its side effects. No Trump didn't 'develop' the vaccine in his spare time as POTUS, he's not the genius that you make him out to be, but he'd probably be one of the most culpable people for rushing the vaccine if it wasn't for all of the leftards pushing it on everyone. Are you referring to this: ? I won't say that you're "lying" about Russia in this instance because all that you're really capable of doing is regurgitating CNN talking points. Have a fun weekend Beave.
  22. It's not an exaggeration to say that she was trampled by a horse. That was the intent, and that was what happened. It was a clearly unwarranted & excessive use of force. By your own admission people were being reasonable in assuming that she was a senior citizen, therefor you're acknowledging that people weren't lying when they called her a senior - they were just wrong about her age, therefor you are a liar for pretending that people were lying when they called her old. 1) So it took 48 hours to confirm that she wasn't a senior, and in that span of time literally everyone thought that she was, for several reasons. Again you knew that you were just slandering people by calling them liars. 2) Only an idiot reads/watches CBC. It would be a compliment to call it disinformation, it's actually just drivel. By your simple understanding of the matter, the choice to leave and just force their children to take a pseudovax which could harm them very badly would be reasonable. By your simple POV the choice to just take the dangerous pseudovax that they didn't need in order to keep their jobs would be reasonable. FYI those things are not reasonable, and just giving up would not be reasonable. Your understanding of the topic at hand is sadly lacking. The fact is that many of the people that stood up to our fascist gov't are the very best of us. That's why our MSM ran such a determined campaign of slander and lies against them. Lying is your thing, don't put words in my mouth. I never said that Zelenski alone "started the war" but he created the reason for the war and when he had the opportunity to take reasonable steps to avoid war he chose not to. Zelenski forced Russia to take a stand against NATO encroachment and he is absolutely as responsible as Putin is for this war - he was a willing combatant. That's just your window connoisseur 'logic' again. Sometimes people don't provoke attacks against them, sometimes they do. Eg, if you told someone who could bench 70 lbs "I'm getting 4 of my friends to scratch you and pull your hair" and they said "Don't you dare, or I'll kick your ass", and you said "Oh yes I will", and then they slapped you around a bit, it wouldn't be their fault alone, you'd be 'consenting to violence' by refusing to back down from your threats. If, on the other hand, a 12 yr old girl took a liking to your Hello Kitty backpack and demanded that you give it to her, and then she bitch-slapped you for non-compliance, she would be guilty of assault. Get it? Sometimes you can be considered a willing combatant for refusing to obey an ultimatum, sometimes you're not. She's awesome. You could only hope to be a moon-cast shadow of her on your best day.
  23. Whoaaaaaa! You care about fake news all of a sudden? Next thing you know I'll be wrestling with muslims & jews to buy my precious bacon. I think that the exaggeration of the old lady's condition on social media is less of a story than our media trying to hide this incident from the public, don't you? It's like someone murdered a cop and you come back with "but the average cop gives out 100 speeding tickets per year." While you're struggling with this recent bout of honesty, is 'some people on social media saying that the lady died' more dishonest than the MSM coverage of the event? All the terrorists, racists, misogynists, vandals, desecrators, etc were really on their best behaviour, hey? I mean, they were there 24/7 for weeks and didn't burn anything aside from a few candles, and some of the monuments downtown haven't been washed away in a sea of urine, or trampled to dust. Phew! Close call.
  24. This is another example of where the dreadfully low credibility of our MSM comes back to bite us all in the ass. They're literally the boy who cried wolf, and now we have no clue whether there's a wolf at our door or a butterfly when they shriek. They may be in some places, but in Langley BC they didn't, at all. I know people who work in that hospital. C19 crickets.... My mom got either the flu or C19 this year. Most likely C19 because the stats tell us that 2.3 Bajillion Canadians got C19 and only 3 people got the flu (slight exaggeration) in 2020. My mom's almost 80 and she didn't say it was a terrible flu. The recovery period after the main symptoms were gone lasted longer than usual. IE, a general lack of energy lasted about a week. She didn't see a Dr, my niece and sister just brought her a bunch of soup, etc. In all fairness, the women on her side of the family all last into their mid-90's, so she is a very healthy near-80. I believe that our current government will never get anything right. Prove me wrong.
  25. Unlike the complete bullshit that you see on CNN and CTV, every single word that Devin Nunes said here was absolute verified fact. Every word that Devin Nunes said exposed the Dems for an extreme history of lying, slander, and their casual abuse of the judicial system. This is what the real truth actually looks like: The Dems sitting in silence, wishing they were invisible, while their history of filth and corruption is read into the public record without a shred of exaggeration or inaccuracy. Take heart though Dem fans, they have a new lie for you to believe, so you can start spewing idiocy again.
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