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  1. 8 minutes ago, Argus said:

    I think that given Muslims slaughtered hundreds of millions of Hindus during their conquests of India well before Europeans ever found the new world, that you clearly don't know very much about history. The inquisition, btw, only lasted a short time and only killed a couple of thousand people. However, the Muslim version of the inquisition is ongoing as you can still be executed for blasphemy or insulting the prophet or insulting the Koran or apostasy in a number of Muslim countries.

    Yes, the Crusades and the rape of all the Americas(Sotuh, Central and North) in the name of Jesus made the Inqusition look like a garden party.  

  2. 23 minutes ago, DogOnPorch said:


    1985...not a short time ago, either. And the Hindu and Sikh community are quite happy to live together here...peacefully.

    Yet...oddly enough...Sikh terrorism hasn't been an issue since the Air India bombing. No daily Sikh bombings of the dirty kuffar from around the globe.

    For that...we can overlook a lot, apparently.


    The main deterrent to Sikh separatism was the actions of the (Hindu) central govt was not their community cherishing anyhthing.  It was the Indian govt sending in Special Forces to the Golden Temple and killing a buttload of Sikhs.  Of course, there was also that wee bit of provocation when Sikh bodyguards murdered the Indian Prime Minister.


    Another religion of peace!


  3. 9 minutes ago, betsy said:

    It's one thing to hate -

    it's quite another to be actively killing without any discrimination at all, just because you're consumed with hate!

    Do you mean like Christians have done on behalf of Jesus for a couple thousand years: kill anybody not of their faith just because.? You know, the Inquisiton, the Spanish in central and South America, the... you get the idea.  I think ISIL may have based their 'kill em all except those like us' campaigns on Christian conduct.  What do you think?

  4. 19 hours ago, Hydraboss said:

    WR doesn't have to cater to the socially conservative.  They have NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.  Jean IS holding the cards because without the WR, the PCs are still dead in the water.  Notley never captured the center - she won the lottery when the electorate got sick and tired of the PCs.  Jean was too new as a leader and WR candidates didn't do much to win the election; they sat around and expected it to come to them.  I doubt they'll make the same mistake again.

    Funny...I'm been a conservative in this province my entire life and I have yet to meet a right-wing social conservative.  Never ran into one - not once.  And I've spent a lot of time talking to WR people and NOT ONE of them is against GSAs, gay marriage, abortion (at least publicly), etc.  You sound very much like a proper Progressive Conservative in Alberta painting the WR as a bunch of Trump wannabes.

    Of course they have to cater to them, the Godbotherers are a strong enough clique  and never compromise , that the PCs were delighted to be rid of them, and they have been a boat anchor on Wildrose ever since.  It is WHY Smith ripped the party apart with defections(of the less conservative) leaving, and why the most socially conservative MLAS remained in Wildrose and still insist on policies that insure that the Party will never form a govt.  Smith knew it, and Jean does too.


    You don't think that the rump who didn't defect were not the hardcore social conservatives?  LOL.   You are not paying attention .  They were not invited because they were not welcome by the PC govt of the time: the PCs had gone to much effort to eject these people, why invite them back?  The writing for the Godbotherers was on the wall when Ed Who?Stelmach defeated the extreme right of the old PCs, represented by Ted Morton.  The hard right read that writing and moved en masse to Wildrose, but you did not notice that then or now?


    And please, you are being disingenuous at very best by claiming never to have met a social conservative in Wildrose!!  Were you unconscious in the Smith election campaign, when she had to repeatedly stuff  a sock in the mouths of some very hardcore conservative candidates who kept beaking on about homos etc? It cost them seats and may have cost her the Premiership.   Don't insult everybody here by pretending that they are not a serious faction within Wildrose, and a serious chronic deterrent to forming a government.

    "They have NOWHERE ELSE TO GO".  The hard right crew will  have to sort that out when the two parties merger, unless they can rally and block the merger- which is possible.  They are not welcome in the new party no matter who leads it. Jean is going to lose some leverage in his campaign to lead the new party if the loons block the merger, but he will still press on because he wants to be Premier, and that just won't ever happen with Wildrose and their entrenched crazies. Obviously.  That alone is the bulk the impetus and imperative for Jean to endorse  the formation  the new party.


    Is it insult each other time now?  Trump wannabes?  Wildrose mainstream, minus the loons, has some very serious challenges.  The first is: how to retain the centrist, PC voters they attracted last election.  They know full well that they did not come because of Wildrose policy, they came over because they were pissed at Redford et al.    Jean knows that the Wildrose banner will not keep any or many of them going forward, Wildrose has peaked right now.  The second is, how do they permanently ditch the perception that they are deeply socially conservative?  Jean is working on that in a couple of ways- by ditching the Wildrose brand, and by ditching the human  boat anchors on the far right that prevent moderate Wildrose symapathizers and the mighty center from voting for him.  If he fails in either regard, Notley wins again.  The stakes are big.  And he has no choice but to go all in, now.


  5. 42 minutes ago, DogOnPorch said:


    Give what time? The Sikh community in my city is highly cherished and respected. And guess what? They just DETEST Islam.

    Gosh... they must have seen my posts here.

    Not long ago, Canadian Sikhs -perhaps coming from your community-were heavily involved in the worst act of mass murder, by far, in Canadian history.  Your Sikhs also hate Hinduism, for the most part.  How does hate make them more or less cherished?

  6. I can hardly wait.  I also find it good news that the showrunners are wrapping it up next season.  It must have been tempting to keep milking that cow..  Others should take the hint, Walking Dead first and foremost.  It is getting boring and repetitive.


    Also cannot wait for S2 of Westworld.

  7. On 6/1/2017 at 4:04 PM, Hydraboss said:

    The difference this time is Jean is holding all the cards instead of the PCs.  I think we'll see the United party formally accept a vast majority of the WR platform since the PCs won't have a choice.  Kenny's gone too far down the garden path to reverse course and think he can retain the leadership.  I liked Danielle, but the truth is she "backstabbed" constituents by crossing the floor and for that she paid the price.  This isn't crossing - it's merging and there IS a difference in perception (I really think most people look at this as a kind of political potluck).

    You and I disagreed last election about the whole "social conservative" thing and I think we both got blown away by Notley's win.  The fact is, the "godbotherers" have nowhere left to go once the merger happens so the party can pretty much quit even paying attention to them.  I think the new party will turn hard right fiscally and mildly left socially.  The real social conservatives are actually guys like Kenny and his ilk and I don't think there's any line in the sand between which party, the PC or WR, that they belong to.  They just won't have a choice next election.

    Very obviously Jean is not holding all the cards or anything close to that, or he would never have agreed to even discuss a merger, a new party or the dissoltion of Wild Rose.


    Jean is a a pragmatist, and like Smith before him he knows with certainty that he has to dump the Godbotherers with certainty and finality.  Smith tried hard to convince them what it would take to win, but that far right sliver just won't let anything go, there is no compromise.  That is why Smith left Wildrose in the ditch: there was no chance, none, of winning with that far right, social conservatism- its an anchor that kills any hope fo forming a govt.  Jean looks around and knows for sure that Wild Rose has peaked, and much of that success is due to disquiet with the PCs, not anything charming about Wild Rose.and their policies.


    I agree that the 'new party' will be mnpore fiscally conservative and psotion itself in the center otherwise.  It is how you win elections in Alberta and in Canada.  Nobody gives a shit about the social conservatives, they are a liability and a curse.  Note that at the end of the Klein era, the PCs moved in this very direction socially- and in the process dumped all their weirdos on WildRose.  Now WR has to flush them once and for all.  And this is therir opportunity- which Jean is seizing with both hands.


    The OP title does indicate, as he admits, that the OP does noit get Alberta poltics.  What is happening to not 'uniote the right', because there is not enough there to survive, much less untie.  This is about seizing the center back from Notley.

  8. On 6/5/2017 at 8:42 AM, GostHacked said:



    Qatar is Sunni, hence the ties with Iran in a sense. But that even makes less sense with the US's 5th Fleet having their home there. They are really closing Qatar off from all angles.  So something interesting is about to happen with a major power struggle or power shift in the Arabic nations in the M.E.

    I can see that Saudi Arabia (Shiite) and Qatar with the Sunnis that this would be an inevitable conflict.  What is going on over there???

    You have the Shia/Sunni thing wrong for pretty much all the countries you named.  

  9. 11 hours ago, blackbird said:

    I am ready also, but it might be better to give the NDP and Green some time to show the voters what they are like.  It the election is too soon, the result might not change much.  Giving it some time might convince a lot of people to vote them out.

    Isn't severely damaging themselves economically every generation or so, by electing the hapless NDP,  a ritual flagellation in BC?


    Unfortunately for many people, this time they won't be able to flee to Alberta for a job.

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  10. How do 'progressives' cope with people like me that are socially liberal(pro chocce, pro public health/education, pro SSM etc etc), yet feel strongly that we need to be able to pay for our social  contract with something toher than our grandchildrens high interest VISA card??


    Am I a fascist or a 'regressive'? 


    Vote now.  Vote often.

  11. On 5/25/2017 at 11:03 AM, Hydraboss said:

    Won't happen.  If Notley tries to beat the box office by calling an election in order to hold it ahead of the merger, she knows she'll lose to the Wildrose at the moment.  If she waits, she'll lose to the United Conservatives of Alberta.  Either way, she's one and done and she and her party know it.  I'm pretty sure she'll hold out until the very, very last second to drop the writ - if the NDP have any hope in hell of being reelected, it will be because they collect all the dirt they can on the new merged party and its members.  That and she wants to introduce into law every possible "left winged" idea she can so she'll have a legacy of sorts.  Notley is likely to be the last NDP premiere for decades and very possibly the last female premiere for a very long time after our string of failed female leaders in this province.  First there was Redford who tainted everything she touched and left office in disgrace, then there was Smith (who I actually liked) who toasted her political career in the "deal with the devil", and now there's Notley who is a complete train wreck.  Albertans have memories like elephants politically, so future NDP will pay the price for every perceived "mistake" she makes.

    There will be no election until May 31, 2019.

    Agreed.  Notley has stated she won't call an election before 2019.  


    Danielle Smith recognized and acted to the same triggers that Brian Jean did.  They both knew for certain that Wildose as it is now simply cannot win an election.  Social conservatism won't win in AB, just as it will not win anywhere in Canada.  Both she and Jean failed to convince the minority of Godbotherers to back off and shut up.  Smith defected, Jean is about to dissolve the party formally.

  12. 57 minutes ago, Wilber said:

    It will be interesting to see where this goes. All the parties will be living under the threat of another election which could damage any of them depending on what triggers it.

    It is not wild speculation to assume that there will be zero pipelines or LNG facilities built in BC.  There is no scenario available now that would see political approval of anything in the province, and several that would see outright rejection  of both approved and proposed projects.  Even if Clark wins another seat, her majority is so thin that every government backbencher could blackmail her or be bribed to cross the floor.


    More likely or perhaps almost certainly big money in oil and LNG like Petronas and Kinder-Morgan will take the strong hint and just decide not to invest in Canada.  They will join the already huge flight of capital by multinationals who recognize that Canada is just  not a friendly place for them in the resource industry. 


    We have only ourselves to blame.  We are simultaneously unwillingly to recognize how our fat, comfortable social contract is funded(hint: it is not through deficits), and then constantly elect fools that reinforce our bad choices.  And... here we go again.

  13. 13 hours ago, eyeball said:

    I'm curious where you think the limit is and at what point an expense to the environment is great enough to not make it worth the price? 

    There is no tolerable amount of hydrocarbons.  BC should set an example by closing all airports, blockading all ports, tearing up rail tracks  and removing all gasoline pumps in the province.  People are just going to have to be cheerful when the climate police come to remove their furnaces and fireplaces too.  Shivering in the dark will keep everybody warm enough.


    It is not clear how they will keep cows from farting copious amounts of methane.

  14. 13 hours ago, blackbird said:

    At the moment , 10:25PM, the election results are showing the B.C. Liberals leading in 42 seats, NDP 42 seats, and Green Party 3 seats.  This is probably the closest election race in B.C. history.  This will have Albertans on edge because the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion to ship Alberta oil to Asian markets could be threatened if the NDP and Greens together form a majority, which is 44 seats. The NDP Alberta government, must be on pins and needles tonight because there are 100,000 people out of work in Alberta.  Getting a lot of these people back to work may depend on the pipeline expansion so that Alberta can sell their oil to Asian markets.  What we need is a strong Federal government who can show some leadership and get these pipelines built, including Energy East regardless whether provincial governments oppose them.  Pipelines are a national enterprise, much like railways and require Federal leadership.  This NDP/Green win does not bode well for the economy and jobs in B.C.

    The Green Party leader in B.C. is likely a strong believer in man-made climate change and believes more should be done on fighting climate change.  It shouldn't be a surprise because isn't that the reason for a "Green" party.  With the B.C. carbon tax the last eight years, I have already paid directly about $2100 in carbon taxes which is very discriminatory for several reasons.  A small minority of people pay most of the carbon taxes in B.C. and almost nobody in the rest of the world even pay any carbon taxes.  So people in B.C. may be hit with more costs for the climate change scam.

    LOL.  Nobody in Alberta expects anything from anybody in BC.


    That is not how Canada has worked, for a long time.


    I also have to laugh at the notion that Trudeau has any real interest to 'show some leadership' on pipelines.  He would be privately delighted to see the entire oil and gas industry in the country closed forever.  At the first sign of dissent on Energy East, he shut down the hearings and the entire process remains paralyzed.  He'd love to see the same thing with Kinder-Morgan/Trans Mountain, and now his wildest dream will be realized.  The project will not move ahead, and he won't be blamed.  I expect Kinder-Morgan the corporation will look at this result , review the roles and actions of the provincial and federal governments, and conclude: why bother with Canada at all? 

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  15. 47 minutes ago, Omni said:

    She plea  bargained her sentence down. It happens, in this case to get to Paul Bernardo.  

    And she lied substantially about her role to get that deal.  Soon after, the Crown knew for certain that she had lied, because they found incontrovertible video/audio evidence of her role.  She knew of this evidence since she had been the camera operator and hid the tapes in her home.  I find it utterly disgusting that the prosecutors did not immediately void the deal, since telling all the truth is always a bedrock of the deal itself.  She richly deserves the same sentence as Bernardo. which at very minimum is life without parole.

  16. On 5/1/2017 at 0:16 AM, Bonam said:

    It's very funny now, issues like regulatory reform of the financial industry seem so far beyond the types of topics that are now present in US federal politics. While the buffoon slings poo around the white house and distracts all attention, the financial industry can do whatever it wants. Perhaps that's the plan? We are after all in another massive bubble now... the stock market P/E ratio just reached levels previously seen only twice before in history: right before the 2001 crash and right before the 2008 crash. 

    Obama had all the time required to change US mortgage regulations to prevent another round of economic holocaust.  He did nearly nothing, and nobody went to jail. 


    The CDN industry and specifically residential mortgages are federally regulated.  The banks and all lenders are required to qualify every high ratio borrower under rules that are not of their making, so the risk here is far less than it is in America.

  17. On 4/29/2017 at 0:38 PM, kimmy said:

    The Ottawa Senators continue to be impressive!  They have faced all kinds of adversity this season, and have somehow found a way to fight through everything.  If Cam Talbot isn't the MVP of the playoffs so far, Erik Karlsson might be.  He seems to be carrying them with a combination of willpower and sheer talent.

    They continue to somehow find ways to win. Last night it was all Cam Talbot... the game before, the Ducks were so focused on McDavid that Leon Draisaitl was free to do whatever he felt like. The series isn't over yet, but the Oilers have shown that they aren't impressed by the Ducks' playoff experience or by their supposed physical intimidation.

    I think we have to wait to see what happens in the expansion draft before we know for sure. The way the playoffs are going so far, the Las Vegas management team is probably looking at some of the guys the Oilers won't be able to protect in the expansion draft and thinking "hey, that guy might be a good pick-up." I don't know if they'll be able to protect Mark Letestu, for example...


    Speaking of Las Vegas, their GM George McPhee is  wheeler dealer and open for business.  One of the problems that expansion teams have is spending to the minimum cap figure, since they are often picking up prospects and third liners.  I can seriously see Eberle being traded there, in return for prospects and draft picks.  The OIlers are coming soon to some serious cap problems.  McDavid is going to get 10 to $12 million, Draisatl perhaps $7 million, RNH already gets $6 million.  Their defence as a group will cost them $20 to $25 million, without counting an upgrade which they need and will take them to $25 to $30 million as a group..  They also want to sign Kassian, Maroon, Caggiula, Benning, Slepyshev, probably Pakarinen and most urgently need another decent goalie as backup.  


    If Pulujarvi is deemed ready.....either RNH or Eberle is gong to have to go, and I reckon it is Eberle.

  18. On 4/28/2017 at 7:57 PM, dialamah said:

    How has it been an unqualified success exactly?

    The ALCB in 1993 offered about 2200 products to the public at about 205 government run liquor stores,  Today, there are about 2000 private liquor stores offering about 20,000 products.  Big win for consumers.


    By closing those government stores, the govt also dramatically reduced costs and risk to taxpayers.  No more hefty wage, pension and benefit liabilities, and no capital costs from retailing booze.  And of course, instead of employing overpaid govt clerks to sell this commodity, now the private sector(with ten times as many outlets) also employs more Albertans in retail liquor stores than before.


    It pretty much made organized labour and striking redundant.

    Unions are barely a couple three steps above a terrorist group or a criminal gang but given how far down the same pole governments and politicians are too you'd think the public would have a little more sympathy towards public employees that have to toe that particular line.  The demolition of a labour oriented left wing is just about as complete as it is total.

    And yet, fear and loathing of leftists and leftism abounds like it never has before.  Sure weird times we live in.

     I guess this poster did not notice that Alberta has the only NDP govt in Canada.  So much for "demolition of a labour oriented left wing is just about as complete as it is total."


    Nope, the AB govt of 1993 made a sound, well considered business decision.  They realized that there was no reason at all to pay cashiers and shelf stockers and warehouse workers wages and benefits that far exceeded anything dreamt of in the private sector for the exact same unskilled jobs.  Unlike progressives like Eyeball, they acknowledged that there is not any reason at all for the govt to be involved in retailing booze. No govt has an obligation to grotesquely overpay their staff, which I know is a totally foreign notion for 'progressives'.  Aside from the waste of money for taxpayers, they cleverly  managed to retain much of the tax revenue from control over wholesale - which has pretty much none fo the risk and cost inherent in retail operations.


    Like I said, it is pretty much an unqualified success unless you work for the Alberta Union of Public Employees. 

  19. 2 hours ago, -TSS- said:

    There just shouldn't be "snap elections" or they should be the last resort to solve a political deadlock. If an election-term is 5 years that is how it should be, no matter what the polls say.

    Imagine if Donald Trump could call an early presidential-election the moment his approval-ratings began to improve. That just wouldn't be right, would it?

    In the UK, the PM must have a 2/3 majority to call an election so early.  May got 98%, which means nearly all the Opposition voted with her.

  20. On 4/24/2017 at 3:13 PM, -TSS- said:

    If and when Labour is soundly defeated he really has no alternative but to go but is there really any obvious successor to lead the party anyway?

    He had no alternative but to quit after Brexit was approved, but Corbyn is so far up his own colon he did not recognize his duty.  He won't quit.  Labour is going to be devastated in the June election.

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