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  1. Mulcair has the math about right.  We have no right to expect Trudeau to fulfill more than 40% of his promises when he got only 40% of the popular vote

  2. My goodness, what an embarassing moment for Justin/CBC at the UN General Assembly. The CBC pitched his speech as the return of Mahatma Gandhi. The juvenile buzzphrases he spouted as the 17th speaker were to a mostly empty room. Cringeworthy.

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    2. capricorn


      I think he's trying very hard not to bat his eyes at reporters when he's taking questions from the media.

    3. Topaz


      my undersytanding is Canada is usually given the lunch hour and that why Harper and Justin didn't have that many people there.

    4. overthere


      Justin did not have many people there because they nearly all left after Obama spoke, but more importantly because Canada just does not matter that much despite being 'here to help'. It's a rookie mistake- if he wants people to actually sit in the seats while he talks, he should make those fat handouts to the leaders of failed states contingent on attendance.

  3. The MapleLeafWeb over /under on selfies . Trudeau in LaLoche today, population is about 3000. There are about 1000 media in attendance including 900 from CBC alone. The Vegas line on Trudeau selfies is +/- 1800 selfies before midnight tonight, media excluded.. I'm taking the over. Vote now.

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    2. WestCoastRunner


      More to the point. Why are they jealous?

    3. On Guard for Thee

      On Guard for Thee

      Maybe because their leader got the boot because next to nobody liked him, and JT got in because most people like him, here and abroad.

  4. culture shock

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    2. On Guard for Thee
    3. Smoke


      Hahahaha LOL at bscapper. Funniest post of the day!

  5. Help me out here. I see Trudeau, a gaggle of federal ministers, and some Provincial premiers in a photo op at a Paris slaughter memorial. I also see Denis Coderre, the mayor of Montreal. What possible reason could there be to have Coderre -a mayor- there as part of the Canadian delegation?

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    2. Smoke


      But Harper, but Harper.....

    3. overthere


      "Our Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Is also there. Do you have a problem with that too? "

      yes. WTF does he have to offer, other than being another LIberal hack?. If there were any relevant mayors to attend they would be the mayors of Edmonton and Calgary, both their cities are central in the energy industry that feeds so many Canadians across Canada. But enither did attend, they were home getting ready towlecome Syrian refugees depsite their economies being under siege. '...

  6. Would it be prudent to contact Judge Gomery, put him on retainer and ask him to keep his schedule clear? Given the LPC campaign co-chair resignation and Liberal traditions, he is going to be needed again pronto.

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    2. scribblet


      If anyone had any doubts that a Trudeau government would be as corrupt as the Wynne Liberals look no further. Too bad the Conservatives haven't been running ads showing Trudeau cozying up to Wynne.

      These crooks couldn't even wait till Election Day to start trying to cash in.


    3. Shady


      Here we go again. And I thought they'd learned their lesson.

    4. scribblet


      Trudeau represents the same old Liberal party which brought you the sponsorship scandal. Selling their influence to the highest bidder – same sh.t different leader.

  7. Coincidence? Yeah sure. I'm talking about Libby Davies announcement that she is retiring next year. Of course, that is suspiciously close to the time Mike Duffy goes on trial. Has anybody ever seen both of them in the same room at the same time?

    1. socialist


      You're trying to appeal to the gutter crowd I see.

    2. scribblet


      Not suspicious, MP pension plan rules change after the next election.

    3. Big Guy

      Big Guy

      I used to wonder about the same thing with Superman and Clark Kent.

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