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  1. Don't you see that it's impossible for someone who ONLY speaks french to get along in any other part of our country besides Quebec? They have one province that you have difficulty in. You have 9 provinces that they have difficulty in. We're a BILINGUAL country...you do know that means BOTH languages should be equally accepted everywhere, right? This most certainly is not the case and there is no indication that English speaking Canada is willing to meet the French halfway and learn their language. So tell me, why should the french have to learn English or furthermore CATER to them? French at one point in time was in a position to be the only language anyone would speak in the world. It just so happens that at this time that language is English. It's almost a certainty that will end sometime. It's already said that the EU and USA do more business with China than they do with each other. It may not be in our lifetime, but there is a distinct possibility that we will all be learning Chinese in the future.
  2. Sorry I didn't read through this entire thread....but I just had a thought. If we blame videogames for violence in children....can we blame the governmetn for kids stealing money? Just wondering...
  3. Perhaps we can just hand over our entire paychecks to the government, maybe then the socialist systems will be fixed. [/sarcasm] You want to know what the problem is? The guy in the public hospitals that makes $18/hr to mop a floor. Having a board of directors for a single hospital campus that fills a two page spread in the local newspaper. In the end, the problems amount to the government being horribly inefficient in running any type of business. And why should they be? They have 30 million people giving them billions of dollars a year because those people have no choice. Let's add to this the suggestion that businesses and the rich should be taxed higher than everyone else (instead of at the same level) and you give corporations (who create jobs, obviously) absolutely no reason to want to start up or operate in our country/province. In the end, I truly don't believe giving the government EVEN MORE funds to waste is the answer to any problem. The less the provincial and federal government do for us, the better....imho.
  4. If Quebec didn't distinguish itself as distinctly french, they would be a bilingual province, while all the other provinces (save NB, I know...but for all intents and purposes it's an english speaking province) would be english speaking. Eventually the french will be pushed off the map. If Quebec wasn't the only place in the country that french was still alive and well, perhaps they would be more likely to move for a truly bilingual nation. As it stands, they're just trying to keep their identity alive. Of course, we're arguing opinions....and y'know what they say about opinions.
  5. If there's a better way to put it, I can't think of one. Other than to look at it from this angle; the Liberals used taxpayers dollars to help with their campaigns, nearly making it impossible for any other party to compete against them. Why not just make up ballots with one name on it? Maybe it's reaching....but is it THAT far of a stretch?
  6. Funny how most Liberal supporters truly believe that throwing money at a problem will fix it. Call me crazy but, increased taxes for decreased service is absurd. This whole deficit thing has to be looked at in the proper context as well. If I make $20,000/year and buy a $500.000 home, it's a heck of a lot different than making $150,000/year and buying a $500,000 home. Debt/Credit can and does work to our benefit if you have the means to back it up.
  7. I think more than anything French Canada would be happy with a TRULY bilingual nation. What we have right now is hardly bilingualism, it is French Québec and English Everywhere-Else. Even more than creating a seperate nation, I think it's important for all of us to realize our combined contribution to the birth of this country (including the First Nations). Québec, in my opinion, is just trying to remain distinct and keep it's culture alive. The other option would be to sit back and risk assimilation as we've tried doing to the Aboriginals. If it appears as though they're always fighting, it's because they are.
  8. It seriously shatters my brain when I think about how I'm paying more this year for OHIP, yet coverage has been cut, only to turn around and read that there is STILL a deficit budget. I mean, what's the solution seriously? The whole deal with the Ontario government is completely outrageous. I wish my feeble little mind could grasp these concepts.
  9. It's pretty sad when we can sit here and say that this is "standard". Yet our country continues to tuck its tail between its legs and let these vultures pick through our wallets at will.
  10. Unfortunately in their place we got higher taxes and less services in Ontario, but hey...the kids at McDonalds now make more money.
  11. Agreed but everyone seems to be jumping to pretty wild conclusions without hearing all the evidence. It seems to me that we can't do things like, oh I don't know, says its worse than Watergate without hearing all the facts... Right? There is 30 years of hindsight and examination on Watergate.... We still afford people the right to be innocent until proven guilty, but what fun is that? Broad brushing an entire political party is much more fun. Honestly though, the information we've heard through testimony should be enough to anger even the most apathetic voter. Perhaps my age leaves me a bit naive to the way things work in our government. He voted Liberal when he turned 18 and will vote Liberal until he dies -- his words not mine. And I truly can't understand the irresponsibility of voters like him. You're right though, to compare it to Watergate is jumping to conclusions awfully quick. I'm certain in 30 years hindsight will prove that this was much worse. I'm being somewhat facetious. We can only hope history proves me wrong.
  12. Maybe my view of history is incorrect, but I don't recall Mike Harris getting voted out. I do remember him resigning and Ernie Yves taking his place. Of course, the campaign promises of Dalton McGuinty have also slipped my mind, but I suppose this belongs in the Provincial Forum rather than the Federal one.
  13. It's very hard to believe that much money can slip under the radar. And let's say that it does, how irresponsible does that make those who are looking after those funds?
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