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  1. You will have to bear with my sarcasm. UK being the first country that trying the vaccine on their population. So far so good...But then comes this: Great news! https://www.cityam.com/pfizer-given-protection-from-legal-action-by-uk-government/ Now that doesn't give me much confidence in the safety of the vaccine! Especially when we know it isn't compulsory to have the vaccine but it becomes known that unless the vaccine is tested on a large portion of the population we won't know if the vaccine is working. Reading this article doesn't instil much confidence to have the vaccination. Thoughts?
  2. It is not may claim...WHO said this: Full article: https://www.astrazeneca.com/what-science-can-do/topics/disease-understanding/a-vaccination-program-to-meet-the-needs-of-a-global-pandemic.html
  3. In regards to vaccine development and its approval, 50% efficacy would be good enough, nevertheless I am not convinced with this trial, they need to repeat it to prove the claim.
  4. Oxford announced they have a new vaccine which can be stored in the fridge and at a much lower price than Pfizer. It is promising. Canada and Uk have signed a trade deal. Perhaps that may expedite the process for vaccination in Canada. On another note, I cannot help but contemplate how on earth did the Covid drug by Pfizer got 95% accuracy claim just 2 days after the announcement of Moderna drug into the market? I recall both drugs were launched on Monday within a space of one week. On Wednesday Pfizer announced that the efficacy of their drug has increased from 90% to 95% to match the efficacy of Moderna drug!
  5. Indeed! It begs the question though whether the efficacy of the new drug means that the contracts will be awarded to Moderna since it has better success rates and distribution channel or each vaccine from theses pharma companies will have different effect depending on the type of person. We also wouldn’t know the side effects of these vaccines. Those who are less vulnerable in-terms of age or pre-existing conditions may be inclined to take the vaccine if they were offered.
  6. Moderna said it had improved the shelf life and stability of its own vaccine, meaning that it can be stored at standard refrigeration temperatures of 2C to 8C for 30 days. It can be stored for six months at -20C for shipping and long-term storage, the company said. Pfizer charges $20 per dose AstraZeneca 2 dollars only I think the price would be a sticking issue for developing countries....
  7. Another Covid drug with 95% success rate announced today by Moderna...Coincidentally the announcement came on Monday. A week after the first drug was announced. A rebuttal for those who claimed the announcement coincided with the US election in favour of president elect Joe Biden... This is a fantastic news! https://investors.modernatx.com/news-releases/news-release-details/modernas-covid-19-vaccine-candidate-meets-its-primary-efficacy
  8. To add to this his $750 tax return is a final straw. For a man who encourages how to get away with this when he sets a bad example for others. IMO, the notion of election fraud is an excuse fir Trump to buy him extra time to declare immunity against police accusations of corruptions and his dodgy deals. He needs this time between now to January to sort out the legal matters. Back on this topic Trump cannot get credit for the new vaccine as this was a joint effort between pharmaceutical companies of different countries and the trial was tested on a massive scale across multiple of countries. From what I understood the new vaccine packed into cold storage trucks, those vials will arrive at inoculation sites where they can thaw and be stacked in fridges at 2 to 8 degrees celsius for a maximum five days before going bad. It does seem to present a logistical challenge for the developing countries.
  9. I am not denying anything...Just pointing out the testing was not done only in the US.
  10. Your suggestion that the testing was done in the US as you've stated above is misleading since it gives the reader the impression that you are only focussing on drug trial in the US!
  11. It was not tested just in US....The drugmaker's trial evolved some 43,500 people across six countries half of whom were administered with the vaccine according to verified sources...
  12. As I understood it was a collaboration between Pfizer and Biontech that made this happen. So yes the Germans had pretty much contributed to this. The UK Oxford Vaccine is also on its way. It is a fantastic news!
  13. You might find it amusing politicising the vaccine to score some brownies for outgoing Trump....It is nevertheless a breakthrough which is widely welcome
  14. https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/pfizer-and-biontech-announce-vaccine-candidate-against This is indeed a fantastic news! With 90% success rate on humans versus placebo it gives hope at the end of the tunnel.
  15. Trump is just buying time between now to January to cover his ass and FBI enquiries into his dodgy dealings. The court proceedings takes time to keep him immune against these allegations. This whole “election fraud” thing is just a disguise for the sheeps who are still thinking that he won the the election.
  16. Commiseration to my fellow republican supporters for Donald Trump😃 Latest tweet by Donald Trump. “I have won the election by alot” Yeah right...
  17. Trump truly exemplifies the traits of a narcissist. The guy is such a bad loser. The votes are rigged when he is losing to Biden but it’s ok for the people who voted for him...
  18. Steven Bannon is the guy who suggested FBI Director Christopher and government infectious-diseases expert Dr Anthony Fauci should be “beheaded and have their head put on pikes outside the White House”. These are the bunch of lunatics still running around freely from a federal criminal case. The man who is known for defrauding donors to a non profit group for allegedly building a wall on the southern border of US...
  19. When you haver to make a choice between the bad and worse the sensible option is baddy Biden. The corporates are behind Trump and the Brits tacitly want him on a second term since his views on Brexit is more favourable with BoJo....
  20. Azerbaijan Republic< Armenia and parts of Georgia were all part of Persian empire and conceded in Russo/ Persian wars. Every country in the region has a vested interest. I agree in essence the best route is a diplomatic one. Armenia's position as a minority Christian country in a hostile neighbourhood is tricky. Even their Orthodox Georgian cousins have their backs turned on them.
  21. Close relationship is supplying arms to Azerbaijan and getting paid generously.
  22. Azerbaijan is an oil rich country with natural resources. That plays an important role in the oil pipeline from Baku via Ceyhan in Turkey to western Europe. So much about "brotherly love"....
  23. Maryam Mirkhani wasn't just any female winner. She was an icon and contributed tremendously in the field of mathematics
  24. Out of every 4 person on earth one speaks and looks Chinese. You cannot undermine China nor the influence they have demonstrated in the sphere of buying large companies and setting investments in all western countries. They have the buying power as they have demonstrated time and time again. A large economy like china which exports literally everything to other countries on earth does not have to apologise for anything. What do you want to happen putting sanctions on them post Covid.19? It ain't happening. We are dependent on their goods. Btw this is not a reflection of my view on China or the way it treats its own citizens. It’s just expressing the fact that an economy twice the size of Japan with such big population cannot be dictated with rhetorics nor stopped...
  25. The reason for this postponement is because for years governments have invested in nuclear arms forgoing investment in medical research and NHS. That fear is deeply rooted in the knowledge that even the best NHS system cannot cope with the vast spread of the virus across the whole population inevitably resulting in higher mortality rate. Especially, where limited testing is still being carried out in many countries. That’s why there are the strict measures on social distancing...
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