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  1. no - all your whiney complaining to moderation managed to accomplish was a wholesale gutting by the moderator of whole pages of discussion inclusive of all images... I've been advised I could put them up again, but why bother. It is quite telling that you actually think you're a board moderator here! . you've now chosen to assign a position to me - well done... then again, it fits you to a tee! Clearly, pointing out your purposeful thread derail has you reverting to your lashing out/attack mode! If you want to be complete please add in then other MLW member who also called out your act. I didn't say a damn thing about Jason Kenney being a white-supremacist... and didn't say a damn thing about the related posts... other than to highlight you being called out in the other thread and to emphasize MLW member 'jacee' never explicitly labeled Jason Kenney a white-supremacist. But hey, you've accomplished your intent - you've chased MLW member 'jacee' here and you've brought the derail here - you did that! You managed to get the other thread locked... are you going for a 2-fer? .
  2. you could choose to do so... in spite of her repeat emphasis on comments/policy attachments and not using the direct label. But that was the other thread - there's only one 'no accountability' reason that's found its way to this thread in a clear derail attempt. .
  3. clearly there was a reference to position/policy... there was no direct claim. Before you had the other thread locked, that very point was made to you by another MLW member. Instead of recognizing the error of your ways, you chose to further extend on your most visible 'attack mode' libel claim... and posturing on behalf of "MLW moderation". You've now chosen to carry that on through to this thread, attempting yet another thread derail. .
  4. the guy certainly favours quite the self-serving double-standard as he forever shows just how important Canada is to him! .
  5. oh scribblet! The shift is with respect to the existing wait list - that's it!

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    2. Boges


      Reasonable compromise. As opposed to the horrible thing the government was doing before, that you supported.

    3. waldo


      ya ya, Boges... it's a real shame you bush-league status update snipers wouldn't take up the repeated waldo challenge to create a related thread! You... scribbler... and Shady (RIP)!

    4. Ash74


      The libs were wrong and they admitted it. It was a good call to fix this.

      Plus it was cheaper than cancelled gas plants for MPP seats

  6. ya ya... you flogged this once already! Do you think your (almost decade old dated) 2007 published reference should just automatically negate subsequent... more recent... discoveries? Is that what you're saying? .
  7. Jason Kenney... not the Uniter; rather, the Leaver! Congratulations to the British people on choosing hope over fear by embracing a confident, sovereign future, open to the world! #Brexit
  8. Solutrean hypothesis Montana Boy: Bones Show Ancestral Links to Europe New evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America New theories shine light on origins of Native Americans .
  9. controversial? For/to whom? Pre-Clovis occupation 14,550 years ago at the Page-Ladson site, Florida, and the peopling of the Americas Discovery Points to Earlier Arrival of First Americans .
  10. no! When the former head of USAF Air Combat Command stated, "The F-35 is not built as an air superiority platform. It needs the F-22"... he, quite obviously, wasn't speaking in terms of a comparison/contrast between the F-35 and the F-22. Only you are continuing with that ridiculous premise. Canada's multi-billion dollar F-35s ‘irrelevant’ without U.S.-only F-22 as support, American general says in it's response to the F-16 kickin' the F-35's azz, JPO came right out and stated the F-35 was never designed for close-range dogfighting... and per that Janes article commentary I posted, the following still stands as LockMart/JPO have not been able to prove otherwise: "The point the War is Boring article was trying to make, and the point the JPO has failed to refute in its rebuttal, is that aircraft do not always get to fight on their terms, and that it is no good saying that just because the F-35 is not designed to dogfight it will never have to do so..... This concern will persist until the F-35 is able to prove otherwise, regardless of whether the aircraft was designed to dogfight or not." which ties in directly with the USAF Gen. Hostage's comment, vis-a-vis the F-35 lacking in maneuverability/short range air combat capability... not built as an air superiority platform! as for your other comment, are you now categorically stating that the F-35 was never marketed as a, "highly proficient close-range fighter with high-maneuverability"? Is that what you're saying? .
  11. classic! Because you continually do this... steer off and away from the actual focus/discussion, I've taken the trouble of showing the sequence of related posts... in fact, as shown, you bold-highlighted the sentence in my post you were replying directly to... you did that, you bold-highlighted the reference to, "dog-fighting and air-superiority". Of course, the prior focus had been on the (now retired) former head of the USAF's Air Combat Command's statement, "The F-35 is not built as an air superiority platform. It needs the F-22". That is not "contrasting with/to/against the F-22... that was speaking to the inherent limitations of the F-35! And when I ask you to show where that supposed drawn contrast was made... you steer off and away to speak to stealth. Notwithstanding, as already stated, even in that stealth context, the broad statement is made that F-35 stealth "is better" than the F-22... and the guy never states why - never elaborates... just makes the statement that you presume to then leverage and extend upon. again, yet another of your classic moves! of course, in those earlier years, LockMart/JPO did tout the F-35 as a 'dog-fighter'... a highly proficient close-range fighter with high-maneuverability! And how many countries signed on over that long-trumpeted theme? Then somehow, over time, the message began to shift, to change and 'air-to-air fighting' capability was dropped in favour of the "new reality" realized in initial testing... suddenly the F-35 became the "best ground-attack" fighter... and the "best designed plane to engage, shoot and kill the enemy from long distances”. Have I missed anything? .
  12. when the NDP won in Alberta, Harper was on a mission - Stephen Harper had plan to unite Alberta’s right as Conservative Party. After Trudeau sent Harper packing... while still "finding his way", there was a lot of serious "scuttlebutt" that Harper would take a run at directly "settling the Alberta right"... on through to a run as Alberta Premier. Apparently, he found a better offer instead! Stay tuned for just what that might be... .
  13. why... how conspiratorial of you... and you claiming to be an ex-militaryMan! reading you dismiss the GOP actions in favour of applying your standard deflecting GW/AGW/CC denier routine is gold. .
  14. speaking of scrambled eggs... Trump is "fortuitously" in Scotland to reopen his "Turnberry golf course": "running a nation is a lot like running a golf course. When the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly". Brexit... all about Trump and making him some coin! .
  15. I guess if you consider mainstream media outlets and First Nation peoples... outliers! I trust Kenney will acknowledge his coverTroops... with a tweet! .
  16. they sure showed them there elites... so what if their economy tanks... and their 'kingdom' falls apart - they sure showed em'! .
  17. uhhh... "Restating a point while continuing to ignore the context does not help." c'mon, you should be on board... the U.S. DoD focus is your focus - adaptation! Department of Defense (DoD) --- 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap (CCAR) .
  18. all this attempt to give Kenney cover! The first migrators! The first occupiers!... uhhh... the first "settlers"! Why bother; Kenney appears to have bigger fish to fry and will make himself inconsequential on the national stage - Jason Kenney - the first "settler of the Alberta right"! .
  19. you claim to be a former USNguy... from the chiefCheese: Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jon Greenert: - "You can only go so fast, and you know that stealth may be overrated. ... Let's face it, if something moves fast through the air, disrupts molecules and puts out heat — I don't care how cool the engine can be, it's going to be detectable. You get my point." - {2012}..."better computing power would ultimately greatly undermine the value of stealth". - "Those developments do not herald the end of stealth, but they do show the limits of stealth design in getting platforms close enough to use short-range weapons" - "It is time to consider shifting our focus from platforms that rely solely on stealth to also include concepts for operating farther from adversaries using standoff weapons and unmanned systems — or employing electronic-warfare payloads to confuse or jam threat sensors rather than trying to hide from them." as for the Russian and Chinese stealth pursuits you presume to apply your wedge with, why my read has them aligned with the USN top dog... pursuing UAV: do ya think the Chinese name 'Divine Eagle' has any implication? so again... why hasn't the USN embraced the F-35... why is that, hey? .
  20. please show where the former USAF 'head of combat' was drawing a contrast with the F-22... sure you can! .
  21. oh my! Referring to 'First Nation' peoples as the first "settlers" ... how... colonial of him. .
  22. oh my! Not that its needed, but if there ever was a statement that clearly shows your lack of knowledge... this is it! Care to comment on the current inventory of active Hornets in the USMC and USN? Why... I understand the USMC just extended the life of it's Hornets to 2035... a 'paper-shuffle' with the Harrier coming forward 5 years; apparently more cost effective to extend the Hornets over the Harrier jets. Well, that... and the continued delays with the F-35! these links are just weeks old now: Navy Lays Bare F/A-18 Readiness Gaps, Could Take Year to Surge Air Wing Navy Digging Out Of Fighter Shortfall; Marines Still Struggling To Fly At Home if you suggest Canada's Hornets, "should be in museums years ago"... where does that position the USN and USMC Hornets, expected to be there to 2040, 2035 respectively? .
  23. nice! Again... the guy you keep touting has been retired almost 2 years now - update your talking point, please! Clearly, anything from the U.S. military that aligns with your position/agenda... that's not propaganda fueled by LockMart/JPO influence... that's absolute and "statement of fact"... to you, anyways! Does that mean you also accept his comments on the limitation of F-35 "dog-fighting and air-superiority" capabilities... those too? .
  24. uhhh... clearly, low-band detection of stealth aircraft has been there for some years now - and here I understood the only thing constraining the discernment of targets more precisely was... improved computing power - yes? All that "talk" of Chinese and Russian pursuits to that end... that's just talk? Seems to me you've used that convenient, "where there's smoke, there's fire", comment in the past - yes? And you seem so, so, certain too! .
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