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  1. I don't see this thread as having anything to do with Jason Kenney... and stated that explicitly. It is YOU that has carried your obsession with "protecting Kenney" here from the other thread (that you had locked) - that was YOU! As I said when mocking you about your/this obsession, if you insist in making this thread about Jason Kenney and his statements/positions that some view as "white supremacist like", then I listed off a series of tweets/references that clearly call into question Jason Kenney's positions. When I now again mock you for ignoring those tweets/references you posture forward to single out the only one that had any bearing on the other thread... somehow you managed to conveniently ignore the others. What kind of Jason Kenney protector are you, hey! . in this thread? Gee how have I missed those? Quote them... quote those "dogma type" statements in this thread that have ties/association to Jason Kenney - IN THIS THREAD! Yes, the MLW member who has you so enraged provided a link back to the other thread (that you had locked)... but the tie-back had no reference/association to Jason Kenney. That was YOU that chose to quote back from the other thread and bring your Jason Kenney protectionism into this thread. That was YOU! you sir, YOU... are the only one that made this thread about Jason Kenney and his questionable, to some, "white supremacist like" statements. That was YOU! .
  2. per your National Post quote: that's 3 levels of judiciary that Trinity Western University has lost its case at... next up I expect will be the Supreme Court. It is odd that you would receive a reply suggesting the respective Ontario courts have ruled against freedom of speech and freedom of thought... odd, indeed! .
  3. no - the Commission advised it doesn't have the mandate/authority to address the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement article (as translated through to the Canadian Copyright Act)... the direction is clear for the U.S. ABC TV affiliate to pursue this 'in a different forum'. I'm particularly taken with the reference that shows the affiliate chose not to be an official intervenor... apparently, now, as you say, "it {the affiliate} wants to have it both ways"! Please ensure to update your post (this thread) as to whether the affiliate has chosen to pursue further - thanks in advance. .
  4. it's my understanding that type of image type (graphic, tabular) is allowed directly within MLW posts. For what it's worth, the full access to text is subscription/purchase based... I've given you/MLW a means to directly view the full-scale image. .
  5. the provided quote from the document speaks volumes... one of the influences contributing to an increase in "questionable" asylum claims is/was said to be the years-long waiting lists for regular processing. Not only did Harper's under the cover of omnibus changes not improve processing backlog, it increased it... notwithstanding the level of promised additional personnel hiring to assist in processing the backlog never materialized. .
  6. Genetic evidence for two founding populations of the Americas .
  7. I'm shocked you're ignoring all those Conservative MP Jason Kenney tweet references provided - shocked I tells ya! don't backpedal now! As a carry-over from the other (now locked) thread, you took extreme exception to the reference to white supremacy like statements/positions. You were so, as you say, in an "ignorant fit of rage", that you falsely claimed the MLW member in question directly claimed Jason Kenney is a white supremacist! Only you could look back to that linked reference and take on your pursuit and carry it into this thread... I presume to attempt to provide cover for Conservative MP Jason Kenney. No one here had been discussing anything to do with Jason Kenney and white supremacy. That's on you here - completely on you! In your trouble to highlight the other threads' statement by red-colour highlighting it here in your copy/paste, apparently you have difficulty in recognizing the clear differentiation being made... you should read it again - slowly! now clearly, linguistic evidence is a legitimate point of discussion within this thread! Unfortunately for you, your attempt to introduce the issue of Jason Kenney and white-supremacist like statements isn't... or is it? If so, you really should address those tweets of Kenney's, hey! .
  8. so your repeat personalization focused on the Prime Minister of Canada's hair, cuteness, etc.,... that's just you adding "comic relief"? .
  9. don't throw away your internet lawyer degree now! Not now! You're faced with the CBC Terms of Use reference that defers to the Copyright Act, you're faced with the Copyright Act, you're faced with the declared exceptions within the Copyright Act and you're faced with direct reference to Supreme/Federal Court rulings relative to the Copyright Act. But I'm sure you presented all this in your whine/wail to MLW moderation, right? .
  10. ah perfect! Since you went wailing/whining to MLW moderation, all your related gems have been hidden given the broad swath collateral damage done in hiding literally dozens of posts. What you refer to as a 'mistake' is what you yourself called "trivial and of no consequence"... and yet you went into your deflection mode when I repeatedly asked you to state what difference it made. More pointedly, I went to the trouble to do the trivial math and show you that, in fact, the single poll in question actually bettered the rating you were so concerned about. Once you were presented with that lil' nugget you shifted completely and started your dance over supposedly infringing upon the CBC copyright! Yes, yet another of your ready-reach deflection/derails when the waldo puts you under his thumbscrews! .
  11. if that's what you consider discussing further with MLW moderation and being advised I could put the images up again - where I chose not to bother. As I said, there might have been a further question concerning the issue of attribution and dynamically generated images. For only your presumed need to posture, you brought the whole thing forward again, completely out of the blue and unrelated to anything being discussed... for what reason? . no - I previously suggested the question of screen capture is one the CBC site indicates could be reviewed further on a case-by-case basis... since you felt emboldened to bring this forward again, completely out of the blue and unrelated to anything being discussed, I suggested you pursue further, accordingly. I mean it only appears to be a significant point for you... and your presumed posturing. Of course, that seeking permission, per the CBC Terms of Use, is outside the covering umbrella of the Copyright Act. Something you clearly don't want to acknowledge... don't want to even touch. Instead you go into your typical fall-back bluster-mode! Of course you do. Notwithstanding that, I also linked to prior discussion exchange with MLW moderation that addressed the issue of image attribution and Supreme/Federal Court rulings in that regard. Something else you refuse to acknowledge... geezaz, just where did you get your internet law degree from? .
  12. although that was a point of discussion in the other (now locked) thread, you are the only one that has chosen to extend upon that other thread point of discussion... in fact, you've chosen to explicitly target the member over that point and bring it to this thread - something that was not being discussed here previously. but on the point you seem determined to, as you say, "continue to discuss", I'm confused over the tweet from Conservative MP Jason Kenney where he stated he needed an "English to English translation" to understand Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan. Can ya help out there? Then there's the tweet Kenney did delete where he spoke of "perfect, unaccented English" as a Canadian quality... then there's the tweet where Kenney misrepresented a photo of Muslim women in chains... and then, of course, the recent tweet where he spoke of indigenous people's being settlers too! Of course there are other examples that cause some to pause and question the position of Conservative MP Jason Kenney. Since you state an intent to further discuss this, perhaps you could help provide explanation/cover for Conservative MP Jason Kenney in regard this perception some have.. and are forming. Thanks in advance. .
  13. thanks for clarifying. As you had locked the prior thread where another MLW member had generally spoken of her interpretation of Conservative MP Jason Kenney's "white supremacist like" statements/positions... and as that point of prior thread discussion was brought into this thread by another/different MLW member, it was unclear what you were speaking to when you broadly instructed to "avoid thread drift". My interpretation is that you view the question of Jason Kenney holding white supremacist like statements/positions to be thread drift. Thanks. .
  14. there were possible implications of plagiarism on your part - I interpret that's been taken care of now, right?... please clarify if not the case - thanks in advance. Again, full attribution was provided inclusive of the originating link and a linked graphic of the actual text in question... you know, what you failed to provide yourself. .
  15. isn't one of the important parts the fact this now dated concern of yours was long moved on from (some ~3 weeks ago) - for some reason you just needed to bring it forward once again. Isn't another important part the one where you absolutely refuse to address what possible gain was realized... where the issue in question, that concerned one of 10 polls within the period covered by the image in question, actually improved the rating you seemed so concerned over. Clearly you had no response and absolutely refused to even acknowledge the repeated challenges in that vein put to you. Instead, you opted to play internet lawyer, complain to MLW moderation, where subsequently multi-pages of discussion were hidden - inclusive of your tap-dance to actually avoid the repeated challenges put to you. I trust you will further leverage your internet lawyer degree and take up the point of MLW member BubberMiley concerning the Copyright Act and fair dealing... particularly this clause within the source corporations "Terms of Use": "To that end, no publication, reproduction or communication of such content to the public is authorized except in the specific cases set out in the federal Copyright Act" you're welcome! .
  16. I'm not sure the 10% factor even applies under the "Exceptions" declarations of the Copyright Act; for example: in the case that MLW's internet lawyer is pursuing, for a possible image in question, source identification inclusive of source (corporation) name was provided, along with the name of the website application that dynamically generated the image as well as the name of the author of that application. .
  17. clarification request: respectively, as the nature of described thread drift is not stated, and as prior posts by a MLW member introducing interpretations of Jason Kenney and white supremacy have been left up/intact... is that interpretation/discussion point on topic, or is it a thread derail? Please advise - thanks in advance. .
  18. perhaps you should actually take the time to review the posts you presume to comment on. You're adding nothing here, you're off-base and presuming to speak for a moderator. Notwithstanding you presuming to speak of providing proper attribution is the height of hypocrisy. .
  19. somehow, others in the thread managed to discuss issues/influences beyond your perpetual fixation with the superficial and your continued personalization - go figure! one influence surprisingly not mentioned in the OP was the 'cock-up' unleashed by former Harper Conservative Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Diane Finley... yet another gem Harper buried in an omnibus bill: Conservative Colours - The Harper Conservatives and the colour-coding of Canada .
  20. that's a call for electoral reform if there ever was one! I trust MLW member Smoke would agree. .
  21. top-pairing... right-shot... defenseman - the single-most point of (prior) Oiler deficiency. Now, the dominoes will fall; I expect Lucic will also sign with the Oilers - that (and changes yet to come) will allow some to forget about Hall. Besides, MLW member Boges is just miffed that the spotlight wasn't on the Maple Laughs for even just this short while! .
  22. POTUS says: "Deep in our history of struggle, said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Canada was the North Star, the Freedom Road that links us together."

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    2. Big Guy

      Big Guy

      Nice "Freedom road that links us together" We give refuge to blacks running away from slavery and it is a "link"?

    3. sharkman


      Don't forget the war dodgers, that was quite the link as well!

    4. poochy


      'and screw your oil industry while I enhance my own, liberal suckers'

  23. per yesterday's separate thread discussion, a MLW member has taken it upon himself to presume to interpret Canadian law, particularly copyright focused; in fact the MLW member presumes to state that "anything used from a particular site requires explicit permission granted". Notwithstanding this "tact/approach" taken was the member's 'last deflecting resort' given the member's inability to actually respond to repeated posted challenges... as relayed below, a relatively recent MLW posting exchange that dealt with a prior circumstance of an image hidden by MLW moderation: in a more recent MLW thread exchange numerous images were 'hidden' by MLW moderation; subsequent moderator exchange advised so-called "collateral clean-up damage" resulted in images being improperly hidden. Although not explicitly stated by MLW moderation, I interpret there may be an uncertain position in regards 3rd-party image-hosting of a screen-shot image of a dynamically generated image... in the particular case of how this image was presented within a MLW post, as a direct link to a dynamic generated image isn't possible, I chose to acknowledge the corporation involved, the name of the application dynamically generating the respective image, and the name of the related author. I would surmise there is a legitimate question of how 3rd-party hosting of attributed screen-shot images might apply with respect to current judicial review and interpretations therein. I haven't bothered to pursue this ~3-week old circumstance further... choosing just to drop it, to move on. However, the MLW member now claiming to have "saved" the board (and the waldo too) seems most emboldened to want to bring this up again, totally unrelated to any current discussion! Given that emboldened want to something I've simply dropped and moved on from, I trust the saving MLW member will take this further and, per the corporation's own website published 'terms of use' suggestion, make contact for a case-by-case review/determination of how the corporation views the hosting of attributed screen-shot images on 3rd-party image hosting sites. As this is clearly an important deflection issue for this MLW member, and the member presumes to interpret Canadian law, I trust he will bring notice back to MLW in regards the corporation's review/determination... I mean, otherwise... why bother to bring this forward yet again? (note: the waldo is not an internet lawyer... and has never claimed to be one). .
  24. POTUS says, "The world needs more Canada!"

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    2. Ash74


      Gotta side with Waldo on this.

      The world does need more of our values and passion's.

      My biggest problem with the PM so far is how tight he is with Wynne.

    3. poochy


      Do those values include, for example, being too cowardly to call genocide, genocide, until shamed into doing so? Maybe those are just LPC values.

    4. Ash74


      That's just bullsh!t politics that I am sure Waldo could defend to the death. I am talking about real Canadians. Not the waste of space that represent us in government.

  25. you're a saviour! In regards a screenshot, the CBC site actually states the determination is done on a 'case-by-case' basis review. For reference referral to hosted images the CBC requires a link to the image/acknowledgement of source; as that direct link can't be realized in the case of a dynamic generated image, I screenshot the image and hosted it on a 3rd party site while giving props to CBC and the author involved... let me know what they say when you contact them directly, hey saviour! Of course, let's not forget your saviour act was your go-to as you absolutely refused the numerous challenges put to you; post after post you refused to respond and in your absolute frustration and petulant manner, chose to take up this saviour play of yours! . nice try! The chase is you carrying the 'Jason Kenney white supremacist' issue here... where it didn't exist until you derailed the thread with it. Is this you saying you're done with derailing the thread now? .
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