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  1. Logical fail....the U.S. and other nations were attacked before the invasion of Iraq. As a matter of fact, one guy from Canada tried to cross the U.S. border to blow up LAX long before 2003. Try again please.....

    logical fail.... any such claimed attacks you use to deflect from the U.S. illegal invasion of the sovereign state of Iraq, were not on the scale of today's terrorism as directly coordinated or peripherally influenced by the vacuum-filling Al Qaeda/ISIS/etc.. Apparently, "regime change" has consequences - yes?


  2. Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel from Tunisia was a career criminal known to police.

    per your source reference: "known to the police for assault with a weapon, domestic violence, threats and robbery but had no previous convictions for terrorism." --- "He was known to the police for violence, and using weapons, but had no direct links with terrorism" --- "he had no known links with terrorism and was not under surveillance" --- "loner, recently estranged from wife, depressed"... this is so confusing in that Archie offered up a guarantee!


  3. Humans lived in tribes for most of human history.

    That history has influenced the way we evolved and our psychology.

    There is a subconscious psychological bias in most humans to favour tall men over short men as leaders.

    - Francois Hollande (France) - 5' 7"

    - Nicolas Sarkozy (France) - 5' 5"

    - Silvio Berlusconi (Italy) - 5' 5"

    - Dmitry Medvedev (Russia) - 5' 4"

    - Vladimir Putin (Russia) - 5' 7"

    - Tony Abbott (Australia) - 5' 9"

    - Shinzo Abe (Japan) - 5' 10"

    - Yasuo Fukuda (Japan) - 5' 6"

    - Xi Liping (China) - 5' 9"

    - Jacob Zuma (South Africa) - 5' 6"

    - King Abdullah (Saudi Arabia) - 5' 10"

    - Kim Yong-il (North Korea) - 5' 3"

    - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran) - 5' 2"

    in keeping with the seriousness of this thread, the man-bun for the man-baby... doing whatever it takes to get elected!


  4. The topic is a possible terror attack in Nice....not comparisons to the USA.

    other than perpetually playing out your agenda here, why take such offense to a simple drawing of attention to the like significance in relation to national holidays of celebration. Yes, Bastille Day in France carries the same relative weight/significance as if it occurred in the U.S. on July 4th, Independence Day.

    USA! USA!

    I'm recusing myself for the time being, but I if I was half the moderator I was 5 weeks ago I'd take a flamethrower to this shit.

    Is there any world event which could possibly happen which would interrupt your obsession with jumping up and down gleefully and doing a happy dance every time anyone mentions the US even in a peripheral way?


  5. Good god, do any of actually know how to read proper written english?

    oh pleeeese! Your "proper written English", wasn't. But hey, how telling of you to pick up the mega-talking point from right-wing media about the "74 questions" directed at the U.S. Attorney General. Those questions were answered - just because the Republicans didn't care for the answer being provided... . After reviewing some of the actual testimony it's abundantly clear just what Republicans were trying to do; meanwhile Democrats weren't playing along and actually took the opportunity in speaking directly to the U.S. Attorney General to question her in regards to actual ongoing and pertinent matters of the day within the U.S..


  6. If it's so important for gays/lesbians to be "married," then they can go through the motion that heterosexuals do.....but, they're only fooling themselves if they think that by going through the motion of marriage, their union is the same as heterosexuals in the spiritual sense that it's God-approved. It's not. It's only approved by humans.

    oh my! Is there no spiritualism without gawd/god/God?


  7. Btw, why are you focusing on Canada? The topic is about what's happening in Europe! And here we are ending up arguing with you about Canada! You're derailing the discussion

    Why don't you create your own thread?

    a cursory review of the thread shows me at least 4 other MLW members are speaking directly in regards Canada... and not in relation to anything I've said. More pointedly, you yourself have done the same: as a gentle reminder to you, the following is a sample of just some of your posts showing your own emphasis on Canada. Apparently, you have a double-standard here - yes? Apparently, when given a direct challenge you're now wildly deflecting and claiming "thread derail"! :lol:


    You think what major happennings elsewhere won't eventually have an effect on us?

    What do you think will happen if most of these European countries either close their borders, or become hostile to migrants - you think they wouldn't really be swarming to Canada?

    But yes, Canada is a leader among sheeples - the taking of Canada went so easy - for once, we can be proud of that leadership! :lol:

    And yet, the mainstream Canadian media puppets never show these! You can't trust mainstream media like the CBC, CTV....they're liberal propagandists!

    We're very much concerned of the the mentality of those who's selling out their nations for the sake of political correctness, and self-interest. That sheeples are the majority in some places (like Canada) - now, that's scary!


  8. Yeah, i know! And Hillary who deleted emails.

    if you, as you say, "knew"... that Clinton released her tax returns, why did you mention it, implying she hadn't? Where's your raised concern/issue with Trump refusing to release his tax returns?

    as for those deleted emails, correct me if I'm wrong, but she didn't personally delete them and, more pointedly, they were recovered by the FBI and were included in the FBI investigation - yes... or no?


  9. What about Hillary? Is she not a "faker"? Does she have any consistency whatsoever?, Ego?, Gotten away without turning over tax returns

    no - it's Trump that refuses to release his tax returns! An extract from the, "Statement from Hillary Clinton on the Release of Her Federal Tax Returns":

    Today, I’m releasing my own family’s tax returns from 2007 to 2014, adding those years to previous releases going back to 1977. Since 2007, we have paid $43,885,310 in federal taxes and made $14,959,450 in charitable contributions. We’ve also paid $13,625,777 in state and local income taxes. Last year, we paid an effective federal tax rate of 35.7 percent and a combined federal, state, and local effective rate of 45.8 percent. We contributed 10.8 percent of our income to charity. In 2013, the numbers were similar. We paid an effective federal tax rate of 35.4 percent and a combined rate of 44.6 percent, and donated 11.4 percent of our income to charity.


  10. how about a simple MLW rules based directive on preferred posting acumen, one that speaks against verbosity (with or without a suggested character limit), as well as that most annoying practice where certain members choose to introduce 5+ lines of blank whitespace... (often multiple times within even a "shorter" post), to separate points being made. Oh and something that suggests there is no need for this kind of repeat nonsense!

  11. You're short-sighted! You're the kind of mentality that sleepwalks around, and actually waits for the hammer to hit you squarely on the head.... and then you react too late! Your mentality is outdated!

    Yours is solely focused on "damage control," when the damage is already done. The 21st century is more into PREVENTIVE! You've got to learn to anticipate. Learn to duck! :D

    so you're in prevention mode, hey! Your mind numbing large font, bold highlighted, red-coloured emphasis is all about... prevention, hey! :lol:

    c'mon, Canada has a Constitution, Charter of Rights, Parliamentary system, legal framework, multi-tiered judicial structure, military, robust multi-layered policing, etc., etc., etc.... what, as you say, are you "preventing" here... in Canada... with all your scurrying about finding your "gems of wisdom (real, suspect, imagined or outright fabricated)... your uhhh... "gems of prevention" from foreign countries?

    speak to the practicalities here - tell me, relate explicitly and definitively, what concerns and threats do you perceive to exist today (and in the near-future) in Canada... and what are the practical and logistical actions/steps being taken, either by those "enablers" or directly by your "evil doers", to affect your perceived concerns and threats?

    just where exactly do you interpret Canada's political, judicial, policing, social, etc., framework is failing - failing and causing your perceived concerns and threats; failing and causing you to suggest your focused emphasis on, as you say/write, "PREVENTIVE! " is not being addressed? Not being addressed to the point you're, uhhh... apparently, picking up the slack here at MLW?


  12. Here you go Waldo, I included your whole rationalization, just for you. Now, will you speak to the fact that you made a statement that was patently false? For myself I wasn't claiming any huge problem existed or our demise was imminent. Simply replying to your claim that people could not find anything to use that related to Canada, an obviously false claim. It took all of a minute or two to find them, many more examples do exist. the guy who was attacked in Nathan Phillips square, the guy attacked for walking his dog, the immigrant in Lethbridge assaulting the woman and her daughters at a pool, etc. etc. Those ones are just off the top of my head. So, as to your obvious butt hurt, just man up and admit you made a vacuous statement out of either arrogance or desperation. Personally I just don't give a flying f*ck about any of this petty childish squabbling so many here appear to thrive on. Hence the reason I simply can't be bothered with this forum anymore.

    petty? Well, not withstanding your own overt pettiness on display here... you should read what I actually write! When I even (albeit mockingly) thank you for taking up the challenge and actually looking inward to Canada, that clearly should have reinforced the challenge I was putting out there. The challenge to instead of anally dredging up "real or suspect/imagined" foreign circumstance that has no direct bearing on Canada/Canadians, focus inward and present examples of what I labelled (your) concerns/threats. I made a pointed emphasis on your juvenile dumping of agenda-driven tailored Christian activist videos... videos you just dropped without adding a single word of your own, "interpretation or explanation as to why you're presenting them... why they're examples that concern you, that threaten you... that concern/threaten Canada/Canadians and I put that in the over-riding context of the influence of Canadian law and policing.


    Oh, as to your media red herring. The media does not report these things most of the time. For instance, the Lethbridge incident was not picked up by the media. It was Lethbridge police who broke this one in the interest of public safety. If the media is your barometer for whats happening then you are really are misinformed. Here's a hint, the media is not a reliable source for what happens in this world of ours.

    oh pleeese! Try a googly and realize just how widely the mainstream media reported that Lethbridge incident. Oh wait... what you're really saying is what the Rebel Commander championed, right... that the incident wasn't widely reported to identify the single person assailant as a supposed immigrant from Pakistan... a 'Muslim' immigrant from Pakistan. That's it, right? That's your big concern with that incident, right? Now I don't know this to be the case - apparently, as my firing googlies present, only the Rebel Commander and his Commando Brigade managed to flush that detail out. It must be true - it's the Rebel Commander, after all!

    but this is an example to speak to. Someone earlier sarcastically mentioned (can't recall if it was this thread) identifying all perpetrators of crime by their race/ethnicity/religion... like that, for example, "white Catholic Canadian born guy with German/Irish ethnicity who diddled a young boy in the school yard". In the Lethbridge example you're so fixated upon, the individual was arrested and charged - Canadian law and Canadian policing.


    By the way, what exactly is "the likes" of me? Is that someone who stung you by showing how irrelevant and untrue some of the things you say actually are? Would you like to hear my thoughts on the "likes of you". Or, perhaps you could just try growing up instead.

    I revel in "the likes of you" who think they've, as you say, "stung" the waldo! :lol: I've already addressed your fail in this regard. I really, really would like you to relate your thoughts on the "likes of me"... I won't take it personal and, if you're smart, you'll generalize it so as not to draw moderator attention. But hey - fire away... it expect it will say much more about you than it will about "the likes of me". In any case, your "likes" are on display throughout your posting history... unless I'm confusing you with someone else! :D


  13. the Notorius Biggie Ginsberg! Of course, she is the target U.S. Republicans like to point to when railing on about the need to elect that fraud/charlatan Trump... to stop Clinton from appointing yet another liberal judge to the current vacany!

    in regards an earlier post... caught a segment on MSNBC tonight where a 'legal scholar' addressed the right of the "Supremes" to speak out directly... on any level; that only lower-court judges are mandated to stay apolitical by rule. It was quite telling to listen to examples from the past; particularly the most recent when the much profiled conservative Justice Scalia regularly associated with prominent conservative organizations/politicians... and certainly expressed his personal politics through media profiles/interviews, notwithstanding actual judicial rulings in themselves.


  14. :lol: it boggles to continue to see the 'usual MLW suspects' continuing to scour the internet for their nuggests/gems in other continents/countries. Apparently, since there appear to be no avenues for these 'usual MLW suspects' to tap into and present concerns directly related to and impacting upon Canada/Canadians, they need to do... what they need to do!


    Here ya go Waldo, just for you.

    Another for you.

    Want another?

    Not enough Cancon for you yet? Have another then.

    If this isn't enough there's plenty more out there. Just ask and you shall receive.

    You must have misunderstood the point. Let me clarify it for you. Waldo stated in his condescending manner that people could not find examples directly relating to Canada so they used examples from other countries. This is obviously untrue as I found several examples in the space of about two minutes. Does that clear up your confusion now?

    if you've "got something just for me", don't be such a chicken-shyte as to purposely quote my post and take my name out of the quotation... of course, when you do that, you effectively disable the board notification feature alerting a member to being quoted. As for your supposed clarification, I highlighted those 'MLW member usual suspects", those who so obsess themselves with copy/paste of supposed extremist examples from (principally) Europe... and if you give credence to any of those "gems and nuggets" presented... present those examples as an ALL encompassing broad-brush indictment... with fear-mongering extension towards Canada.

    so... thanks for taking up the challenge and actually looking inward to Canada. Thanks for presenting your apparent answer... your equivalency to all those European "gems and nuggets" being obsessed over. That's quite the equivalency you're presenting! :lol: Your video grouping is a true testament to, at best, a couple (your first two videos) of free-exchange thought street-scape interactions... at worst, a couple (your last two videos) of purposeful highly provocative exchanges intended to solicit reaction for agenda driven purpose.

    although I didn't watch all the videos to length, I suggest I 'caught the highlights'... it was truly quite humourous to watch that dueling Bible passage exchange with the one individual intent to showcase "JihadJesus' in a Bible passage... and the competing Bible thumper insisting the passage wasn't Jesus' words and was just a parable! Bloody hell - we get stronger exchanges here within MLW threads/posts! Wait now - was that the equivalency you were going for? Ok, ok... your last 2 showcased videos are an indictment - of the purposeful antagonistic and provoking tactics deployed by the representative of that BS organization, 'Rise Canada'. But hey, they accomplished what they intended... they got the likes of you to bite!

    if you want to present your equivalency, to speak to the supposed concerns/threats you perceive to exist within Canada, come back with mainstream media articles/examples of legitimate events/circumstance - and what you perceive as a concern/threat... and why you feel concerned/threatened particularly factoring Canadian law and policing... don't further waste my time with tailored videos from "Christian activist groups"; one's you simply drop without adding a single word of your interpretation or explanation as to why you're presenting them. But hey, thanks for your showcased equivalency! :D


  15. Oh yeah? Just wait til the UN tells Canada to take them in.......we'll probably even airlift them up from there.

    the UN doesn't "tell" Canada... or any country... what level of refugees to, as you say, "take {them} in". For decades, the UNHCR has used the phrase, "durable solutions", to speak of its engagement toward solutions that enable refugees to live their lives in dignity and peace... inclusive of voluntary repatriation, resettlement and integration. There are many very detailed UN documents, iterative building over time, that speak to these "durable solutions" - this document is an example of a brief and summary overview account of those low-level most detailed documents that speak to these UNHCR solutions: 2014-15 - Finding Durable Solutions

    I encourage you... I challenge you to explore UNHCR policy related documents to support your implication that the UN "tells" Canada what number of refugees to accept. I await your specifics in that regard - thank you in advance.

    as I give your posts in recent pages a most cursory review, I note your source reference base is most partisan... most suspect... in providing any semblance of fair, balanced and independent consideration. It seems your intent is to foster extreme examples from these partisan/suspect sources detailing events and circumstance in foreign countries... to foster those and then wildly offer supposition (as you've now just done), that these accounts have merit and direct correlation to Canada, to Canadians. Is this YOUR Christian way?


  16. There's no point in giving the document - I already gave it, and quoted the statement that's relevant. It's right in there!

    Scroll down, and read Grade 6 section!

    is this your way of peeling back and retracting all those mind numbing "enthusiastic" references to "6 year old Grade 6 students" that you made... in your most enthusiastic bold-highlighted, red-coloured, and large font-sized lettering?

    I've also got my copy of the Ontario Curriculum ready and primed to that Grade 6 section. Rather than make MLW members "go fetch" and try to find just what you claimed you quoted, why not just be direct and state it again - yes? Surely this isn't a problem for you, is it?


    If you don't want to read it, that's your problem. Not mine.

    But I'm not going to waste time arguing with you guys. Especially the usual suspects who'd been found to be most likely ignorant of issues! I'm not here trying to convince you - take it, or leave it.

    if you're not here to, as you say, "convince you (guys)"... just why are you posting with all your religious fervor? If you're not prepared to speak to so-called, 'skeptics, atheists, agnostics... heathens', aren't you just preaching to the choir?


  17. How would know if another website was just telling you lies about that website just to make it look bad? At least Hitler brought back Germany to life and created thousands of new jobs. The German people loved him.

    insightful - thanks. Helps to frame why you're such a die-hard Trump supporter... although, for now, Trumps job-creating schtick is just campaign fodder.


    I have heard and read so many stories about Hitler, good and bad. But he was nowhere near the likes of communist Mao or Stalin who butchered their own people to promote their wonderful system called communism. If it came down to choosing between Hitler, Mao or Stalin I will take Hitler anytime.

    hey, I'll take a bite on that somewhat peculiar, "Black Lives Matter", comparative justification benchmark between Hitler and Stalin: :D

    Hitler vs. Stalin --- Who Killed More - Who Was Worse?


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