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  1. Ron Paul won a majority of the delegates in nevada. This is why I posted the video saying the delegates are in fact not bound. Fuck off, just because you support an anti establishment candidate, that doesn't make you an idiot. I'm not even going to bother responding to the guy who said Ron Paul hates black people, that guy is just ignorant. Also, the people who say Paul hasn't won any states are ignorant too.
  2. I know most of you will say this is wishful thinking but according to Ben Swann, none of the delagates are actually bound to vote for any candidate so the delegates can vote for whomever they want. Ron Paul just recently won Minnesota, Maine and Nevada. He still may have a chance to win the nomination, if not, I think he will still shake the republican party up.
  3. I would think he would take more from Romney but the new Rasmussen poll shows otherwise.
  4. I don't understand why that would help get the women's vote. It isn't that I disagree with you, it would help get the women's vote but that is the stupidest reason to vote for someone. Do these women just think, "she has a vagina, I have a vagina, I'm going to vote for her", regardless of the policies she and Romney would be pushing.
  5. yup This is why if Ron Paul became the Republican nominee, he would have a better chance at beating Obama because he can take Obama votes away. But I think Ron Paul would take more votes away from Romney then from Obama in a three way.
  6. lol... Obama will destroy Romney. I don't know how republicans expect to attract independent voters when many republicans don't even like Romney. I also think that Ron Paul may run third party which will only hurt the republicans chances even more.
  7. bc is right, Obama will get a 2nd term. Paul has the best chance to beat Obama since he attracts the military, youth and independents but since most republicans are borderline retarded and cant do basic math they will go with Romney and he will lose to Obama.
  8. Iran is playing it smart. They have stopped trading oil in dollars and they are trading oil for gold. If Iran really wants to hurt American and the west, Iran's best option would be to gain support from other oil rich nations to ditch the dollar and trade oil for gold.
  9. Could the fact that Iran is trading its oil for gold instead of dollars have anything to do with the sudden urgency...
  10. Paul could beat Obama if the Republicans got behind him. Paul attracts more youth, active duty military, independents and democrats then any of the other candidates.
  11. I keep hearing Newt say he is the anti establishment candidate, what policies does he differ from Romney?
  12. India is now trading gold for oil with Iran. China may start doing this too. This could really hurt the dollar if more nations follow suit.
  13. I can blame the rest of the world if I want. Iran has said several times it is not trying to build a nuke and I think every country around Iran has a nuke so why wouldn't they want to get a nuke too. The world crushing the Iranians economy will just lead to a war where millions will probably die, why would I want that. This world we live in is fucked up, we love fucking people over, that is our hobby.
  14. I am not sure about Santorum but Newt isn't on the ballet in states that add up to 564 delegates, the largest state being Virginia. I have no idea how he expects to win the nomination...does he think he trumps math?
  15. I don't think Newt can win the nomination. This is coming from Doug Weed who is an advisers for Ron Paul's campaign, he was saying that there are 564 delegates worth of states that Newt And Rick are not on the ballot for. That is a big number.
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