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  1. No! I mean a peaceful nation! without violent religious freaks running about bringing their violent cultures to our shores!

    Do you see "violent religious freaks running about" very often?

    How often would you say you encounter such a problem personally?

    Do other people around you see them too, or just you?

    When you pass a store window, can you see the reflection of all these "violent religious freaks" who you think are chasing you, or do they just disappear?


  2. no they hire hispanics, blacks and asians at twice their rate relative their own population.

    they're halfway there aren't they silly goose?

    And you fecklessly ignore the evangelicals ? have you seen Jesus Camp?


    they hire FEMALE preachers, as well as ANY nationality and race... and have affirmative action hiring programs as well.

    They also deem all of humanity to be "equal" with the fervor of a hot headed liberal... so there again they are indistinguishable...

    All of humanity ... so long as they are Christian evangelicals. :rolleyes:

    `You're not going to bring atheists into the government? How dare you maintain that those who believe in the Judeo Christian values are better qualified to govern America than Hindus and Muslims?' My simple answer is, `Yes, they are.'" --from Pat Robertson's

  3. Millions of Muslims do want to conquer the world. That's why they are spreading all over the world in many traditional Euro countries. They are taking over from the inside. They come here and have 6-8 children each. Over time they will choke out the white people.

    Just like Christianity. :rolleyes:

    Well, you displayed your real bias - not religion but skin colour. There are lots of white Muslims, and non-white Christians, and you are a racist.

  4. Just heard on the radio Al Sheppard's girlfriend's description of their meeting. It's sad, because it sounded like any other relationship that was going through some reconciliation.

    Bryant hit his bike and damaged it. Obviously he wanted Bryant to stop and probably pay for the damage. Bryant was speeding, "90" so it was then too dangerous for him to let go.

    Bryant says he is "innocent".

    At this point, I don't agree.

  5. Now I wonder what MrCan thinks of someone with views like this: Gary McHale ... the 'Christian' Wahabi. :lol:

    Gary W. McHale says, "There was a difference in how the two genders came about. Man is created from the dust of the earth, which links him to the world, while the woman is created from his side, which links her to the man."


    yada yada yada ... women must submit to men ... women cannot lead ... yada yada yada. :rolleyes:

  6. I'm illustrating the insane beliefs these people have and that we're importing this line of thinking into Canada without thinking about how this will impact the current demographic. It's funny that the government will do studies for a great many things but they won't on this issue. It could be that the results will be unpopular with the vocal minority in this country.


    ... or is this just another of your ignorant opinions?

  7. There are three examples from this one article. :blink:

    Telling yourself it doesn't happen doesn't make it so.

    I'd like to stop this violence against women and it's disgusting for me to think you don't want to admit it happens at all.

    I cannot believe that you're supporting violence against women. We need to stop it asap. All violence against women is wrong. Killing women because of a supossed shame they brought ot the family is wrong.

    It's disgusting for me (and many others) to think that you choose to deny that it even occurs.

    Well thanks for finally providing a link.

    And all were considered appropriate by the killers based on long-standing tradition and cultural beliefs.


    Along with extreme traditional beliefs, there are deeper mental health issues that need to be considered, Muhammad said.

    Quite often, people who are willing to kill members of their own family to restore some notion of honour are doing so, not just because they believe it to be right based on culture, but also because they are mentally ill in some way.

    It confirms what I have been told, and believe:

    1) Notice that they did not say 'religious' beliefs. It is not a reflection of the Muslim religion, but to extreme traditional tribal practices that pre-existed Islam, resurrected by extremist sects such as that referred to as 'Wahabi' (derogatory).

    Wahhabi (Arabic: Al-Wahhābīyya‎ الوهابية) or Wahhabism is a sect attributed to Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab, an 18th century scholar from what is today known as Saudi Arabia, who advocated to purge Islam of what he considered innovations in Islam. It is often referred to as a sect within Sunni Islam, although this designation is disputed.[1]

    Wahhabism predominantly influenced the central Arabian peninsula, known as Najd, originally advocating the Hanbali school of jurisprudence.[2] It has developed considerable influence in the Muslim world through the funding of mosques, schools and other means from Persian Gulf oil wealth.[3] It is interesting to note that nobody calls themselves Wahhabi; but they are called by others as Wahhabi. The name is a myth as the title comes from the Sheikh, whose name is Muahmmed, not Wahhab.


    2) Men who murder women always have an excuse "it was her fault ... she drove me to it ...the voices told me to". These murderers are no different. Violent psychopaths and psychotics and rage-filled puny-dick men exist everywhere.

    3) Murder of women by males known to them is nearly twice as common in the US as in the Muslim population:

    total Muslim Population in 2009 is 1.66 billion
    - murders deemed 'honour killings' 5,000 (from your link) =

    For homicides in which the victim to offender relationship could be

    identified, 92 percent of female victims (1,572 out of 1,701) were

    murdered by someone they knew.

    1,572/300,000,000 =


    All of your sound and fury is either ignorance or racism, imo, neither of which are 'truth'.

  8. I don't mix with Mexicans so I have little chance to catch said swine flu. Just as I don't mix with orientals and I didn't catch SARS. Nor do I live in a city and use a crammed bus like some third world country people or like animals with people breathing all over me, disgusting. I drive an auto like a human being.


  9. There are plenty.

    -ARA members busing themselves around to protest against racism in one place or another.

    -OCAP does the same thing

    -Pro Infanticide groups also

    There's 3 examples. Do you want more?

    Links to evidence of same please.

    And some indication of why this is an issue might help the discussion.

    Why is this a problem justifying denial of freedom of speech and assembly?

    Of course, racists would see a problem, but why does that matter to you?

  10. Everybody,

    Just discuss the issues in a polite and civilized manner.

    Stop the banter, stop the nitter-nattering and stop the insults. If that nonsense continues, your posting privileges will be suspended.

    Ch. A.

    Thanks Charles.

    I think the issue with this thread is that there is no issue to discuss: No cases of "white urban Liberals meddling" ... have been identified. :lol:

  11. ... In a culture in which there are NO statistically valid studies on race and crime, in which the politically correct have insisted such records not be kept, and where the media deliberately self-censor so as to not identify the race of people arrested for violent crimes ...

    My recollection is that the Toronto police were asked to keep the records by some cultural communities concerned that they were being unfairly targeted for arrest and detainment, but the cops wisely declined because they did not feel competent in identifying people's race/cultural origin. ("Unhh ... Are you 'Indian' or Indian, sir?")

    Thus, they also stopped their haphazard practice of identifying only "black" people (some of whom weren't) and not "white" or "brown" people. The media then wisely followed suit. You either identify everyone or no one by race.

    And of course my favourite story ... white guy in grubby tank top and cutoffs gets into heated debate in a store, owner calls police, white guy stands outside to wait for police, police pull up and take down the black guy in the three-piece suit standing near him. :rolleyes:

    Now let's see ... would that count as an arrest of a black man in your world? :lol:

  12. Certainly multiculturalism is not limited to the acceptance of languages. I agree, and that's why I'd recommend the CIA world fact book as a better source of information. Let's look at some examples:

    China: Han Chinese 91.5%

    Japan: Japanese 98.5%

    India: Indo-Aryan 72%, Dravidian 25%

    Saudi Arabia: Arab 90%

    Not exactly what I would call diverse.

    By the way, Japan, the second largest economy in the world, is facing a labor shortage due to an aging population, and they're trying to solve it with the use of machines rather than immigration, but xenophobia is supposedly something that's uniquely white.

    Oh, and how many Christians or Jews do you suppose you'll find living in Saudi Arabia?

    Link please. I'd like to see the rest of the countries. Obviously you've been cherry picking.

  13. Not a chance in hell.

    First and last time I had a flu shot I got pneumonia. Doctor said I was 'depressed', not sick from the shot, so I was sick for 6 months before I got proper treatment. They absolutely refuse to believe that those things make people sick, but they do.

    Is it a conspiracy to reduce the population of the earth?

    I'm really not sure, but I'm not taking any more chances.

  14. Did the Holocaust actually happen, tango?

    Yes it did, and we all swore "never again" ... except the Israelis, apparently.

    And ... how many Palestinians have been killed and displaced by Israelis since 1948?

    Can you not see why their concern might be more for their own immediate safety from Israel?

    I just think it is insensitive and counter productive to force this issue at this time.

    They are not likely to see Israelis as 'victims'.

    I predict the lessons will not go well.

    It will only, as it is already, disrupt the peace process.

    And of course, that likely is the purpose - if Israel has no intention of allowing Gaza to live in peace.

  15. BRANTFORD: Opponents force logging crew to pack up

    Native activists and nonnative environmental advocates combined to stymie an aggregate company on the first day of its attempt to log nearly 1,300 trees from a forested area and plantation it owns on the city's outskirts.

    A crew hired by Telephone City Aggregates packed its equipment and drove out of the area around noon Monday after being confronted by opponents that included native activists and cyclists and hikers using the Grand Valley Trail who are angry that a stretch had been cut off to allow for cutting.

    Company officials did not returns calls for an interview.

    Advocate Mary Lou Knechtel went early in the morning to an area once known as Ibor Park -- a long-defunct scout camp -- west of the northwest business park, just south of Highway 403 and by the eastern bank of the Grand River.

    She talked to members of the cutting crew. Soon others showed up, including trail users angry at the imposition of barricades without sufficient notice or consultation.

    "A lot of people who use the trail in that area are concerned," Knechtel said in a later interview.

    "They feel it is unique, and to harvest timber there would cause a lot of damage."

    At one point, Vince Gilchrist, of the Haudenosaunee Men's Fire, told the workers about native concerns over cutting in the area, and suggested they should pack up their equipment and leave.

    After a short discussion, the workers complied, and began putting equipment on a truck.

    An interesting development ... locals from Brantford working with Six Nations to protect the land. Wonderful!

  16. Technology can never create holy water - this water and all clean unadulterated water is holy.. The air is holy also - as we are....time to respect ourselves as such.


    In 2008, Sault Ste. Marie City Council passed a resolution declaring the community “The Alternative Energy Capital of North America.”

    It was a bold claim — one that, if not backed up, could potentially place the city at the butt end of more than a few nasty jokes.

    However, the claim was by no means an empty one.

    It was substantiated — big time. Taken as a whole, the following projects provide more than enough evidence to support the declaration: wind energy, hydroelectric stations, solar energy, cogeneration projects, waste-to-energy, reverse polymerization, biomass, biodiesel, fibre crop and methane collection.

    Together, these initiatives will generate more than 560 megawatts of electricity, enough to power over 200,000 homes across the province.

  17. i'll do the same.

    charter.rights... err I mean Tango... um maam'...


    Forum rules:


    Insults are the ammunition of the unintelligent - do not use them. It is okay to criticize a policy, decision, action or comment. Such criticism is part of healthy debate. It is not okay to criticize a person's character or directly insult them, regardless of their position or actions. Derogatory terms such as "loser", "idiot", etc are not permitted unless the context clearly implies that it is not serious. Rule of thumb: Play the ball, not the person (i.e. tackle the argument, not the person making it).

    Yes ... Ma'am.

  18. Because kids that are fed lies instead of being taught the truth will grow up to be even more ignorant and savage than their fathers.

    As for the peace process, what peace can there be that is based on lies?

    It's a silly time to make an issue of this, imo.

    It's about politics, not education.

    How many Palestinians have been killed and driven out by Israelis since 1948?

    Can you see how they might not be receptive?

  19. Wait a second! You said that intolerance was something that couldn't be tolerated? I am asking you if that means you believe criminality should also be tolerated? I stated that I do make the differentiation and say so. Would you say you do not tolerate criminality? And if so, would that be what you would call "intolerant".

    I believe you cannot say you are intolerant of criminality or pedophilia because that would make you less of a Liberal. You have to say they are behaviors that a person is not in control of and we need to understand them. Well, you'll never understand them by making excuses for them. In the meantime we shouldn't tolerate them. If that makes me intolerant and subsequently a Liberal target so be it.

    Hey Pliny, has it ever occurred to you to pay attention to the thread topic and to follow the line of discussion?


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