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  1. You are a wonderful person....end of story - now for one more drink - keep it going - Bc - you are the best diplomat that the US has ever had - love you - now don`t get me wrong - you are not èxotic` - you are just a chump that mows the lawn and cares - love to you and the family - proud to know you. going out with in the sub channel - over and out....peace.
  2. He's a good guy and admires us. He might pretend to hold us in loathing and contempt - but if that were his honest perception - he would not post - he loves Canada - all he wants is for us to stop picking on the more defective Americans- He is very grateful that the American Navy gave him a hand up...I am sure that the American military attempt to hold honour and honesty high..but their leaders do not....BC is torn - He has not figure out that soldiers and naval officers are not the government..that they are better...we should give him a jerk and pull him over to the side of freedom - BC might owe trust to the military - but not to the whole American system...The Marshall class that BC belongs to is noble - the rest are not...He is to loyal to rats and does not understand that the Navy - pushes rats into the sea.
  3. Wish I was cruel and ruthless - I would be rich...but probably dead by now - choice - rich ----or poor and alive...I take poor.
  4. A while back I made friend with a neighbour at my last address - the street was upscale and gentrified. The woman in question was one of the origninals - Her family had lived their for two generations. She had been using crack for over 25 years. What she told me was the best she could do was manage the addiction. Eventually her mother died - and she and her son were cut out of the inheritance - because of the dope problem...she was actually a very fine woman - kind and loving- but she was sick...and all the programs that existed did nothing - but keep her sick...eventually I saw her going to a mission for food - she was drug free...it took place through her own determination - not some ruling or governmental program - she simply wanted to live.
  5. Bush Cheney is fun....He would gladly move to Canada if the U.S. Navy would send his pension north...he clings to America like a pup that loves those treats.
  6. If you can tax these beautiful an poor loving Muslims - tax them! I am sure they will be willing to pay to live in paradise -Canada --- which is one in comparison to where they came from.
  7. He sounds exactly like a a little Jewish lawyer that was sent in supposedly pro bono - but was actually a spy....For a person who was new to the matter and supposedly impartial - he got to the part in the stack of documents - suggesting anti-semitism - to quickly - as if rehearsed and previously advised....When I questioned this lawyer on the real facts of the issue - The little guy went completely crazy......He did insult my brain...Here is what he raved...."Your anger is not proving useful in this matter" - I was not angry in the least - I was calm and respectful - but as this guy stated that I had some anger problem - the beads of sweat appeared on his head - his jugular vein doubled in diameter - his hands were shaking - his face went red - and he was starting to foam at the mouth ..................He was a hypocrite - he attempted to reverse the tables by calling me a crazy man full of rage - but it was HE who was ready to kill me for speaking the truth.
  8. That ignoring of reality is a choice - Bob is not stupid - he just takes the easy way out - which is hate...my parents never hated anyone - they were willing to work to make things better - others that hate are not willing to work - but are willing to steal.
  9. They are all violent end emotional pin heads in that area..not enough travel - not enough expansion in the gene pool - time for them to get on the move and join the rest of the population of the planet earth.
  10. The liberals did come out on top - the NDP as we know it died with what's his name. As did the old liberal party - that died with the other what's his name..that iggy fellow.
  11. When a slightly dumb Wall Street upstart calls up Bay Street and by luck manages to get some good and solid advise and mentorship from one of our old wise dogs..then uses that suggested course of action to proceed...then that would mean that our reach goes beyond our boarder. The 49th line that is our boarder is not made of steel - persons might be restricted from crossing it - but not information. Just as in the entertainment field - Canadians assist Americans - our business people also enter into your system - Look at Conrad Black - how many visitors that are American have come to see him to gain a better education? DO you really think they keep Conrad because he is a bad guy? They keep him because of his experience - and wealth of knowledge - much like the ancients would kidnap the great ship builders and scientists...and put them to work _ Gengis Kaln - would always scoop up the experts and bring them home to work for him in the act of empire building and sustainment......who are you kidding BC - You kidnapped Black because you were having problems keeping your books together - Here is a scenario - some "powerful" American business person or political calls up the jail and says "Conrad - what do you think we should do?" - they do this because Black is a wise man - and you people are short on wise guys. As the record shows.
  12. People in the street comment that the NDP is the new liberal party. And the liberals are actually the neo-conservatives. If that is the case I wonder who the federal Conservatives have morphed into? As the definition of conservative evolved...it seems clear that the reality of the game is - the new establishment that has taken up the position of the norm...are liberals...and traditional conservatism has been re-vamped to suit the times - So now we have a conservative government in Ontario - with a liberal opposition (NDP) and a very strong centralist majority government - that is actually quite liberal - or are they - maybe the people in Ottawa holding the power federally are not a party at all...Let me get another glass of wine - and I will continue....... Oh and seeing that I am now a liberal conservative socialist..better fire up a smoke and enjoy my mortal existence to the max. Where was I - oh yes...............What party does Steven Harper belong to and lead? Certainly it is not the old school conservative party- and he is too good to be an NDP liberal...seeing that in the scheme of things - this group are of the slightly lower class....It has suddenly gotten evident that Harper belongs to the class and party that should be named the FREE BOOTERS....or the Privateer Party of Canada. An exclusive group that are granted licence by the crown of old to prey on the enemies of the state for profit - personal enrichment. Much like state sanctioned British pirates that used to prey on the French and Spanish. Seeing there is no clear cut enemy - and the federal Privateer Party of Canada are a lazy bunch - why bother going out like the Americans and prey on other nations - why not just plunder your own nation...kind of like shooting fish in a barrel....I suggest that Canada get Americanized - build up a great fleet - build up the military in general and go out to plunder weaker nations with some natural wealth - that way - they would leave you and I alone - and could do buisness.....else where - operating a this type of enterprise within your own boarders is like sneaking into your brothers house and stealing cash out of his sock drawer. The federal party....had better get off their asses and hoist those sails and steal from someone who is not family - stealing from family is easy - cos they are forgiving - as we saw in our latest provincial election. Family loves you- and the national family is very forgiving - but not forever.
  13. Any one who belongs to a club like Bob does - does not think for himself....he's on zioauto.
  14. Oh you saw it on TV - then it must be true - what ever happened to American power tools that lasted a life time? WE in Canada have these great labels stuck on Canadian goods..... Big red Maple Leaf and an inscription that you assume at first glance states < Made IN Canada...on closer examination it states "MADE FOR CANADA" - Better read your labels BC - I am sure you will find American product that has that little Asian lie inscribed in small print also.
  15. I don't hate junkies or crack heads - they are just a lot of work - In my back alley I see them lurking about near my rear entrance....they monitor my coming and going - I have to stare them down in order to intimidate them - IF I do not - they will break into my home and perhas steal anything of value or that envelope with the rent money....WHY do I have to constanly be on guard - that some sick drug addicted wreck is going to damage MY existance? I am sick of babysitting those that are driven by the evils of addiction...If the court has deemed that drug addicts have the right to injest the stuff - let them also supply the stuff _ so I don't have to fucking worry for my security and safety. If you want harm reduction - you must also reduce the harm caused by addicts that harm normal people through crime - So the SCC is willing to give them the needles - but not the dope - how cheap is that?
  16. You are dated BC - there is no more good American product - just junk from beyond that your greedy corporations have arranged to have made by slave labour ------------------you live in the past.
  17. All of my friends in high school became social workers - half of them were let go for taking advantage of the weak...the rest went on to become coke heads ...out of the five - mabye one was fit for the job. The social worker I mentioned should have chased off the drug dealer - If you or I were say some sort of child care worker - and someone approached one of our wards..with a beer - it would be responsible to tell the jerk corrupting the kid - to F off and get lost - that makes sense and that would be good judgement.
  18. I would love to get Bob drunk and jerk his zionist chain - last time I partied with a zionist - he called me "a dangerous man" - what a compliment - a born protector of all called dangerous - dangerous to what? The dangerous?
  19. Bob is a professional propgandist...I at one time was an assistant to the worlds biggest and most powerful group of propogandist..The American film industry - I worked on set during the creation of the pilot for West WING....providing energy and quiet re-assurance to the producers and director....after 18 years of service - they disposed of me with out so much as a thank you card - Bob will be dumped by his handlers eventually - There is no loyality in the propoganda industry. Remember that BOB - eventually you will have to stand on your own like all free men.
  20. Why do I suddenly feel like my Grand father just before the communists came to arrest him? It took the communists six full years to get a charge to stick - they finally shot him - then a month later put him on trial and found him guiltly - Does Waldo expect that in time there will be a full socialist take over of Canada - and all the disidents - and in Waldos' wierd perception I might be one of those guys he wants on record - so his type can round them up at a later date and sting them up...this message from Waldo has the air of a deadly future threat - and I don't appreciate it. Waldo seems to be some sort of icon worshiping fanatic who is willing to harm to others in the name of his god JACK. Most disturbing is Waldos' quote : "perhaps the saving grace for you was in the fact that there is no archive for board status messages" - So Waldo sends me a subtle threat - and is trying to goad me into implicating myself by repeating a rumor I heard regardgin Layton - on the street level...There are only two ways you can interprete Waldo's motivation for this....HE is either a right wing extremeist who wants to discredit the left - or a leftie...that is out to get me.....neither way....is his request done in good faith - Unless Waldo blurt out himself what he expects me to - then I will remain private in my thoughts - as should he in his....so Waldo - behave yourself - you are not dealing with some university activist....I am an old man and I don't give a shit about YOUR lust for supposed power.....You my dear friend might just be a fanatic..which I suspect you are.
  21. Here we are with the devil we know...and you know - over half of the voters just did not bother going out to cast a ballot..the ones that did had a vested interest in continued liberalism in Ontario sorry I mean the city state of Toronto. Those with eager resolve that ran out to vote - were mostly those that are employed through tax dollars...those that really don't generate any real prosperity...it was those who like the high taxes because it is those that draw their pay cheaques out of the public purse. It's a liberal circle jerk once more...where our middle class maintained by the poor guy that gets a fat ticket on a Sunday night for parking his own car on his own street. It is those so-called middle classers who have their kids in all day day care..who love immigration because even they can have a nanny in the back bed room who they pay with food and the odd hundrend dollar bill. It was the status quo that loves the idea of gentle boys who behave like little girls in curls from a by-gone era. NDP - Liberal - not much difference - The dream of the NDP has always been to be THE BOSS - This phenomena is peculiar only to Toronto...the socialist revolution that put independent person on welfare - then send their kids to some community colleage so they could get jobs administrating to the artifial poor that they created...welcome to the church of liberalism- an area of self worship...and the new city state elite. The rode into office on the combination of hate for traditional values that command a person to be independent and free...and support themselves though their own determination and creative enterpise ALONG with riding into town on the coat tails of a created saint in the form of some person now dead - who's heros were Lenin and Marx - I say beware my friends - these folks can hurt you - as the record shows...I suggest that the federal government starve this stupid fortress of debachery into submission - give TORONTO nothing...let them acutally work...If the welfare department is called ONTARIO works...let liberal Torontonians also work...as I can see it - this election was won by those who cast a ballot called - The free ride on another kind of gravy train...one where they all line up and screw each other from behind in some sort of collective sodomy...and those that do not particiapte or "comply" will be oppressed and destroyed - Makes you want to leave this city - a city where the lunitics have taken over the nut house.
  22. He is not blinded by hate - he is much like those Americans who set up a very lucritive security industry by terrorising their own people - Bob is a careerist - and he does not really hate anyone...he's just another drone making a buck and some fame in the hate industry - that is closely connected to the fear industry - that is closely connected to the companies that sell billions of dollars of high tech devices to air ports that us poor citizens pay for - Bob is just another upscale paraiste - that woule HATE world peace - cos he would have to get a real job digging a ditch - and Jews don't like labour - unless it is a Palistinian doing it for cheap.
  23. Bay street is a very nice subsiduary of Wall Street...both are partners - and as you said Wall street is Bay Streets oldest and most dear enemy.
  24. Nor will I -----why such a dreary interest in the very very private part of Jacks life - Jack never stated anything clearly and precisely...so why should I .....again how clear was the ceremony at this value muddle funeral - a departed Jewish secularist politican having his funeral conducted by a renegade gay Christain priest? Where is the clearity in that mumbo jumbo.
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