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  1. Politics? Economics? Social issues? I really do not know a thing about them...I just fake it.

  2. Waldo- why is this issue of cause of death important to you - who are you?

  3. They are pulling and dumping topics. I can live with that.

  4. It's a good site...you can be a bit dumb and avoid the really informative stuff - but if you have a good idea - all input is useful...personally I try to stay away from areas that other are expert in - good luck and enjoy - every person has something to contriubute...you might think of something out of the blue that a thousand political science types might miss...cheers.

  5. You sure take your time picking a friend. Thanks for the compliment and YES - now you are stuck with me - kind of like a Cable Guy friend...you might live to regert it lol

  6. Get on board William an shoot your mouth off... it's safe here to do so and good and important people listen - feel free.

  7. riverdale hugh

  8. The flag Bob ---is it the Star of David or is it Solomons Seal?

  9. Boy oh boy am I ever excieted - stopped using phones a few years back - now I am back ---and glory glory - someone is my friend..the miracles never cease...thanks...friendship is valuable.

  10. looks like you are a pretty popular guy.

  11. YOU seem to lurk and watch alot..come out and play BC before I shut off the machine..Your pic is exactly how I imagined you.

  12. YOU are a powerful woman - and I will be creepy by saying - "if I was twenty days younger ---I mean twenty years..thanks it is very kind of you to reply..also - we need truely powerful and wise young woman to keep the nation in tact..I see that in your face...Peace to you also

  13. A fine person and from the open sky land to boot...it's nice to be treated well by youth..I hang out with my now adult children and we jam at the club together--remember to be cool when you get old---once cool always cool.

  14. SMART GOOD LOOKING AND YOUNG. A woman with a future and a mind that will invoke possitive change..I can tell a lot from a pic.

  15. Time for bed - state something! This site is read by some very influential people..cause a stink.. speak up - don't be chichen poop..love to all and good night... go for it..I will stand behind you not just because you are female but because you are of good quality,

  16. Feeling vain this moment- should get one of the kids to take a nice digital shot of pops...then you can see how mature and handsome I am.

  17. GREAT personal photo - looks, intelligence and a sense of just purpose..the world needs your type...all the power to you.

  18. HEY - I might be an old guy but thanks to my kids and location and being involved in the arts I understand you completely..what I meant was are you a designer? Fashion in my mind is art and YOU are the exhibit...what every you can put together that has the desired effect is good fashion...for and old dude I wish I had more money - I would be twice as cool...speaking of indy -

  19. Fashion? Are you any good at it?

  20. I would ask my mother who she loved the most and she would grin and say "I love me" - In truth she and my dad used to say of the kids..."I love you without limit" Okay - so I was loved - just want more - that's the only greed I own is that!

  21. Love your avitar...you always make me laugh.

  22. Maybe you can be my friend because you may be important. Of course I am motivated by ulteriour motives...I just want to be important like you..do you think some of the glory will rub off on me? At this point I am like a band member that does not get paid. Write something funny in the future. I would say that Bush Cheney could teach you a thing or two.

  23. Hey bud - It's my job to ruin the days of certain individuals I find distasteful...I even ruin the days of nice people for sport...nice to meet you...I hope I can ruin your day soon...

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