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  1. This thread was never meant to be about abortion per se, it was about Trudeau's judgement and commitment to party open-ness. It revealed a style that even his MPs seem to be uncomfortable with - and only time will tell if his judgement is politically sound.

    It doesn't matter who wins the next election - there will be no change in status of abortion at the federal level.

    Mr Trudeau therefore accomplished two things. Call into question once again his fitness as party leader and apparently end the Liberal Party's claim to be a Big Tent. You get the impression that whenever Justin opens his mouth there are cheers from the Conservative and NDP camps.

    Memo to Mr Trudeau: in the recent Quebec election the PQ got thumped because they insisted on talking about sovereignty and Islamic head scarves instead of the issues the public wanted to hear about: jobs, healthcare, education. Don't you make the same mistake.

  2. JT needs more experience in "politico speak". He appears to speak off the cuff and then spends the next few weeks explaining himself.

    He's Twitter Man. He makes policy statements that can fit into a tweet. Simpleminded statements on complex policies such as abortion, legalizing marijuana and assisted suicide. He gets pushback then makes "clarifications" that muddy the issue even further. I was a "Liberal Supporter" and voted in the leadership election - but none of my choices was for Trudeau. He lacks his father's intelligence and wit.

  3. The reality is that into the foreseeable future there is no threat of anti-abortion legislation passing in Ottawa. Anybody who wants to go that route should lobby provinces to use their rights to control health procedures. Access to abortion is by no means uniform across Canada and in some provinces abortions are not easy to come by.

  4. Looks like another "private" conversation between people goes viral. Prince Charles was described as comparing Putin to Hitler. The proverbial xxxx has hit the fan. Whether one agrees with him or not, Charles has no business commenting on political affairs. He gats paid to walk and wave - not to comment. This is giving the British Republicans yet more ammunition to attack the royalty.

    I agree that the Royal Family should stay out of political affairs but Charles and his father are noted for making controversial comments on occasion. However, there is nothing knew in Charles' comment. Many comparisons have made publicly between Crimea and the Sudetenland.

  5. Trudeau spelled out that "Liberal MPs are welcome and encouraged to hold fast to their personal beliefs."

    But he asserted, "Under my leadership, incoming Liberal MPs will always vote in favour of a woman's fundamental rights."


    Another of Trudeau's famous "clarifications" that just create more confusion. "You can believe what you want so long as you vote the way I want".

    There is no restriction on abortion, at least at the federal level. And there is no chance whatsoever that a Liberal government would ever bring in an anti-abortion bill. Harper has said repeatedly that his government won't. And we all know the position of the NDP. So why raise the issue? Just another example of Trudeau's lack of qualifications for the party leadership

  6. Sounds reasonable, but I wouldn't discount the possibility of vote splitting in Ontario giving them a squeaker of a majority.

    Unlikely but possible. They will lose seats in Quebec and perhaps a couple in Atlantic Canada. The vote splitting in Ontario would have to be spot-on though to pick up enough seats to form a majority and it would be a thin one.

    As Harold Wilson said when he had a majority of four, "You don't want four MPs all in the same cab in the event of an accident".

  7. Nope. He will form a coalition with the Liberals and Bloc, or A Cooperative since signing anything with Duceppe would be a death sentence even for Jacko. It is the grand prize- governance. You are dreaming if you think Layton will bypass that at any price. Remember- it isn't his money that pays Quebec.

    If the polls are right this is the start of the NDP Golden Era and death's door for the Libs and Bloc. Layton will first need to whip a lot of neophytes into a workable opposition party while the other two will be scrambling to find leaders so they can survive. The Tories would only be defeated when Layton felt he would be ready to possibly govern if asked by the GG - this of course would depend on the number of seats he gets today. If the Tories, Libs and Bloc then defeat him he has a great issue to campaign on for the ensuing election.

  8. If you expect the Liberals to prop up the NDP for 4 straight years, heck for even 1 straight year to begin with...

    The Liberals will be in a shambles - down to a corporal's guard mostly consisting of hacks going back to the Chrétien era and after three stinkers at the helm, looking forward to having as leader either a defrocked socialist or the son of a former PM who got his brains from his mother, not his father. Or if they want to be totally irrelevant they could elect Dominique Leblanc.

    No way would Layton want to have anything to do with this bunch.

  9. What is most interesting is having Bernake hold the Fed's very first ever press conference. I guess it's to spread the message that everything is fine. I wonder why they would have to tell everyone that everything is fine? Hmmm...

    "fine" is a bit of an overstatement. Bernanke recognizes that the very modest growth levels are insufficient to bring down unemployment to acceptable levels any time soon. He talks of "underlying" inflation when it is gas north of four bucks a gallon that is worrying people. And, of course, the real estate market is still in a shambles.

  10. I don't know if you've been watching CPAC, but some of those NDP candidates.. yikes. 25 year old pot head looking types that have never worn a suit.

    I know what you mean. I live in a riding (no fear of the NDP winning) where the Dips put in throw-away candidates, usually a snotty-nosed kid who wants to put in a $5/liter tax on gas and calls Israel an "apartheid" state.

  11. I suspect it is a mixture of a political and economic decision. There is little question that the U.S.'s policies are profligate and irresponsible at this juncture. Obama's policies are more typical of a banana republic, not a great nation.

    I have always found American politics fascinating but when you look at the current crew - Obama, Huckabee, Sarah P, Trump, the birthers and the tea-baggers it's downright Monty Python on the Potomac.

  12. S&P have lowered their outlook for the US from neutral to negative and has "treatened" to lower the US debt rating. The Fed called it a "political decision". What say you?

    There is nothing new here. We all know that a deficit of 10% of GDP and a debt of 100% of GDP need to be acted on. The immediate issue to be dealt with is the debt level. We don't need S&P to tell us what will happen if Congress doesn't act to raise it.

  13. But one thing politicians of all parties agree on. Once you make a big decision you can NEVER EVER admit you were wrong, and go back on what you did.

    Way back when Iggy talked about it being bad fiscal policy but he has shut up about it now. No way would any pol talk of increasing it back to 7%.

  14. Cap I much prefer the version in which Iggy is yelling about rise up for democracy but that has Layton spliced into it pointing out Iggy doesn't even go to votes.

    Turned on the radio this morning and heard some guy yelling, "Rise Up, Rise Up!". Well, I thought, it is Sunday - I must be listening to a church service.

  15. Their consumption taxes, which our left tends to oppose, are especially much higher.

    I have yet to see any support, from anywhere on the political spectrum, for Harper's reduction in the GST. I have however seen much argument that it would have been preferable to reduce income taxes instead.

  16. In Montreal, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s Mount Royal seat is at play, with the Conservatives hoping that their pro-Israel foreign policy will play well with the riding’s strong Jewish community.

    I don't agree with that at all. True, Harper is the most pro-Israel PM we have ever had but in the last election the Tories got splattered in Mont-Royal. There is no way they can beat someone with the stature of Irwin Cotler.

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