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      Gabriel Feraud : I knew a man who was stabbed to death by a woman; gave him the surprise of his life. 

      Laura : I once knew a woman who was beaten to death by a man. I don't think it surprised *her* at all.

      From 'the Duellists' (1977)

    1. bcsapper


      I looked that up.  Ridley Scott's first movie, no less.  I'm going to find it and watch it.  Thanks.

  1. Reading local rag "This Week in History" :

    "Dr E.S.T. Smellie was our own local hero! During the smallpox scare of 1892, immigrants infected with smallpox were locked in a railway car which was pushed out of town and abandoned. Dr Smellie intervened by opening the railcar and caring for the sick. All but one survived."

    Thunder Bay Source 22 Dec 2016

  2. I miss FTA lawyer.

    1. BC_chick


      I was missing ReeferMadness the other day and suddenly there he was. Hope your reminiscing has the same outcome.

    2. cybercoma
  3. Me: 'But Captain-". Captain:' Are you about to argue with me Sparks? You better make it good cause you'll never have the opportunity to argue with me again. So go ahead Sparks, make your argument.'" . Me: 'ah , nuthing, captain.'

  4. Just had an older kid show up in Halloween teen garb (overcoat and some black around the eyes - very feeble) Not with a bag but an actual shopping cart! an immigrant certainly! No Canadian Values

    1. Big Guy

      Big Guy

      It was me. But you are free for next year. Your "treat" of a stale gumball has you blacklisted for eternity!

    2. overthere


      It was a bit scary at my house last night. Not so much the costumes. But several 8 year olds all gunned up and frenzied on sugar rushes..... don't make eye contact....just give em the goodies and get that door closed..

  5. Frost on the ground this AM

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    2. Peter F

      Peter F

      Fall, I think, explains it.

    3. The_Squid
    4. The_Squid


      No frost on the West Coast yet... at least not at sea level.

  6. Early Retirement! My first day of not earning a wage! Thanks Union! Thanks ex-employer! Thanks tax-payers!

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    2. sharkman


      Way to go! But don't retire, just find something else interesting to do.

    3. WestCoastRunner
    4. WestCoastRunner


      Now get out there and catch a salmon for the bbq!

  7. I almost forgot...Don't feed the troll.

  8. Voted ...despite the rain...no commies running in this riding so voted NDP instead

    1. waldo


      aren't they the same? I kid, I kid...

    2. On Guard for Thee

      On Guard for Thee

      You know who will be weighing on that.

  9. They'll hate you for wearing a Burqa.

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