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  1. EU imposes vaccine export controls....Trudeau begs Biden for USA production.  Sunny ways !

  2. Canada's next GG...Don Cherry !

    1. Cannucklehead
    2. Shady


      I would take either one of them.

    3. bcsapper


      Use AI.  A computer would be cheaper, better at it, and wouldn't need a pension.

  3. Brady vs. Rodgers...will Canada be watching ?

    1. DogOnPorch


      Always fond of Green Bay.

    2. bush_cheney2004


      ...and that is why Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.

    3. DogOnPorch


      He's a great player.

  4. All true, but made moot by political forces and public/private objectives that must be satisfied in the short term. Not much sympathy for taxpayers who are very much complicit in the scheme, driving the demand for more and more spending/entitlements/benefits.
  5. Not any more....fiscal conservative dinosaurs like me have to face political reality, and take advantage of the public and private debt orgy...which is exactly what I am doing. The banks pay me now.
  6. Inflation has remained very modest by historical terms, and near zero interest conditions will persist for several more years. Central banks actually strive to keep inflation in a 2% - 3% band as a matter of monetary policy. I for one would welcome much higher interest rates....reward the savers...punish the debtors. My first home had a mortgage at 12.5%, and passive investment products paid much more handsomely than today. Canada has already faced the abyss back in the 1990's (Canadian peso days) compared to U.S. dollar hegemony. Chretien and Martin drastically cut spending...not politically possible under current circumstances. Europe has also rejected post Great Recession "austerity" measures.
  7. MSNBC is very biased, purposely trying to counter Fox News Corp, which has been #1 in U.S. cable news for a very long time. Not sure why you are so heavily invested in foreign news networks either way, but what may be a slant to you in Canada is not always true for the target American audience and sponsors. Canada doesn't have anywhere near the amount of bandwidth and diverging news production, but that doesn't mean the U.S. has to be so limited.
  8. Good for them...never know when another nutjob Canadian might try to kill him or his family with ricin.
  9. Already in the budget...just like your pension payments to GG Space Cadet for the rest of her life. Wanna buy some more vaccine ?
  10. The U.S. gets a lot more for all of its debt....public and private. Your country is not the leading expert on that.
  11. There is no intention to pay back all the debt (principal).... just keep servicing the interest, refinance with lower interest debt, and debt monetization. Debt is here to stay !
  12. Ontario had the most sub-sovereign debt per capita even before the pandemic. The US doesn't worry about that.
  13. Clearly you do not want to admit the obvious disparity in response. I don't know why you are holding water for the Democrats, but I guess many Canadians do just to oppose "right wingers".
  14. Your space cadet was in America because that's where the spacey stuff happens....not much in Canada.
  15. More foreign investment...because Canada can't.
  16. Nixon was elected...twice. Payette was appointed after very poor vetting. She killed once...she could kill again !
  17. Minneapolis has been controlled by Democrats for over 40 years. Major rioting, arson, and looting happened in May after the George Floyd killing. The governor and county officials are also Democrats, who stood by for days doing nothing. A police precinct building was burned to the ground. Their first policy action was to "defund the police".
  18. Sure...more dependence on foreign capital and investment....it is the Canadian way.
  19. Payette is your problem now...not mine. Plus you have to pay that crazy bitch a pension ?
  20. Trump set up Biden pretty well....all of the Trump haters in Canada will gladly accept being kicked in the nutz by Joe Biden and his protectionist policies. Trudeau will be Biden's poodle.
  21. Best choice for GG of course...Trudeau knows excellence when he sees it !
  22. The U.S. began building walls and barriers on the Mexican border long before Trump for lots of reasons, including vehicle traffic, not just people.
  23. America doesn't have a monarchy...but you can get a crown at Burger King. Payette was a walking time bomb with domestic assault charges in the U.S. She even killed a pedestrian with her vehicle. Trudeau was warned not to nominate this space cadet, but as usual he went for the blackface again.
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