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  1. President Trump has already been impeached...twice...but he will not be convicted...twice.
  2. Trudeau wants COVID vaccine doses from 'murica, but Biden says hell no, same as Trump.  


    1. bcsapper
    2. bush_cheney2004


      We are...over 42,000,000 vaccine doses shoved so far.   Maybe China (CanSino) will come through for Trudeau after all, but I doubt it.

    3. Shady


      Trudeau’s poor planning is having deadly results.

  3. Rex Murphy: This is the worst Canadian government ever. Can there be any question?


    1. Shady


      Yep.  And we have useful idiots in this country more concerned about Kelly Anne Conway.  You can’t make up people this stupid.

    2. Cannucklehead
  4. Trudeau speaks about vaccine plans...."Baghdad Bob had more credibility".

  5. Canada unemployment rises to 9.4%...Sunny Ways !

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    2. Argus


      ALL of Canada's cases can ultimately be traced back to international travel.

    3. Argus


      If disease can't be controlled by borders explain the maritimes.

    4. Cannucklehead




      Praise be to uber!  I'm sure americans can get by with jobs like that.  

  6. Soros-backed political group gives $500,000 to campaign to replace Minneapolis Police Department


    1. BubberMiley
    2. Cannucklehead


      I thought they were claiming Soros was secretely responsible for it being burned?  😲

  7. Many western nations reacted the same way....there are more Covid deaths in the EU than in the USA. Over 15,000,000 Chinese nationals died partially due to government incompetence when invaded by the Imperial Japanese Army. The evil American capitalists and other allies helped China out with that problem.
  8. China is not there yet...its currency is not strong enough yet to displace U.S. dollar hegemony. 5,000 years and still counting....sooner or later they may figure it out.
  9. Canada is now a third world COVAX member desperate for vaccine doses.

  10. Why was "Chinese" obscured from this Canada Blood Services graphic by CBC ?


    A breakdown of the ethnic composition of Canadian Blood Services’ stem cell registry


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    2. Boges


      Probably because they shouldn't have been calling a racial group "Chinese". 

    3. bush_cheney2004


      OK...that makes sense, especially for current political sensitivities with China.  The Philippines only screamed about removing the recycling garbage.

    4. DogOnPorch
  11. They shouldn't be emboldened by Biden....didn't work out too well for Ukraine the last time Biden was in office.
  12. Trudeau benefited from the huge Canadian backlash against Trump, repeatedly getting passes for multiple transgressions, and doubling down on the virtue signaling, even as the economy faltered. Trump taught the Canadian government a valuable lesson that may or may not translate into more independent policy and actions. The problem now is that they can no longer point at Trump for their troubles and moral superiority, and the new American president kicked Canada in the teeth on his first day in office. In engineering, we use environmental stress testing to improve designs, parts, and manufacturing processes...governments are being challenged now with severe social, economic, and political stressors that should (but doesn't always) separate the contenders from the pretenders. Equality of opportunity does not means equality of outcomes, but it can translate into campaign rhetoric and votes. "Canada First" is too much hardcore American style, but the right leader could succeed with a tempered Canadian version to push back against the U.S., China, Russia, and EU policies. The word "allies" only applies in specific, narrow contexts...it is not a excuse or substitute for competition and national interests.
  13. This is not very credible... lacking supporting data...from the link:
  14. This is a recurring theme...Canada has experienced the same lesson again and again but is not likely to get wiser with the present government and like minded coalition parties. It is difficult to even get full transparency in the policy process and decision making, and the opposition's only recourse is to make a stink in the press/media. Trudeau had been naive (and weak) for a long time before COVID, but he remains as a wounded placeholder PM because the CPC opposition has not mounted a viable federal alternative. Trudeau has been able to limp along no matter what, and it remains to be seen if the spending spree debt and limits on Charter Rights will be enough to topple his minority government. Not even another AdScam would work today (see "WE scandal").
  15. Canada's government chose to partner with China for a vaccine at first (CanSino), only to lose that bet and get in late on contracts from other sources. Canadians in country were not even part of large scale Phase 3 vaccine testing until recently.
  16. Lockdowns varied by country and even within countries. There was no uniform response even in the face of rising numbers. U.S. mortality is actually lower than in some other nations based on confirmed testing cases.
  17. Not very precise targeting....healthy and unhealthy people around the world were also impacted. The U.S. economy only shrank by 3.5% in 2020...less than Canada's estimated 5%. China will need to come up with a better idea to kill America.
  18. President Barack Obama did have "Northern European ancestry". His mother was Stanley Ann Dunham:
  19. "Chilling the situation" ? Are you joking ? You assertion is false...Trump acted to protect federal property and expected state, county, and city officials to do their jobs. Instead, they watched cities burn and pushed their own agenda.
  20. False....Trump sent in federal resources to protect federal properties and Democrat controlled cities, counties, and states wanted them out. Minneapolis burned for three days and the Democrats demanded defunding of the police department. Trump put pressure on the governors for national guard mobilizations.
  21. Canada is falling further behind on vaccination roll out, dropping to 20th. The curious Canadian comparisons and benchmarking for "allies" is evident again. Trudeau will be getting more vaccine heat once the GG fiasco blows over. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-20-world-vaccine-doses-administered-1.5891465
  22. Is there a separate thread about how the Canadians are reacting ? They are "reacting" a lot to Biden's decisions on KXL, COVID vaccine availability, "Buy American", "hate speech" on American social media platforms, snowbirds going south, etc., etc. ...just like Canadians always do. They take this crap so personally !
  23. The economics of petroleum/bitumen production, transport, and refining favours the path of least expensive resistance. Canada exports to the U.S. only to import about 1 million bpd along with Saudi oil to the East. Some provinces refuse to accept new or upgraded pipelines so there has been more flow north-south than east-west. Keystone XL was more about getting additional Canadian bitumen to the Gulf refineries for export abroad, with the Americans getting a value added premium as profit, same as they get for sending product to Canada's east. It is curious that many Canadians consider Biden's permit cancellation to be Alberta's problem alone....Americans do not typically segregate petroleum projects by state if only because interstate commerce laws prevent that. Canada retaliated much harder against Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs even though the impact was far less. The Liberal government has no seats in Alberta and little political interest compared to jobs and votes in Ontario/Quebec. So more bitumen will be headed south by train instead, a plus for rich guys like Warren Buffet.
  24. The U.S. export lots of petroleum and distillates to over 150 countries, and became the world's largest producer during the Obama/Biden administration, mostly due to fracking and oil leases on federal and private land. https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=727&t=6 President Biden will try to stop fracking on federal land, but cannot limit drilling on private land without Congressional (House & Senate) support. Most of the federal land is in western states.
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