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  1. So yet again, the question about what Canada should do about China returns to a focus and obsession on what the United States is doing about China. Canada seemingly won't do anything about China. Sure...any day now...total collapse of U.S. dollar hegemony. Canada has already experienced a fallen empire...that's why it now clings to the United States for economic and military survival. Canada can remember the good 'ole days of empire...including parts of China...just look how big and important Canada appears on this postage stamp !
  2. I did....don't ask questions that you don't want answered. Clearly you do not have any practical experience in such matters. Keep reading American history for more entertainment. False conclusions, and not Canada's current China dilemma anyway. Military responses do not require nuclear weapons unless engaged in kind...Canada doesn't have such leverage and probably never will. It is no longer a "middle power" or "honest broker", and doesn't have a "seat at the table"...or any other cute euphemism that attempts to describe and rationalize Canada's very weakened state.
  3. The U.S. can have both...leadership and a forward deployed, potent military...Canada has neither. Canada's government could have taken far stronger measures than just Meng's living quarters and extradition outcome (e.g. expulsions, 5G decision, consulates, air travel, student visas, etc.) but it chooses not too. Therefore no reason for China to budge. Should have worked out a trade long ago, instead of hiding behind the "rule of law".
  4. What happens ? The U.S. will still have plenty of carriers...plus cruise missile platforms and forward deployed aircraft squadrons to join in the fun. The heavy bombers will take a while longer to get to the party. After the dust settles, Canada's weak government can get back to asking about the Two Michaels...again.
  5. China has been following a path that seeks to duplicate the American military development narrative with domestic efforts...using ex-Soviet/Russian designs and methods are not good enough anymore to achieve CPC long range plans. However, there is one thing that China cannot create or buy for these advanced systems...experience. And that translates into training, tactics, doctrine, effectiveness, etc. Of course, they have 1MT warheads because they lack the (CEP) accuracy more than any 2nd strike posturing. China today does not have a robust defense suppression capability against North America or Europe. They will get better at this game, but so will other nations that already have a big head start. The first American SSBN patrol was over 60 years ago...one of my old boats (USS George Washington SSBN-598). Hence my 20th century comment above. What China has long thought to be its biggest strength has become less relevant and more obsolete. China is learning that military superpower things are not so easy.
  6. Not my concern...your domestic politics and squabbles are your own, plus you seem to make time for worrying about American leaders and politics as well. Justin Trudeau is a failure in most any context, except for legalized cannabis and dopers.
  7. China doesn't need a war to treat Canada like a chew toy....all it needs is Justin Trudeau.
  8. Agent Orange and other defoliants were also tested and manufactured in Canada. ...back to China.
  9. No me...the context was your claim of pending extinction from "climate change". Clearly this is just more alarmist rhetoric that actually undermines practical approaches to mitigation and adaptation, and has failed to date. The carbon cycle will continue regardless of "anthropogenic warming".
  10. This point highlights several disadvantages that China faces...the West has several allied nations with more advanced nuclear warhead designs and more accurate delivery systems that can leverage those designs. The west also is deploying credible ballistic missile defense systems (with or without Canada). China is playing catch-up for land, sea, and air capabilities while trying to maintain a very large conventional army to fight a 20th century ground war that dominates its historical experience....transitioning to modern American/Western force structure concepts has not been without problems and limitations. China has another nuclear weapons problem...India, which is hell bent on funding and deploying a robust nuclear triad right on China's doorstep. Playing superpower with the big boys is not going to be easy...or cheap. As China confronts such realities, one would expect more interest in arms limitations talks (Chinese pragmatism...not moral debate).
  11. Great...you are admitting that extinction events are natural occurrences, regardless of "anthropogenic warming". But...alarmists have to alarm.
  12. Quite to the contrary, there will be no mass "extinction" and the very same economic forces that scare all the alarmists into spouting such hyperbole will be brought to bear on "climate change". Green is for the money...not alarmists.
  13. There was abundant flora and fauna diversity on earth at much higher CO2 concentration levels millions of years ago, rising and falling for many different reasons.
  14. The whole world is not going to die from climate change...except in the alarmists mind.
  15. That is Canada's choice...and so are the consequences. Canada's government freaked out when President Trump called them and other NATO deadbeats on this game. China is happy to have Canada as a compliant state as well. Those terms didn't come out of Washington....came out of Canada and like minded nations in Europe. Canada also invented terms like "honest broker", "seat at the table", "responsibility to protect", "peacekeeping", "middle power", etc.
  16. Some of those refused to fight outside of Canada, especially in Quebec. But that isn't the issue here...Canada has been invaded by economic and geopolitical means, with little defence and growing dependencies.
  17. Canada has never had an independent war fighting capability, but at least in the past it could contribute to the collective defence that Canada depends on as a matter of policy and reality (NATO, NORAD, etc.). The bills are coming due and a majority of Canadians surely do not want to pay the price. Diplomacy is often only a soft glove that covers an iron fist. China sees opportunity (and weakness) in Canada's choices, even if most Canadians do not view it that way.
  18. Nevertheless, Canadian Forces had capabilities and could sustain operations that it cannot perform well today. Canada's previous defence spending included tactical aircraft, capable diesel electric submarine upgrades (British Oberon class), patrol aircraft, Halifax class CODOG frigates built in Canada, etc. The political will to do these things has all but disappeared...outside NATO pressure is resented....China pressure is tolerated. Not going to happen without hard power backing up soft power, even as a collective defence, which Canada continues to keep on a starvation diet.
  19. Not only does Justin Trudeau not have the gravitas of his father, domestic and foreign policy circumstances are very different today. Canada use to be a legitimate middle power with credible military projection, naval capabilities, even peacekeeping resources sustained for many years. Canada had a very capable Cold War ASW role and mission for the GIUK gap, and was integrated well into NATO forces without the deadbeat apologies seen today. There was always a tension within Canada over compliance and support for American policies around the world, so succeeding Canadian governments adopted a strategy of covert cooperation but public defiance for political gain back home. Canada pursued the alternative "human rights" strategy using NATO and "allied" power for a "Responsibility to Protect" and beat up on third world nations. That won't work with China, which can now treat Canada like a chew toy with a PM who is ill prepared to lead, and doesn't have the resources to even get a "seat at the table" anymore. Arguably, this decline started with his father, and he wants to finish it (i.e. "post national state"). China only respects strength, and purposely exploits weakness. Time to hit the gym.
  20. Trudeau begs Biden for help on China but refuses to vote on genocide resolution.

    1. Boges


      Hopefully he'll drop the request to have Canada keep the Huawei Heir in House Arrest which caused this problem in the first place. 

  21. Trudeau wants to ask Biden for U.S. made Covid vaccine...good luck with that "best friend".

  22. Boeing has already partnered with China for aviation manufacturing...the Comac efforts to date have come up way short, even for the Chinese domestic market. Airbus has competed with Boeing for many decades on product and cost. Boeing needs the China market now...not just ten years from now.
  23. Indeed....Pierre Trudeau purposely sought to counterbalance American power and influence by kanoodling with Cuba and China (among others) for perceived distancing from Washington and the favourable domestic politics that could provide, especially during the Vietnam War, despite the war making billions for the Canadian economy.
  24. State owned enterprises even in China are estimated to be 30 - 40% government control, on top of all land ownership (90+% of land is Crown owned in Canada). American private interests / capital have far greater ownership and impact on Canada than anything China has done. If you want to make a distinction between government and private ownership, one can have that discussion (i.e. state owned Crown Corporations in Canada), but plenty of American and Canadian corporations own foreign enterprises in many sectors, not just manufacturing. Example: Canadian firms are major players around the world for mining. Cirrus Aircraft (based in my state) sought additional capital from several domestic and foreign sources before the Chinese acquisition (e.g. Bahrain) to remain solvent. GM has 50% ownership of SAIC (Shanghai) and now manufactures more vehicles in China than in North America. Boeing has been in China for more than 40 years, delivering more than 2000 airliners to the Chinese market. 20% of Apple revenue comes from China. China is not going away and competition is not going away either. Canada has been coming up short in this area for several reasons regardless of China, and continued over-dependence on raw materials exports, commodities, U.S. market/capital investment, etc. will leave it more vulnerable to foreign owned policies and actions in the future. Just add China to the list until Canada (or USA) decide to do things differently.
  25. Trudeau the poodle hopes to get a head pat from Joe Biden today.

    1. DogOnPorch


      Two dictators meet. I wonder if they'll divide Poland.

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