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  1. The Conservatives are hardly good for the debt either, having run the biggest debts in Canadian history the last few years, those jet plane costs are out of control too. There's only one cure for fiscally irresponsible spending and unsustainable greed...that's bankruptcy. California, Greece, the UK, Ontario all saw the train wreck coming but couldn't do anything about it because the majority of people support unsustainable spending all over the world. It will happen in Canada eventually, it will just take longer because we are a resource rich country, the oil sands will prolong it a number of years, but it's unavoidable. Can anyone site an example of a country proactively avoiding debt crisis? Do you really think the majority of Canadian voters are smarter than the people of California and the UK? With the size of our public sector increased spending is the only option, no one can oppose it and the majority of voters.
  2. In the weeks leading up to the election I got the impression from mainstream media like the CBC that there wasn't a single person willing to publically support the Conservatives and everyone nationwide adored the NDP. After winning a majority how can we give the media any credibility on reporting political news? The ndp won in quebec, not the rest of canada, they're still a glorified union lobby group. Is there any unbiased and objective journalist left in Canada or is this really what sells nowadays? This seems to explain to apparent need for a 'fox news north', even those in the center find it disgusting. I suspect the CBC wil lose even more viewers to the so called 'fox news north', paralleling the election results.
  3. Great call with the silver. Do you think its worth getting into after this big drop the past week? I went for energy stocks the past few months and have been doing quite well even after this recent dip. Thinking of expanding my exposure to the stock market further with silver. Seems to be an effort to create a bear market but the market won't allow it, profits look good and will be next quarter too?
  4. Invest in oil companies, it takes the sting out of the gouging as you make money along with them to pay for these high bills.
  5. There's only one solution to global warming and ironically the environmentalist oppose it....nuclear. After 40 years of wind and solar failing to supply us enough power you'ld think nuclear would be more popular, guess they need another 40 years to figure this out, hopefully the planet will survicve long enough for them to swallow their pride and put the environment ahead of their own fanatical beliefs.
  6. He would of done better than Iggy this election, catering more to the fanatical Left, not exactly a complement after seeing how Quebecers voted.
  7. 'Clean coal' is a marketing term thought up by some well paid PR campaigns, it has no basis in reality, sure sounds warm and fuzzy though, whatever PR firm thought this up deserves a bonus seeing as most of us believe it.
  8. There's only one answer for increased power demands that combats green house gases, reduces fossil fuel dependency and is safe and reliable - it's nuclear. Yes, 'safe' is accurate description, any UN study comparing all the main sources of energy will tell your this.
  9. Who cares about reasons for oils price rises. Invest in Western Canadian's oil sector, then you'll cheer when the media mention their latest reason for rising oil prices, I hope the middle east blows up, I'll make a fortune then with my stable and secure canadian oil producers.
  10. re:'Harper, often referred to as "George W. Bush's Mini Me,..' Only by the intolerent Left.
  11. It's great to hear from a politician that is trying to propose we live within our means, its so easy to try and satisfy everyone by stealing from the future to do so. Cheap shots about teachers and hospital staff are fear mongering by unions and selfish bozos that care nothing about the impending bankruptcy of the nation and the collapse of the social safety net, just short term greed.
  12. If life began in primordial ooze spontaneously why can't 'believers' use modern science to duplicate this result in a lab? That would be the normal scientific method of proving a 'scientific theory', this theory has as much proof as the exisitence of God.
  13. The NDP will do anything to increase the governments tax base, they can't get enough, let future generations face the public when they tell them they're bankrupt and cannot afford to pay out benefits they paid into.
  14. May is using the party to further her own career and ego. The Green Party deserve to be marginalized for electing a leader year after year that promotes her own career more than the Green Party. How many years and taxpayer millions do they need to get someone elected with May at the helm?
  15. Is anyone giving up cable for Netflix? Do you think Netflix will start offering live news and sports soon? Is it possible to watch shows from the CBC website (or other sites) on your television using WII or is it a low resolution?
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