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  1. No we clearly don't have the intel capabilities that the US has. I guess we thought a close ally wouldn't lie us into a war, I think the American people thought the same thing. I guess we were all fooled.
  2. Seems like they awarded the contract to a Canadian company then went back on it. I can't find where the status of it is now. http://globeinvestor.com/servlet/ArticleNews/story/ROC/20041225/2004-12-25T193421Z_01_N25599859_RTRIDST_0_BUSINESS-ENERGY-IRAQ-HIMRIN-COL
  3. That is weird all the reports I have read say Kirkuk (Khurmala Dome) is being developed by the Korea National Oil Corporation.
  4. And a crushing defeat in 2006 when all the details came to light over the course of 2005. Oh I forgot we pretend the things we don't like and the realities didn't happen around here.
  5. Shady you have gone so far down the rabbit hole you are now telling me what my motivations for moving to Canada are and that the poster who was me crazy then you about Benghazi and Obama's involvement is somehow an Obama cheerleader. You are no longer rewriting history you are now trying to tell us what we are thinking. It is beyond belief now.
  6. Pretending the American and world public weren't lied for this goal and that the ends some how justify the means is a very real argument we should have even if you don't want to. I suggest if you don't want to have that argument you go elsewhere because it is an argument worth having.
  7. You are acting like the inspectors weren't there in the first place. They were there, they were reporting their findings and trying to explain why these things in all countries take time while the most powerful in the world stuck their fingers in their ears and yelled "We can't hear you". Again your side isn't going to rewrite history on this one it is to well documented, the people already know the emperor had no clothes.
  8. Say what you will about GostHacked but pretending he is somehow an Obama defender with out actually reading his posts takes the cake. I'll say one thing about GostHacked he holds everyone to the same ridiculous high standards and doesn't hold back on his criticism of all leaders and politicians Shady. Seriously you don't even have a leg to stand on, on that point just go read his posts.
  9. According to Hans Blix the leading inspector in Iraq they were already in and it would only take a few more months to figure out all the details but the US needed its war. I mean I guess I could take the word of the weapons inspector on the ground at the time and who turned out to be right or I could listen to you the man trying to rewrite a history that is well documented by now. You can pick up his book Disarming Iraq and read all about what was happening with inspectors if you cared to understand what was happening.
  10. Well I'll wait for the GDP numbers for that one considering most the Sequester hasn't kicked in yet seems to be a little to early to talk about it. Most of the furloughs kick in at the end of April remember the Sequester is more a tricking cut with each day bringing a different cut in for the rest of the fiscal year. So acting like a Sequester which is 10% rolled out is the whole thing is disingenuous. If GDP growth and job growth slows the President is going to blame the Republicans and if the economists and media back him up Nov 2014 might not be great a day for the GOP and the President wont be the one squirming.
  11. We know that was true now it wasn't the reasons when we were being sold a big pile of garbage called WMDs and the terrorist connection.
  12. No the fiscal cliff deal did that remember? I have no idea what you are talking about for your second sentence but Republicans can have a good time running on starve the beast it has done them so well the last few elections keep it up.
  13. By blowing a 6 Trillion dollar whole in the long term budget? I don't think anyone takes this document seriously.
  14. You live in Bizarro World Shady. We don't start wars because a leader lies to his country sorry. That is why we spending Billions and Billions of dollars on thing called Intel and all the best intel at the time we now know pointed to him having nothing. Which makes sense.
  15. He told the US straight up "I don't have anything you think I have an a got rid of them all in the 90s when you asked me to". This was backed up by many intelligence agencies at the time. The Senate wrote a whole report on it Shady maybe you should read it its called "Senate Report on Pre-war Intelligence on Iraq". We know what happened we know where the failings are stop pretending this isn't something that has already had countless books written on it.
  16. Nope there was some really bad pro-WMD intel that everyone was saying was terrible and some really good con-WMD intel that almost all high ranking US intel officals agreed with. You again are trying to re write a history that is easily researched. The pro-WMD Intel was very very very bad in fact it was so bad that the President sometimes couldn't even get the US intel agencies to go on record with it and relied on intel from other nations to justify some of his reasons.
  17. Nope he never pretended to have those weapons. He was very clear he didn't have those weapons he sent all documents requested by the UN to the UN but he did make a mistake with weapon inspectors probably thinking that the inspectors opinions that if they were give just a few more months everything would be found out would be taken seriously by the US to bad the President of the US did not care what anyone with good intel was telling him at the time eh?
  18. They sure did but we do get to argue about their reasons and justification to their people. History does get to judge them and that is happening already.
  19. Doesn't change the fact that the US Admin had little to no proof and most in the US Intel community told them he didn't have those weapons, that the UN inspectors asked for more time and said they thought he didn't have weapons and that in the end they were wrong. They were wrong and now history gets to judge them. Very few people believe the war was worth it and the more evidence comes out that the Bush Admin knew there weren't any WMDs the less people think your reason is a good one in the least. I am not defending Saddam I am saying that lying to the American people about sketchy intel is wrong.
  20. No you do not know anything. The rest of us who read the news and who have followed the evidence know quite I bit about Iraq, but I guess you were there so it doesn't matter you don't know anything right? Which is again my point, that is the worst argument ever.
  21. That makes no sense what do ever. His only card is WMDs and being to use them on countries in the Region or his own populace. Saddam wasn't stupid he wouldn't give up his only trump card.
  22. We know the answer to this to. Saddam feared others in the Region (Iran) knowing how weak his military and country was so he refused to ever show the proof that the weapons didn't exist. All this is well documented go read the reports on this seriously go pick up a book and read it you might learn something.
  23. We know for a fact Iraq developed weapons what we now also know is Iraq complied with UN orders and destroyed those weapons long ago and documented all that information for the UN and anyone else to read. You want to know what happened to the VX nerve agent read the 25 report that Iraq sent to the UN on it in 2003 when they asked that same question. You don't actually care about the answers you want to make the same arguments that were made in 2003 that we now know are wrong.
  24. How does moving all your weapons out of your country right before a war make any sense what so ever? Seriously it only make sense in the heads of "those who were there" because they think the bull they were sold at the time trumps real facts and evidence.
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