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  1. Yah but those collations are still labour progressive parties and conservatives parties. The Brokerage party is dead everywhere in the world except Canada.
  2. Can I just stop you right here and ask if there any first world nations that have a "Liberal" party left. Almost every country is split between left wing labour parties and right wing conservative parties. There is no Liberal vote left in the world and Canada is going through a transition other countries made 60 years ago. Welcome to the future where brokerage parties that promise to be all things to all people are done because they never deliver to any of us.
  3. Frist clue this is a right wing bubble story is there are no direct quotes. Don't tell me what you think anyone said right wing bubble actually give me a f*&(ing quote. Of course it is taken out of context because they don't give us the quotes to read for ourselves.
  4. I am not going to watch a video blaming Obama for a problem he tried to fix and which Republicans blocked. I clicked the link and the description alone describes America as if Obama was king. The sequester is going to hurt and that hurt belongs to Republicans alone for their refusal to compromise. End of story.
  5. The majority of sequestration cuts don't roll out until may so maybe you want to pull back on that one the furlough are just going out now I believe on Thursday the DOD is going to tell 800,000 people how long they will have to take their Rea days for. Most the military sequestration which are the ones that are going to hurt the US are just rolling out now. Remember this is a trickle and almost all of it hasn't happened yet. PS Shady no one takes your posts from right wing blogs seriously after your whole "I wish Obama didn't kill Osama so he would be as popular as Bush was with one country" post from the right wing blogs. GET OUT OF THE BUBBLE!!!
  6. This is what Shady's poll says. Outside of Pakistan, however, Obama consistently receives higher ratings than Bush did in 2008. Why? Well Pakistan hates Obama because he killed Osama. Shady wished Osama was alive so Obama was more popular then Bush. Shady loves terrorists.

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    2. Shady


      Wait, so you're saying that most of Pakistan sides with Al Qaeda? I thought that it was just a small minority of Muslims? So it's most?

    3. BubberMiley


      Where did you get that? Pakistan is quite opposed to unmanned drones raining hellfire on their neighbourhoods, which is understandable.

    4. WWWTT


      So now Shady is siding with Obama it sounds like.Shady,I like you better as a conservative/republican.Stop being a democrat Shady!

  7. There was never 300,000 people it was always a lie. BTW there are only 117,000 Liberals (including those who didn't pay) while the NDP had 130,000 members that eligible to vote in their leadership.
  8. Happy Afghanistan Day

  9. Yah so big they are from getting right now to cut those war trillion from seniors and the poor. If they were so rich they wouldn't be having that conversation.
  10. And how many people died? 150,000? Nope thought so. How much did it cost? 6 Trillion? Nope.
  11. So in order to enforce the ceasefire between the UN and Iraq the US would need UN approval. Want to hit me up with that resolution? Again they broke the terms of the ceasefire to enforce the ceasefire.
  12. They knew they weren't 100% sure they would find them, they didn't want to go to war over something that wasn't there which is more then I can say about Republicans.
  13. Considering we know what Intel they had at the time from Blix and others yes I am sure he just wasn't wrong. BTW you don't get to be "just wrong" about a 6 trillion dollar war which kills 150,000 people Shady.
  14. Yes I am sure they all learned not to listen to Republicans after that.
  15. Again you don't see the stupidity in this statement "Breaking the terms of ceasefire is such a horrible act that we will cause a war which will kill 150,000 people to do it"................."We will enforce this ceasefire by breaking the terms of the cease fire!" That is some straight up 1984 logic right there Shady. All this for what? Well of course for WMDs that didn't exist because Iraq kept to the terms of the cease fire.
  16. I think we learn our lessons about listening to Republican leaders.
  17. I know Powell lied because there were no WMDs Shady.
  18. Dumbest thing said in this thread. That whole Powell presentation was about the US getting the go ahead to enforce the ceasefire under the UN terms which they never did.So the justification for the war was Iraq broke the terms if the ceasefire (kinda) so in order to teach them a lesson for the terrible crimes of breaking the ceasefire the US breaks the terms of ceasefire. WOW that's some real Shady logic there.
  19. Really because Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz said: "For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue - weapons of mass destruction - because it was the one reason everyone could agree on." So the Bush admins reason was WMDs. Maybe you think their were other reasons but they didn't share them with the public. Powell lied and people died.
  20. As long as we ignore in the agreed upon terms the enforcer is the UN not the US right and that UN passed a resolution which the US then went outside of. Oh you don't actually care about the agreed upon terms nor do you understand them so do I bother?
  21. It does seem weird that this ceasefire agreement was between Iraq and the UN. Shady keeps pretending it wasn't but it was.
  22. I am citing numbers quoted from the LA Times story from 3 days ago. I am sorry you don't read any news story after 2004 Shady probably why you still support this war. Maybe if you ever got out of the bubble and picked up a real paper. http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-iraq-war-cost-20130318,0,1591279.story I agree the story sounds made up because of how dumb of a decision it was in the first place. Its funny how the deficit hawks around here pretend this war isn't the cause for America's finical troubles even though in the end it will cost half of America's present debt.
  23. No one is talking about Saddam we are talking about the 150,000 Iraqis and 4000 Americans who died. You act like there was no cost. There was a cost not even mentioning the 6 Trillion dollar (when we count in interest) price tag. All about what? WMDs that didn't exist. Powell lied and people died.
  24. At the time Blix asked the US to but out and let him do his job. No amount of rewriting history is going to change it. http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/06/12/blix.interview.cnna/ In the end Powell lied and people died.
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