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  1. Good morning everyone! Lovely day this is. I hope we're all doing well, feeling and being well to each other. Try to follow a proper example of how to behave in society.

  2. Yes I was Mr.Canada as many of you have guessed, yeah right. It was correct assumption. I tried to get around ban and I was banned again. I will no longer be visiting this forum. That seems to be what the mods think so I might as well admit it...not!

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    2. sharkman


      well brother, you gotta know when to hold it.

    3. Argus


      I am shocked, shocked to find that people have multiple sock puppets here!

    4. The_Squid


      You bring this upon yourself.... But then, that's exactly what you want....

  3. I have myself recently become a victim of cyber-bullying and am finally gaining the strength to come forward and face my tormentors directly. It's a shame so many have to suffer this abuse in silence and are to afraid to come forward and yell STOP! Amanda Todd took her own life as a result of bullying as have a number of other teenagers and people in general. it's terrible that people who hide behind a computer screen can wield so much power. The power to destroy someones life, the power to keep that person down, the power to drive that person to kill themselves. It's terrible and it's happening everyday, all around us. Even here on MLW. Not only directed at me but to others as well. Shameful. Anyone who thinks they are being bullied should tell someone right away. Don't wait too long, it can damage your psyche. This definitely can help people who are being bullied on forums like these. One solution is to avoid the forums altogether but in my mind that lets the bully win and reduces the enjoyment of life for the person being bullied. On the forums here and elsewhere their seems to be a pile on effect where as one person starts the bullying then others join in on the "fun" then their is a whole mob of people who are tormenting this one person on the forum. Still useful for me to include some ways to avoid being bullied here in this thread. Here is a great resource I found to help those who are experiencing cyberbullying or know someone who has. http://www.cyberbullying.ca/
  4. I haven't watched a game since Bettman took over and I will not watch one until he is gone.
  5. Woke up this morning having a mug of tea reading MLW. Hoping the cyber-bullying will stop as it makes my pain worse and makes me very sad. Do ppl here want me to just die and go away?

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    2. BubberMiley


      Try rebooting under another persona. That will make the pain stop.

    3. Merlin


      I have no idea what you mean. It's against forum policy to have more than one account so I cannot do that. I can only be myself, I have no other choice.

    4. BubberMiley


      Against forum policy? No it isn't. You just aren't supposed to try to get around a ban or suspension. But there's no rule saying you can't reboot. Your pain is cured.

  6. I bring my own bags for shopping. Partially to do my bit for the environment and partly because so many stores plastic bags are now that thin plastic that isn't very strong and tears easily. FreshCo still has that thick plastic bags as does No Frills but the rest I think have that thin crinkly kind that just aren't very good for anything so I bring my own.
  7. Woke up this morning having a mug of tea reading MLW. Hoping the cyber-bullying will stop as it makes my pain worse and makes me very sad. Do ppl here want me to die like Amanda Todd?

  8. I knew you were native right away even if I just saw your pic without the name. Your cheekbone structure gives it away. I lived in Prairies for a spell and many reserves out there. Many natives everywhere. I've seen and been around my share of Natives. There isn't a favorable view in general of Natives out there and they still call them Indians. They are basically the blacks of the Prairies in the view of many whites out there. In terms of crime and violence. This isn't my view but the view of many western people.I personally have never had any problems with any of them, ever and have always gotten along well with Natives. I have had a native girlfriend out there and a few in Toronto in my younger days.
  9. Let's play nice together, ok? I like your avatar pic so lets be nice to each other.
  10. We can all agree that things are looking bad if you're a white male. Not like the good old days.
  11. The government dept is called "Indian Affairs". Is that also offensive? I have grown up knowing you as Indians and you'll always be Indians to me. Nothing derogatory at all just a racial term like white, black or coloured. You need to relax and stop being constantly offended by everyone and everything that isn't your native culture.
  12. They sure are. I have a permanent physical disability I suffered from a slip and fall accident outside my apartment. I had a discectomy and spinal fusion from c3-c6 in my neck. The discs in my neck in those areas were removed and the vertebrae bones were cut down and replaced with cadaver bones. I was in hospital for 8 weeks learning to walk again. So don't tell me I don't have a real disability. I'm on ODSP right now. I can tell you for certain that some people aren't really disabled. To think that every single person on or trying to get on ODSP is really disabled is slightly naive I think.
  13. "Canadians" includes the Indian nation people. You seem to want to keep people divided instead of bringing people together. The Indian people need to start managing their money in a more responsible way. They cannot even provide for their own people properly. Disgusting!
  14. Can you please stop self promoting. This is a discussion site.
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