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  1. Go ahead... And I shall mock you back if you think that an article that is claimed to have looked deeper...isn't claimed to be deep itself. Here is well a very shallow article which tries to look deeper, it doesn't, but hey, this post isn't about JoooS!! ! Your ability to mock would be deep as a sheet of glass.
  2. 'scuse me..Canada Health Act
  3. Well obviously I am mocking what you think is a 'deep' article. It's as deep as a saucer
  4. Ahem....could you show where the police said the drug dealer fired his loaded gun? ThanKs!
  5. How many times must I say it. Yes I agree with Harper. Breaking the Canada Act is not breaking the constitution...it is however fixing the problem.
  6. Oh..so now you are arguing we are a federation.....how convenient for you You remind me of the bass my son caught on the week-end...flip flop flip flop Of course he didn't, but honestly is not your card to play right now
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federalism You still seem stuck on the difference between being a federalist and federalism. The Bloq and the PQ said that Alberta should break the Canada Act? Hmmm...I thought it was an original idea. Why should a province be married to a federal policy that fails the province? You agree then, sub-standard care for all....simply because you think a nice big central government is somehow what Canada is? Sorry, that fat pig don't fly...
  8. What exactly has proven to be true? He was a drug dealer, he had a gun.
  9. So you believe that Albertans deserve long waiting periods and technological backwardness that are rapidly coming to characterize Canadian medicine.....jst because BC and Ontario does...?
  10. You realize that it would not "break" the constitution... don't you. I mean partisan rhetorical hackery is one thing...but partisan rhetorical stupidity is quite another. ...nor is any of that, separatist policies....just about all of Quebec's moves to greater autonomy came under the Duplessis, Lesage (especially Lesage, Maitres Chez Nous dontcha know) and Bourassa regimes. So you want to call that illegal too? You want to say that Quebec has broken the constitution?/ Would you say it on the podium of the next NPD convention?
  11. Wow...did they ever look deep...!
  12. That the rates for passport holder in Canada and the US are not vastly different. Also, Americans are much more likely to want to see their own nation than Canadians theirs. Sad to say, I know too many people who would rather visit the Alps than the Rockies
  13. Really? I thought it was a drug dealer with a darwinian complex and a gun....
  14. Something they plainly do not do. What are you babbling about? No I agree with harpers comment. Are you ready to explain how this details breaking the imaginary law of yours...?
  15. waiting...hoepfully before your tin foil corrodes...
  16. Here....let me help you... Parliament and the government of Canada are committed to the principle of making equalization payments to ensure that provincial governments have sufficient revenues to provide reasonably comparable levels of public services at reasonably comparable levels of taxation They provide the funding, the provinces provide the delivery. There is no wiggle room here. The delivery differs greatly from province to province....you can't argue it isn't.
  17. You mean the part where I SAID it is concerned with funding, not delivery...or the part where I said the liberals slashed funding...?
  18. Well. I am about 10 times smarter than you...so go figure it from there.
  19. Are you wearing canadian made or internationally made tinfoil? It's a rather short article...please cite the so-called details about how alberta would break this imaginary law of yours...
  20. Yes I disagree that the Canada act is part of the constitution and that its function is to make things comparable. Because they aren't. Try having a major heart attack in iqaluit...and another in Toronto. Try getting a midwife in Red Deer...and in Montreal... bah...socialists and their utopian bullpoop...
  21. The canada health act deals only with funding, not delivery of services or the types of services offered. There is for instance little comparison between maintoba and quebec in the area of child birthing. I know you would wish that ottawa had greater federal powers, but we live in a confederation, not a socialist federation.
  22. Wow....that's amazing...so when the liberals slashed funding...they were really ....making things even? Thabnks Punk, your views are so.....unique. Get back to me when they are also, correct.
  23. The federal government since the days of the BNA, do not have powers over Medicare, education and so on...being the sole jurisdiction of the provinces. They do however have exclusive controls over canals and the telegraph. Sounds like you would be more comfortable in a federation
  24. Right. When Quebec defeated the 1980 referendum they sent 74 liberals to Ottawa When Quebec narrowly defeated the 1995 referendum, they sent 31 Federalists to Ottawa.. There has never been a provincial sovereigntist party elected in the west..no referendums...nada
  25. What a load of tripe... To even suggest that there was a western sovereigntist movement that had any traction at all is political revisionism. ....so far the separatists have not declared "they want in" not now when Quebec voted for the soft on separatism party, and not when Quebec voted for PCs or even the Liberals.
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