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  1. That would really suck if he wasn't stupid enough to be armed in the first place.
  2. Faux pas? I am not the one who positioned Bosnia and Kosovo together... But seriously, you need this drawn with crayons? You think that terrorism against us isn't an attack on our freedoms? How about the Korean war then? How about the Second World War?
  3. Oh come on..you're wittier than that.
  4. No simple answer...but a strong CDN dollar buys more (employees..) overseas than it does here... While exporting those goods manufactured abroad may be more competitive at a lower foreign exchange rate. So while goods manufactured in Canada for Canadian conumers are unaffected, goods manufactured in Canada for overseas markets are at a disadvantage. http://www.cme-mec.ca/?action=show&lid=JCKNC-E742G-1W6JA&cid=DP714-GVF6E-CBRD3&comaction=show Obviously Smart Tech's market is greater outside of Canada..so the choice is, have a Canadain company do this, or surrender the market to foreign firms.
  5. Possibly, but given that he never spoke out against what would have been an anceint tradition that had been practised by their most honoured patriarchs and heroes....you cannot possibly know he did not condone it Of course I know, I already said it was irrelevant to the discussion. Undoubtably. Interestingly enough, the authors of the gospel failed to mention anything about polygamy. Neither the saducees, or the pharisees or jesus had any authority. They had another motive. The same one we have here. Please...your hypocrasy here is flabbergasting! Oh please do one day...so I won't need to school you!
  6. Did I claim that FRY was where we were fighting for our own freedom? ....you know, when they did fight for our freedom, one of the freedoms would have been a Liberal education....don't let their sacrifice be in vain...
  7. Yes yes yes...and that is neither here no there...what is important is that was the normal practice of the day, and given an opportunity, Jesus does not condemn a man having two wives.....no if he divorced one of those wives and married another...well, that would be adultry!
  8. I too am comfortable with you being wrong.
  9. You fail to see that healthcare and education is the responsibility of the provinces and you condone the encroachment by Ottawa into provincial jurisdiction. And you make it sound like it is their right. It isn't. Quebec knows this. But why you haven't argued that Quebec's moves are illegal is a mystery. probably because the NPD hasn't discussed the issue with you...only Harper commenting that Alberta should exert their jurisdiction...which is some how scary scary woo woo... I think it should be left to the courts....
  10. He carried a weapon. He was a drug dealer. He made the police feel threatened. Darwin Award winner.
  11. You mean in the thread we all ready have on the topic? Wow mate, that's fecking deep!
  12. It might be based on the stat that says under 40% of americans hold a passport....canadians who hold a passport is around 42%....this is off the top of my head...but near to the mark. It is also an irrelevant sidebar...you can see as much in the USA as you can in Europe.
  13. That's no way to talk about the Irish. They can fit in....eventually....after rehab
  14. There is a difference between answering and misrepresenting...but being an NPDer....who can blame you?
  15. You realize that Bosnia and kosovo are two separate events? But then again, there is much you don't recall you say..
  16. Yep....those suggestions certainly were made...but not by the police who did not comment and would not comment until the facts were known.
  17. So no proof regarding your claim? No surprises because I happen to know your claim is baseless.... You are correct...having a gun does not warrant being shot at...unless the constable feels threatened then all bets are off..the right to use deadly force is a given. A darwin award winner.
  18. No, multiple threads on the same subject adding nothing to the debate is definitely not the beginning of the revolution...in fact, I am sure that the revolution began and ended october 23, 2001
  19. Yeah...that's it...lets call a shallow, cursory look at a handful of hooligans trying, to look deeper ... ....at least the Guardian wasn't so pretentious to call their passing glance "looking deeper"
  20. the constitution which gives provinces the sole jurisdiction over healthcare...
  21. That's a good point. I haven't thought of that. How will that affect us now..now that we have a quasi fixed date?
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