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  1. Which is not relevant here. A man with two wives would not be committing adultery unless he divorced one and married another. So why is the caveat placed 'unless she has been divorced for committed adultery" he would not be committing adultery? Because if she has been caught fooling around she would be executed...therefore the former husband is in the clear to remarry.
  2. Not sure..even if, it would be relative...a drop in spending in 1956 to 57 is still a drop whether in 1956 dollars or 2011 dollars
  3. And what am I ..exactly?
  4. What are you waiting for? You asked has the budget ever decreased. I gave you plenty of dates. Just say..."okay, the budget has decreased from time to time..." ....and move on
  5. Don't you feel....one sided?
  6. Ummm....the only person who has been hurling insults is Punked....which leads me to believe you don't read the posts very carefully..which is pretty embarrassing for you
  7. There were no iraq wars between 1953 to 1999...
  8. Have you ever heard of google? http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0904490.html Read more: U.S. Military Spending, 1946–2009 — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0904490.html#ixzz1UkWiePfW
  9. Oh come on..it can take 30 to 45 minutes from Walthamstow to the other side of town by subway...surely you can't expect people to travel that far for a job!
  10. And apparently cops need to be shot at first before they can defend themselves...goes back to the days of chivalry I think. It does put the cops at a disadvantage....but hey, we must protect the armed drug dealers
  11. find where the cops made that statement The fact you won't be able to find a cite for your claim or the fact that cops can use deadly force if they encounter a gunman and they feel threatened?
  12. Exactly....or if you don't support the NPD vision of a centrally planned socialist state...where the jurisdictions and rights of the provinces to manage their constitutionally protected rights, you are a separatist..
  13. My point is... You're a hack
  14. For someone who repeatedly throws out history as a pejorative...funny you should forget the Meech Lake accord... ...but hey what ever floats your boat In fact the NDP was the only party that talked about getting Quebec to sign the Canada Act
  15. Right...never been brought up... :lol: So are the Quebec liberals separatists? You may want to consult the NPD first before answering
  16. Amazingly, the pro federalist Liberal party of Quebec has done nothing to change that....
  17. Or simply a SCOC decision
  18. Adn are you also saying that the constitution cannot and should not ever be altered?
  19. So are you saying then that Lesage was a separatist?
  20. Ummm...are you implying that only provinces can make a challenge?
  21. Apparently only idiots can read that. as if there has never been a challenge or that challenges are not allowed!
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