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  1. it's way past idiotic, china has never been an imperialistic power...wars/invasions are hideously expensive and the cost is unrecoverable it's far easier to buy resources you want, canada is open to business with china and only to happy to sell, we've already sold china a chunk of alberta's oilsands...there was one chinese diplomat recently who said "we don't want to kill you, we want to do business with you"...

    That doesn't address China's blue sea ambitions...or the reason why they wish to project the kind of power an aircraft carrier exerts...nor will that comfort India and Pakistan (and Tibet) who have come to arms with China.

    Now I suppose for the myopic, the only reason to have a navy is to thwart an invasion...again, that is a moo point

  2. I might consider it after you explain why we should be so afraid that our BFF's might want to invade us that we should spend billions of dollars on our military to deter or prevent them.

    Maybe you would rather explain then who you were referring to:

    Speaking of what's the point...anyone else notice that just about anyone capable of invading us is mothballing their fleet right now?


  3. No, but the fact that these countries are either flat broke or filled with so many poor people did. By the way, I thought these were our allies, so why on Earth would they want to invade us?

    Is it because they're broke and filled with poor people? Hah, now I see where you're going with this but I just can't decide if you're being cynical or paranoid.

    Does that mean you are retracting your statement about mothballing fleets?

  4. Speaking of what's the point...anyone else notice that just about anyone capable of invading us is mothballing their fleet right now?


    No I haven't noticed anyone mothballing their fleets.

    The british are adding 9 new vessels...the US is adding newer Aircraft carriers, destroyers...the Chinese are conducting sea trials on their first aircraft carrier...

    Was it in a dream this idea came to you?

  5. Who says outdated? The US military has been swimming in cash the last couple of decades. I bet the average age of their frigates and destroyers is a hell of a lot closer to 'new' than old.

    They won't be decommissioning the average...they will decommission the oldest.

    In the case of destroyers...that 20 years old while the frigates are over 30 years.

  6. The Conservative government's decision to restore the traditional designations of the Canadian Forces; the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) is a welcome move that recognizes a reality that has been long ignored by officialdom: The decades-long attempt to erase the historic designations, and unique identities, of the RCN, Canadian Army and RCAF was a failure.


    It is about that..period. And not the snide musings of fetishes or what ever puerile thought someone has about the conservatives.

  7. Well, now that the thread has gotten even more off topic, but in the end you don't need Alex Jones to tell you that. It was history long before Jones ever got on air. Again feel free to deny/debate those points.

    Which point?

    Quite true! The CIA probably has committed more acts of terrorism abroad as well as at home, than those crazy Muslims many speak of or any other organization on the planet. Remember who helped out Osama's Muhajideen.

    Is there a point in that, or is there "probably" a point?

  8. Years of lobbying by Canadian veterans have convinced the federal government to restore the names of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

    If anyone remembers Paul Hellyer, they will remember the man that nearly destroyed the morale of Royal Canadian Air Force, The Canadian Army and Her Majesties Royal Canadian Navy...

    He is also the man who created a absurdly large command infrastructure which has hampered the armed forces to this day.

    If anyone knows Hellyer today, they know him as the looney tune UFO nut...


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